December 3, 2007

Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi

लो कल्लो बात! ईस्ट और वेस्ट - हमारी दिल्ली बेस्ट!

No news, information, advt in the newspapers and Tagore International School, (East of Kailash and Vasant Vihar), New Delhi, both the branches have published their admission criteria on their websites. You can hardly find any differences in the forms and rules, except the fact that your kids will have "no entry" at any of these Tagore Intl School branches.

EOK school has 11 seats, out of which 9 are reserved for economically weaker secion and 2 for teacher quota, on other hand Vasant Vihar school has just 6 seats, and all are reserved for economically weaker secion.

Does DOE, Delhi Govt has any answers to this rule, selection critera?
I think it's the time that we all parents should unite and come forward on this forum to stop all this. A recent news read that not many schools have submitted their selection critera to DOE so they had to extend the date till 7th Dec 2007. How long will all this continue? No one knows.....


Anonymous said...

The parent interaction at Tagore International School Vasant Vihar was a very pleasant experience. It started exactly on time and ended within the stipulated 30 minutes they had stated (took 15 minutes to fill out a response form + answer a few informal questions from a teacher).

Regardless of whether they take our child or not, we came away with a positive impression of a positive cheerful sunny no-nonsense school.

And yes, those uppity parents who started their interaction with a "I am Bengali ..." were quickly given their come-uppance. Soul gratifying to a non-Bengali. Don't even try it.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell me that what is wrong in our profile I am working as a manager and husband has a business. We both or graduate and can speak good english staying within radius Kilometers of Banyan Tree, Mathura road DPS, Blue bells school and so many schools in south delhi but unfortunately till this day our baby name is not there in any list. Can govt tell the parents what else do we need to do to get our child admitted in the schools.

IKLAVYA - The True Student said...

There is only one thing wrong with our profiles. We believe in truth and try to live a nice,straight and clean life.

Anonymous said...

you are not the only one..we stay at IIT, much in the vicinity of so many schools but she has not made it to any schools. I am in for asking DOE for a solution.

Unknown said...

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