January 10, 2008

Need help from my peer Parents


We have got tie-up with online media and we are planning to bring violation to attention of other parents and person responsible at DOE and Govt. This online media will publish the details anonymously so complete privacy will be maintained.

We need help from you all, please submit the information, news that you know, or are aware of anyvoilations taking place.

E.g: There are schools are asking for Rs. 20000/- or simillar deposit for registration which is non-refundable, or asking for documents that are vague and so on.

As some parents reported us that St Mary's school is charging Rs 20K at the time of form submission, but we dont know the exact address of school, so if someone can help us find the exact information we can really tap them, expose them for the sake of our community and our kids.

Please send your information to spyderindia@gmail.com and myself being parent of 3 yr old, I respect and assure the privacy in all communication to this mail id.

Or, you can post the comments here as well under any name you like.

Many thanks to all parents! Our efforts have been paid off!
Our collective efforts have been noticed and we were in Hindustan Times - Delhi Edition (Jan 10, 2008, See Page No. 6). I am getting so many e-mails from parents.

Thanks to everyone for helping us!


Anonymous said...

Venkateshwar International School: We are not answerable to parents.... Do whatever you want to do!!

1. This School distributed first of all the forms at the cost of Rs. 400.

2. They did not specify any admission criterion (100 point system)

3. They are openly asking Rs. 25000/- on the name of development fund.

4. In my case, my elder son is already studying in the school, we reside in the range of 6-7 km., but our application for my daughter was rejected with no reason. When I went to ask about their admission criterion, they had no answer to my question. Parent residing in the range of 12-15 km. with no siblings were invited for the interaction. They are openly kicking at the court's or DOE order. After few minutes of discussion with the administration guy, the chairman of the school comes out and clearly states - The school is not answerable to any parent, we don't have to give any reason to your why or what......... go and do whatever you want to do!!

It's really frustrating for the parents. Every school has got different dates/timings for buying the forms, submission of the same, non-refundable development charges (ranging from 10,000 to 25,000), different dates of list display. How many times the working parent can keep taking off from their offices? And how much money could a middle class person put at stake for this non-refundable token amount?

I think this admission procedure must be reviewed once again looking into the flaws of this year's admission problems.

Anonymous said...

Amion - 300 Bucks for an online form Plus 800 for registration fee. Plus asking to bring child for interaction what bullshit !!! Shame on Shela Dixit

Anonymous said...

Mother's International website has shifted ..they lost the domain name & the site is currently giving virus downlods... careful ...


Anonymous said...

Jai Sri Ram! Did anyone go to the cattle aka parents' fair held at the abovesaid school today? this is for real, just read on. Here's what happened at The Sri Ram school, vasant vihar:

the cattle had dressed to impress :) for the farmers were to buy only the best breed. a stage was set up complete with flash lights. a circle of chairs initiated the bidding. as soon as the "self professed qualified" bidders rang the bell, a selected herd (ie table a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, or j) was shifted to the stage while the rest of us looked on anxiously. the deal? well, sell yourself as hard as you can in 2 minutes for a maximum potential of 20 points, which could make or break or your child's future here. some didnt even wait for the round of introduction or the question to be asked...they started off with the imaginary flashy baits thrown to delight the customer. they say less is more but here clearly, more was less: the more you spoke, the less you made sense. anyway,
as climax approached, all the cattle within the herd screamed and shouted to catch the bidders' attention (i think those middle aged ladies never got as many smiles from men as today). the gori chamdis were the sure shot winners though. you dont get that breed easily, you see. the rest of us, well...after an enduring wait of four hours, i was left wondering. do i really want my child to study (read, suffer) here? is there a spelling error in the school's name? is it sri ram or hai ram?

Anonymous said...

Mother's International School wants only their own kind "ALIENS" i.e. Siblings and Alumi 35 pts each and the third crieterion of neighbourhood is 30. that means if someone is an alumni and already has a child in the school (may live in Mumbai) will definitely secure admission.. no other crieteria needed.

Despite living within 1.5 Kms from the school, we secure only 23 out of 30 Neighbourhood points.

The school opened the admission only for a short period, probably less than 10 days and their final list is already out.

Furthermore if the elder kid studies in their sister branch (their Meera Nursery - which has been scrapped from this year), will not get sibling points.

This admission point system is the most biased amongst the 12 schools we have applied and shows the schools apathy and their selfishness (they want their own kind).

The school enquired in their form whether we are associated with the Aurobibdo ashram!! Fanatics!!!

Our elder child studies in another school nearby but we are not sure if we will ba able to secure admission of our younger child this year!

God Help us and all others in this mess!!!

Thank you Delhi High Court - It NEEDS Great Brains to admit 1.5 times the kids this year!

CBSE News said...

"Modern School has taken 'bribe' from few parents for admission. One of the parents have paid Rs 10 lakh to this school to get admission." - reports one of the parents today.

Anonymous said...

1. In all cases of what seems like a non-transparent method of admissions, ask for a clarification by dropping a RTI request to the Chief Information Commissioner with a Rs.10 deposit.

2. Yes, Amiown did charge Rs.800 as a registration fee.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what schools understand by online forms. Take The Shri Ram school.

First, you fill the form online and get a registration so big that it is impossible to remember.

Then they call you on a specified date to submit the attested certficates. You queue up at the gate to have this collected by a security man. When your turn comes, he says he will not take the certficates until you put them in a brown envelop available at D-block market. The envelop shop is doing roaring business - drop a rupee, take a envelop and re-join at the end of the queue.

Then you go through the interaction which starts today.

Anonymous said...

My poor child.

As I type this, I hear you playing downstairs, so happily, so cheerfully, so unaware of the hundreds of vicious people in those schools out there who will give negative marks to you and me. Me for not being a Govt servant, not being on transfer, not being a post-graduate. You for not being first-born, not being physically-handicapped, not being a girl.

Play on, my child,play on.

These arrogant people - these Principals and Head-mistresses and Head-masters who will determine your next 14 years of life this month with a flick of their pens or at the flick of a cheque - don't matter. You still are my most wonderful child.


Anonymous said...

modern school interaction:

when mrs. rajput raised an eyebrow and asked us about our qualifications, we felt we had done something criminal. and despite my husband being a qualified engineer with a flourishing company of his own, she said "thats all"? tell you, i never felt so small in life. if i had know modern school is taking bribe as spyder said, would taken it along and presented it to the lady.

Manish said...


I was just wondering if there is a mechanism to force the schools to do following for the sake of transparency; "Appealed :-)" by the govt.

I guess if - Instead of just publishing the list of selected children, the schools publish the list of all the children with their points scored (with proper breakage... e.g. distance etc.) then
at least it is ensured that there is no discrepancy in points awarded and points claimed.

With your mind share, please let me know if somehow we can enforce this on schools.


Anonymous said...

The idea sounds valid but the implementation an be little better, say schools should be asked to send the complete (selected, rejected - all) list to DOE and DOE should have this on website, organized something like Delhi>Zone>School>List

I am sure DOE is getting some kind of lists from schools, only thing remaining here is the implementation of what we just discussed.......

Lets think over it.....can we get media in this and suggest DOE or bring to their attention....

Anonymous said...

Heritage School Rohini has accepted the forms of 3+,4+&5+ but in their criteria they have specified 30 marks for 3+,15 marks for 4+ & 5 marks for 5+ which is against the DOE rules.

Spyder said...

Regarding Heritage School, this is not voilation of DOE rules, as the DOE order says: "Schools can also fix additional parameters but are required to stipulate a point system for each criteria/parameter", so age can be one fo the criterias as in this case.