November 30, 2007

Nursery Admission in the Schools of Delhi : Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj

Although the admissions page on school web site ( still not updated till now, the school has published an advt. in the TOI today (Dec 30 2007) stating that admissions are open for session 2008-2009 for pre-school and other classes.

As most of us would understand, other classes word is confusing and thats what school wanted - to confuse people, or rather send an indication that they have not vacancy in Nursery. Just to verify our assumption, we called school administration today afternoon and as expected the answer was that we dont have any single vacancy for Nursery and Pre-Primary for session 2008-2009.

They are so clear aobut this then why they have not published this information on their website? Probably the fear of order of Directorate of Education is high on their heads.

This is clear voilation of point#4 of order issued by DOE recently which says: "With effect from the date of coming into force of this Order, alladmissions in the pre-primary class shall be made in the mannerprovided in this Order."

जय भारत माता! जय भारत का कानून!


Anonymous said...

Directorate of Education guidelines are flouted by each and every school - be it Salwan Public, Ryan International, IThe Indaian, Summerfield or any other school.

Schools like DPS don't even entertain a call.

Parents of 4 year old are quitely watching their helpness (We like some otehr are even thinking of moving too NCR)

CBSE News said...

Thanks for your response.

We confermed with Tagore International School (Vasant Vihar, East of Kailash) and both of these branches have no vacancy but 6 and 9 respectively for economically weaker sections only.

Where would rest of the kids go? Even govt. and DOE doesnt have any answers.

I agree with your views schools have started admissions as they wish as the order itself has many loopholes.


Debanjana Dasgupta said...

Govt and DOE not only does not have an answer but I doubt if they at all care. The Government has said that there will be teething problems for the 'Zero Year'. So the 'zero year' kids will have to bear the brunt of the Govt's whims and fancies. How can a responsible Govt, Judiciary and Education Dept formulate a policy/reform without taking into consideration the immediate impact/risk and ensuring a contigency/mitigation plan for it. Well I did not count on the intellect of Govt but Judiciary also failed us this time.
All in the name of making admission process transparent and corruption free where is this leading us?

Unknown said...

The serious threat and the biggest loophole of the latest admission system is not banning or scraping the nursury class in the same school which is now termed as 'pre-school'. This is now nothing but an informal play school, but still under the cover of the big-school infrastructure. Many schools have already started admissions for the pre-school. What is the gurrantee that they will not pass their 'informal pre-school' children to the 'formal pre-primary' class next year and deny admissions to other children who are not part of pre-school/nursury admission this year in the same school? Infact the autonomy given to the schools might help them doing so. Delhi govt. and hon'able high court should act really fast on this. Is anybody listening?

Anonymous said...

I'm very disheartened by the state of my 4 yr old child not getting into schools. The Education Dept is not doing anything for these kids. Schools are outightedly refusing admissions to these 4 yrs old kids. Last year they were left out and this year too its the same story.It's the same thing of running from pillar to post to get admissions for your child. Also for the questions we're supposed to give them an answer that has an answer that is perfect according to them in the language thy prefer and not in a layman's language. If they giving less weightage according to parent's qualification to accomodate even children of less educated background then why this show. Is anybody listening? Can something be done to save our children's future !!!

Debanjana Dasgupta said...

Have you checked today's TOI. Atleast they said that kids who get into nursery WILL get promoted to KG next year.Yesterday Birla school told me that nursery -they will take but thats just admission for 1 yr and not being promoted to KG. So now the challenge is to get through nursery this year. Though my kid will be 4+ in Macrh, I want him to go to nursery this year (and I dont have options too). Wondering what DPS, Tagore Int will do after Govt sends this directive.I hope they start their nursery admission process afresh.

Anonymous said...

Can some parent within the JUDICIARY not help us by taking up a PIL...

Can some parent within MEDIA highlight the AGE issue for children who will be 4 between Sep and March and who faced the brunt Last year as they were "underage" and this year became "overage" for Pre-School(Nursery) and with Schools saying NO SEATS in pre-primary(KG), where does one go!!!!!

