December 9, 2007

Updates from Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket, New Delhi

To my big surprise - the site of this permier south delhi school is very annoying. The worst a website can do is throw ad pop-ups which this site does. Not sure if you have noticed that but the home page title reads "New Page 1", and the images and font ont he home page is also out of proportion. Wondering who designed this website and who approved this design and layout...

Last few days this site has started throwing login boxes (probably replaced existing pop-ups)

Banner moving left to right is aprominant design flow- huh! I can go on and on.....let's go back to admissions.

So far no news, updats are available from this school too as in most of the cases in Delhi. We enquired from school administration and but they said - we dont have any exact information as yet, we are working on it and they told us that information will be published in the leading newspapers of Delhi like Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

Same story - O God!

क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने,
क्यों आता नहीं वो बंसी बजाने!

जलाते हैं मंदिर, जालाते हैं मस्जिद,
क्यों आता नहीं कोई दीपक जलाने,
क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने!

अजब है मंजर, हर हाथ में है खंजर,
क्यों आता नहीं कोई मरहम लगाने,
क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने!


Anonymous said...

Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar : First Admission Lists are out !!