December 14, 2007

New Green Field Schools, Saket and Alaknanda - Admissions Open

New Green Field Schools, Saket and Alaknanda branches have opened admissions for Pre-School and Pre-Primary today. Detail are available at school and in today's HT - Delhi Edition.

Unfortunately the school site (be careful!!!) is full of spam scripts and it's being blocked by anti-virus tools. If you dont have a good anti-virus installed on your machine - DO NOT OPEN THIS SITE!!!


Anonymous said...

New Green Field School, Saket is telling the parents to bring their ward to the school during parents interaction. They are also asking the child some 'harmless' questions. Violation of DOE law !!!

Dev said...

New Green field,alaknand - 1st list was surprise for me. My ward not selected inspite of having good points. Hope in second list things will be good.