PATHETIC STATE of affairs!!!

CBSE News said...

Thanks everyone for views - debanjana has also raised a valid points here.

I was also thinking on the same lines as in anonymous comments dated 8-dec someone said that we should take up PIL. Right - but the problem is that time is running out....

I am posting some more info related to admissions, keep in touch!

SHIVANGI said...


Unknown said...


So we are back to square-one again.
To summarise the sequence of events in the past few months:
(1) High court & Delhi Govt accepted Ganguly Committe's proposal of 1 yr pre-primary class. Nursery to be scrapped. Parents are happy & relieved.
(2) Admission criteria proposed by Ganguly committe abandoned & schools are on the way of re-gaining autonomy of fixing admission rules.
(3) Nursery (now named as 'pre-school') not considered part of formal education, but schools allowed to continue it at thier will. DoE not to interfare.
(4) DoE interfares. Admission to nursery to be controlled by DoE, just like pre-primary. Schools start saying - "chilren admitted in nursey/pre-school should get automatically promoted to pre-primary next year."
(5) DoE declares nursery admission is compulsory for every schools. This means the death of 1 year pre-primary concept.

Now the question is: is it the end of a noble plan or is it just a mind-blowing, mesmerizing dramma episode to devasvate thousands of hopeful parents with cent percent perfection?

I'm ready to file a PIL on this. But I need support from others.
I still believe that nursery/pre-school system should be completely abolished (just like planned earlier & DPS executed it initially) right away for all schools in the entire country. Otherwise this episode will keep on continuing to harras parents & children like anything in the coming years.
Is anybody there with me?

Anonymous said...

In the current MESS, the worst suffereres are those born between Oct-March...they have NOWHERE to GO TO ...Pre-School - they are too old.. Pre-Primary - there are no seats :(...

Can someone help convey this plight to the people in power (Govt., Media)....

PLS HELP US CONVEY THIS ISSUE for these kids as they are being denied Fundamental Right to Education!!!!

(Other kids, 3 ys old will have to travel long distances, will have to start learning early under pressure etc.. are also issues but they atleast fall in line with others!! i.e. have a chance to education.)

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed.. lets be practical and help these kids FIRST!!

CBSE News said...

Hello friends!

I am planning to file PIL, but since I dont have much knowledge on this domain, so I need all to come forward and help.

I will be launching a forum where we all can join and share ideas and help. This would be based on registration to maintain confidentiality of information (address, contact as applicable).

Keep wathcing this blog for more updates.

Anonymous said...

PL discuss this.. bring it in the front lines

Universally the age for admission to nursery is 4 yrs. ( 6 yrs for Std. 1). In India however it used to be 3.5 yrs., till year before last.

Last year for unknown reasons, the age was reduced to 3yrs. The counter this problem of this reduced age, various proposals were brought forth, which were subsequently reversed due to their impracticality.

I am however surprised that nobody has noticed the obvious solution to this problem: Increase the age of nursery admission again to 3.5 yrs! This shall not only give some relief to the small children, but also reduce the pressure of admission to the schools who are faced with an additional 30-40% applicants who got left out last year due to the new rules.

CBSE News said...

That (3.5+ yrs) really could have been a solution to the problem. Thanks for your valueable suggestions.

We invite you to join forum at []

You can invite more parents to this forum so we can have discussion and probably meet and also discuss on PIL and other issues.


Anonymous said...

I wish to bring to your notice the practice being followed by MaxFort school in Dwarka for Nursery admissions. In this school when you fill the form, they call the parents for an interaction within a couple of days. In the interaction the parents are told to deposit Rs.10,000/- within a day to guarantee the admission of thier ward. Incase they do not deposit the amount then the school gives no guarantee whehter the childs name would figure in the list to be put up on 1st February. The school will neither refund nor give a recipt for this Rs.10,000/- What are parents supposed to do? Please suggest

Anonymous said...

