January 2, 2008

Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket - Nursery Admissions Interaction

Taare Zameen Par - every school is special, so does the Birla Vidya Niketan. If you ignore the Trojan Viruses on their website, everything this school is doing is overall satisfactory.

Recently reported by one of my fellow parents that this school has started Nursery Interactions with parents and here is the abstract of what to expect during these interactions:

Good things about interactions at Birla Vidya Niketan:

  • Very well managed by school, they give you date and time slot and adhere to that
    They give you pretty comfortable place to sit and a teacher will come calling your number when the interviewer is available.
  • They allow child to accompany you in case of child is too young (although they mention that parents should come alone for interactions)
  • They give you a form to fill-up during that wait period (family detail sort of form, 2 pages long) – sorry we can’t disclose the form questions because that would be against the rules and unfair to school norms as well.
  • Interactions are 10-20 minutes long
  • Complete process (start to end) takes no longer than 15-40 minutes.
  • They don’t ask kid to color, paint, draw anything, neither they ask where they are (just in case you are not taking them along to school)

Bad things: Don't understand, why interaction is required?


Anonymous said...

well, not 15-40 minutes in some of the cases.. it was more like 2+ hrs... and dunno if they will read ur answers and base anything on that.. their criteria is tilted towards businessmen.. (20 pts) (thats not incorrect though).. so there are different experiences for different people .. sameway somepeople like a school and some don't. :-)

Vanita said...

Hey...very interesting..i am from metro now( a joint venture bw Ht anf Times) and would like to know who started this informative blog...It would be great if you leave your email id or contact number so that i can interview you..thanks

Anonymous said...

Vanita.. pls help raise voice for 4 year olds ...
1) They were denied last year for being "too young" and this year for being "too old".. what was the time when they were of correct age?
2) Also now they have to compete with more children (3 years-4.5 yrs) due to the new rules, while the number of seats have remained same.

Can u please help..

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinita!

I am father of 4 yrs old and fighting for the same. I can help you (we probably we togather can really try to do something for parents and kids)

I have sent you an e-mail today evening.

Anonymous said...

BVN was very very good. It took us only 15-20 minutes, and that too a very pleasant interaction and experience. Not only were the teachers very polite, the whole thing was excellently organized. their canteen was also very well managed. we had hot cups of coffee/tea and samosas waiting for our turn. kids were comfortable although i did not take mine along. classrooms were neat and clean and everything was just perfect. GOOD SCHOOL.

Anonymous said...

Our experience was not so good.. It was cold and calm, I could not help notice that some parents needed help to fill up the form

P.S. How are we supposed to know about their canteen (they asked in their Multiple Choice Questionnaire)if our child doesnt study there!! :)

Anonymous said...

The Birla Vidya Niketan website seems to be up and working now http://www.birla.ac.in

Anonymous said...

Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar : First Admission List is out



Anonymous said...

I am unable to understand why Birla vidya Niketan called for Interaction if they had to select through their criteria. why they told us to fill up quetionare? was it a formality or what?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! the same thought came to my mind when I wife called me informing that our kid is not on the list at BVN.

Total frustooo! Hell out there!

Anonymous said...

I m really scared seeing the horrifyng scene of admission as I'm a parent of a boy who does not belong to EWS,ALUMUNI,SIBLING,DISTANCE, or other criterion.I do not about future but its really tuff gettng admitted ur child after submittng forms at 26 schools?

I hope lot of us must b going thru' same agony.
Please comment.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, as you can see it from the recent poll, most of us have applied at more than 10 schools and even my kid is no where on any of the lists so far.

Reason being the same......

I am coming up with tips on this now, very soon. Please stay connected and share you ideas as well.

You can write to me at spyderindia@gmail.com

Mystifying India said...


My daughter has been in BVN since past 6 years. Since then I have a reasonably good experience with the school. Eve the admission process was also fairly good(that was before this Ganguly commitee).

My son turned 3 on 15th of July. I hope he is eligible for admission in the school next year. I am still confused about this 3+ and 4+ issue. Ca anyone help me with this?

aviansh said...

I had a very bad experience in getting admission of my Son.I do not know about future but its really tough getting admitted my child after submitting forms at 32 schools?

My First Choice was BVN.it gone in vain.Please help in getting admission in Birla Vidya Niketan.