December 31, 2007

Life Saving Guide- options for 4+ year old in Nursery Admissions in Delhi

As asked by one of my fellow parents today, I thought I should share what I know.

Most schools are not denying forms for Nursery aka Pre-School admission to 4+ year olds reason being the following:
  • they don't want to get highlighted just for denial of forms
  • even if they SELL forms to 4+ yr old, they dont gurantee that kid will get a seat in pre-school aka nursery
  • it doesnt cost them but add good money to their kitty, so no harm in giving form

There are only few (probably one or two) scools that are strict about age and are not allowing 4+ yrs forms for pre-school.

It's all money game......and unfortunately kids along with their por parents are are loosing side of this political game.


Anonymous said...

DPS Dwarka lays down the age criterion for pre-school admissions as:
Age Eligibility: 3+ as on 31 March 2008 (children born between 01 April 2004 and 31 March 2005)

This is clearly against the rules set by DOE. Can someone do anything about this. Where do I admit my Jan, 2004 born child?

CBSE News said...

This is indeed a big problem and only thing (as of now) we can do is try for another schools...

I know parents that are even trying outside delhi (GGn, Noida) schools as they are not sure if their child would get admission, seat in Delhi this year.