Good initiative by the blog...hope lovely jee and ganguly jee get to read this blog as well. We parents already knew that the schools will take interviews, whether under the name of 'interviews'or 'interactions'.
Expecting a 3+ years old to narrate a story is too much....i wonder what is the learning from 'taare zameen par'???...NOTHING I guess....we will do what we have been doing????? Expect our 3 year olds to be superkids, wizkids and whatever we could not do when we were kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

As per the supreme court ruling, the first list of admissions is supposed to come out on 1st Feb. The schools published the same in their ads in newspapers...Nut have done a smarter thing to include interactions as well. Gyan Bharti, Bluebells, are coming out with SHORT LISTs on 14th and 16th respectively....I am sure this will be followed with interactions with kids and parents and the final lists to be out on 1st Feb!!!

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that despite all this ho-halla by Govt. , schools are again having liberty to do whatever they wish. Schools in North Delhi are calling up the parents and asking them to deposit certain amount in order to secure admission for their kids. This is done even when no list has been displayed by schools and no receipt is being given by schools for the money taken.

Anonymous said...

Venkateshwar International School: We are not answerable to parents.... Do whatever you want to do!!

1. This School distributed first of all the forms at the cost of Rs. 400.

2. They did not specify any admission criterion (100 point system)

3. They are openly asking Rs. 25000/- on the name of development fund.

4. In my case, my elder son is already studying in the school, we reside in the range of 6-7 km., but our application for my daughter was rejected with no reason. When I went to ask about their admission criterion, they had no answer to my question. Parent residing in the range of 12-15 km. with no siblings were invited for the interaction. They are openly kicking at the court's or DOE order. After few minutes of discussion with the administration guy, the chairman of the school comes out and clearly states - The school is not answerable to any parent, we don't have to give any reason to your why or what......... go and do whatever you want to do!!

It's really frustrating for the parents. Every school has got different dates/timings for buying the forms, submission of the same, non-refundable development charges (ranging from 10,000 to 25,000), different dates of list display. How many times the working parent can keep taking off from their offices? And how much money could a middle class person put at stake for this non-refundable token amount?

I think this admission procedure must be reviewed once again looking into the flaws of this year's admission problems.

Unknown said...

Couple of experiences from my side:

(1) Santa Maria: Junior section of St. Mary.
They are openly asking for 20K. The prinicpal says "First come first serve, give 20K & you can admit your child right now." I asked "Is it a donation or what?" The answer was "You can think whatever you want. It's non-refundable." The cost of the form was 500 & no receipt was being given to anybody. The principal's opinion on the "Mission Admission" : "As a good citizen of country, I should not say this. But the fact is the court has made a mess of the admission process." What a great message !!!

(2) Shri Ram:
We were invited for an informal discussion from 4-5 pm yesterday (10 Jan). We reached sharp at 4 pm, but had to wait outside the school gate for almost an hour, b'cos the interaction for the "slot 1-2 pm" was going on. Then original documents were verified (against the court law). Then we waited for another hour. At 6.15 pm, we were fed up as the group discussion of slot 2-3 was going on. After that, there would be 3-4 pm slot & then 4-5 pm slot. For each slot there are as many as 6-7 tables/groups. Utter mismanagement, no respect towards parents time schedule, still they talk boldly about their enforcement of punctuality towards the small children. No transparency about fee structure, no planning for the awaiting parents. We heard the fee is around 6000 pm (God knows why?). No transport available for nursery children. We already wasted lot of time, didn't want to waste more .. so left the school at 6.30 pm w/o appearing in the interaction.

Anonymous said...

kudos to ashis:

i am impressed with your decision. i was there too and wanted to leave looking at the utter mismanagement. i was totally put off thinking i dont want my child to study in a school that cant even organize such a simple thing. but i didnt have the courage. i was in the 3-4 pm slot but my turn came at 7 pm. gosh! even if i get thru which i dont think i will because other people in my group jumped and screeched while i looked on haplessly, but even if by miracle i get there, i will not waste my child's life there. period.

Unknown said...

