January 10, 2008

Delhi Nursery Admissions: Annoying issues! Who is responsible?

I've also noticed so many annoying issues for which i was really looking for a platform to share my views.

My first frustration is WE are made to buy the prospectus worth Rs. 250-800 each but still in that no school has given idea of its fee- structure. We are middle class people and have to do future planning for our investments in which child's monthly school expense will be counted. If I know in advance that a particular school will charge how much amount of fee it will be easy for us to take decision whether to apply in that school or not.

Second thing I think is that for all schools there should be a same date of declaring of lists so as to avoid confusion and submitting non refundable fees in 2-3 schools.

My third worry is the schools asking about the schooling of parents, what if the parents are well educated in post graduation and are in good jobs but hail from Govt. schools, as in our time education was the priority not the school name. I think schools should not ask parents this question in their interaction.

Please share your views on this.


Spyder said...

Can someone share the details/names of schools that are charging non-refundable fees at the time of submission of forms?

Please share your views on this.


Anonymous said...

To Spyder:

Its not just the fee amount. Schools were supposed to sell only the reg form for 25/- with the prospectus being optional. some parents didnt know this and some schools didnt make it optional. i sent someone to tagore intl to buy the form with 50 bucks. they returned the person saying it is for 200/-. i sent that person again saying that we want only the reg form and not the prospectus, after which we purchased the reg form for 25 bucks. the thing is, why do we have to insist? bluebells was very good in this regard, you just got the reg form - that too free of cost. if you wanted, you were clearly told, to buy the prospectus for 200 bucks. thats transparency for me. do read my entry for what happened at the sri ram school during parents interaction.

Anonymous said...

Sri Ram School entry is under "Need help from peer parents"

Anonymous said...

Tagore Intl School:

Does anyone know why the website for Tagore Intl is not working? They were supposed to have uploaded the first list there today!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking for some contact numbers of parents reading and working on this blog.... who are the creators? Similar details for a story on a leading national news network... Plz reply to susmita.mukherjee@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Why blame schols like Tagore international, when reputed schools like Sardar Patel are far ahead - they charge you Rs. 100/- for form along with prospectus but print Rs. 25/- on form. No option to purchase only form is available.

Spyder said...

Tagore intl main site:
http://www.tagoreint.com - working fine

Tagore Intl EOK site:
http://www.tagoreint.com/EOK/index.asp - working fine

Tagore Intl Vasant Vihar site:

http://www.tagoreint.com/vv/index.asp - also working fine.

Please check again

TT said...

Amity-Saket charged Rs.300 for accepting a FORM which was filled online. Prospectus is compulsary. The Prospectus again has just physical copies of form, medical certificate and Registration FORM. Schools are openly fleecing innocent parents