Our experience in Tagore Intl, Vasant Vihar was excellent. They were very very structured/organized and punctual. The nature of the interaction was very informal & meaningful. Teachers were very humble & they treated the parents with lot of respect and dignity. The entire process was over within a half an hour. Also looks like quite transparent regarding admission process (relevant dates, fees etc.). Very impressive.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The experience is Birla Vidya Niketan was also very good. Very well palnned, organized, neat and clean, good arrangements for the parents waiting area, down-to-earth approach in everything. The vice-principal was dignified, humble, respectful to parents. Shared a lot of thoughts which very well suits with our approach. Very very transparent about the fee structure. Probably a dream school for many parents like us.

Anonymous said...

BVN was good for me as well, but i really don't understand why was that required?

The interviewer in my case was more interested in our jobs and companies we are workign with.

Anonymous said...

Bluebells Intl First List: Am I mistaken or is the first list downloadable from the site totally blank? Pls help.

CBSE News said...

Bluebells School- Online list is BLANK! It will be updated online by 10:00AM Today - School Mgmt!

Anonymous said...

Blue bells had earlier decided not to take children above 4 years and despite later allowing parents to fill forms, they are following the same. We scored above cut-off of 65, but our name nowhere figured in the list.

Anonymous said...

yes, i do agree, most of the schools do not entertain a call, but few do these things in such a way it is a breath of fresh air- atleast for hasseled parents like me. the verification of documents at Ryans VK was a pleasant one.the girl at the desk wa very polite and they do offer a cup of tea! inside they checked the documents and after an informal chat they asked us to wait for the 1 Feb list

Anonymous said...

Did they ask for donation, directly or indirectly? If yes, then how much?

Spyder said...

Many parents has reported that Ryan called them for interaction before the lists were out and they told them that you will not able to make it to the general category list so you can take mgmt quota seat. School is (rather was) selling these seats at Rs 60k to 80k per seat.

Anonymous said...

SPyder, How can we drag these schools like Ryan or Modern to Court? Is there any proof of what they are doing? If yes, then let's do something which everybody will remember for some time.

Spyder said...

These schools did this and that too openly. Few parents reported the matter to us those who could not afford to buy the seat.

Ryan and other private schools are actually 'exploting' the DOE rule No. 14 section (vi) which says: "Management Quota – School may have a management quota which shall not exceed twenty percent of the total seats available for admission in the class."

So DOE has given liberty to schools to sell those 20% seats.

I am trying to gather data, I already have 'some' against top 3 schools in south delhi and 2 from Rohini/pitam Pura area.

I am in the process of validating and compiling it so that it can be produced to DOE in proper manner.

Spyder said...

Sorry forgot to add:

Good to hear that we all are (or at least some) are willing to go ahead and file case against these schools. I will be publishing our short term and mid term plans of execution on this. Would deffinately need lots of help, support from everyone.....

Keep watching this blog, trying to devote every minute possible to this mission, will deffinately not leave it here.

Thanks a ton!


Anonymous said...

Thats good to know that parents are coming forward.

Please do not forget one of the SO-CALLED BEST (in books but we really doubt if they are close to what they say) South Delhi schools. Amity International, Saket

The process is not transparent at all. They called 100 parents everyday (basis unknown) and asked them to fill a 4-5 pages JUNK/CRAP form (which took atleast 1 hour to fill)

Please note that we were making clean ZERO points (as per their criteria mentioned on school noticeboard) and have never expected a call from them. BUT they called up and asked us to come for verification of dcouments.

In the interaction they asked us many irrelevant questions about our company and whether it was formed by my father or me.

It was proper 10 mins interview on the name of interaction. Although it went very well in our case but to tell you the truth that on what basis they have called us for the verification, our house is 15 KM from the school, no sibling, no alumni, no girl child, no govt servant, no physically chalenged, no SC/ST and not the part of management.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing we missed here is the verifier of documents apparently a clerk told us they have called 2000 parents for the interaction.

IS THIS FAIR? School only have 60 SEATS and they called up 2000 PARENTS.. ON WHAT BASIS?

1. They haven't taken out any shortlist of candidates for VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS

2. There is clearly mentioned on their website that the final admission list will be out on 1st feb, but there is no transparency and NO ADMISSION LIST IS THERE ON WEBSITE.

3. Also i came to know (from a very close relative) that his son has taken admission on 2Xth Jan itself in Amity. As after his interaction ... school called them in 3 days and asked them to deposit fees in next 2 days.

This is totally RIDICULOUS, they are not bothered about ANY RULE. They are just wasting everyone's time and following own method of taking bribe (on name of donation) and giving admissions.

How they can tell on 2Xth jan itself if the child is shortlisted for admission and parents are suppose to deposit fees. Their interaction went till 30th jan.

Still there is no clear list.

Although i am neither interested in this school, nor willing to admit my child in Amity, but wanted to report this matter of violating rules openely.

Anonymous said...

Nursery School Admission process in Amity international, Pushp Vihar.Complete chaos
I do not know the lady interacting with parents was she the principal or just a teacher but she commented on a question asked by parents why only their school was interviewing kids, she stated" Hum ghode aur gadhe ek saath nahi padate hain aur schoolo ke jaise" . If this is the langugae they speak what will your children learn there. Pls think before putting your kids in that school

Anonymous said...

has any kid from Sarita vihar got admission in any of the south delhi schools. Distance wise your child gets zero points in all schools where to apply?

Anonymous said...

Appeal to all parents:
Even if you are lucky enough to get through this acid test in some school, please do not sit idle. Please come forward & report each & every incident which you think is not in the true spirit. We all should open up and should not leave the schools which are either violating laws or looking for donations. SPYDER seems to have a plan and we all should support him. We should also use the media to publish the names of these schools. Let everybody in our country know about these schools & decide their future.

Anonymous said...

Amity International Pushp Vihar has fleeched Rs 800 for parent interaction and child interview. They have not yet declared the result not even an e-mail or any update on site regarding nursery admission?
They stated during interaction they are not taking any kids who are just three years, in nursery.They want kids who are atleast 3 years and 6 months or more. They are only taking 3yrs old in play group. Why did they ask us to fill the form for nursery then. They fleeced the money, took the child alone for interview in seperate room and then stated your child is not fit for nursery, better put him in playgroup. They made us look like complete fools.A child who is going to turn three in March,2008.Being rejected for nursery admission, despite government order not to interview kids are judging our children and giving us complex saying our children are not good enough. Check the registration form its asks you to list a few drawbacks of the child. How many parents want to judge their 3 year old kids with weakness? We had stated no weakness in the child. Request all parents to not to give up on such schools they need to be taught how sensitive kids are and they need affection and care and not their judgement whether they are good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Amity International, Saket

Some unnoticed things about this great marketplace: At the time of Form Submission, they asked each and every parent to pay Rs. 300 for the prospectus (confirmed from 20 other parents). Most of them haven't argued and paid Rs. 300 and they handed over their prospectus which is of any use only after admission.

Anonymous said...

Pls raise a concern to DOE to ask all schools to give account of money collected during registration process and their actual cost. I belive if Delhi govt can take all that extra money from these so call private schools cum business houses ,they have fleeced from helpless parents they would probably be able to open few more good schools with that money.What say?

Sidhanshu Bansal said...

It is so horrifying to get admission for your child in Delhi. I believe it is us and not the schools who are at guilt. We, as parents, in fear of our own child not getting admission fail to raise the concern or take it to the courts. Such behaviour has only helped these demons in school called administrators to take undue advantage of the middle class man. Our whole society is so corrupt that everyone in their heart knows that they can get away with murder also by paying some money. Some of you might be working in Government org. and doing the same kind of things to others so why feel bad. There are only 2 choices in life: Accept the things as they are or take the responsibilty of changing them.

Anonymous said...

So Sidhanshu & all, let's take the responsibilty of changing them. Read the blog in this page with heading "Appeal to all parents:" ... it's us who can make the difference felt. AT the first place, let's collect the data so that we can do something meaningful starting with publishing the names of the schools & their "valiant acts" in the front page of the newspaper. To do that, please keep on posting your experience. Then let's see to what extent we can teach them a lesson or two.