January 25, 2008

Ryan International - parent interaction has started before list is out!

One of the parents has just reported -

In Ryan International, Vasant Kunj, they are inviting parents for interaction (basis unknown).

When I called up to enquire about the interaction, I got the reply that the list will be put up on 1st Feb and there is no interaction prior to that.

Then on what basis they are calling the parents for interaction. Something fishy??? What kind of value education these schools will provide to our children???

Does anyone has more inputs to this?


Anonymous said...

Yes. This is true. Someone known to me has gone for interaction at Ryans, VK.

Anonymous said...

In Ryan International, Vasant Kunj during the interaction they are asking the parents to pay donation and reserve a seat in the management quota.

Anonymous said...

Pay 60,000/- and secure a seat otherwise there are no chances of getting selected as your child does not qualify for general seat. What a culture? RYAN INTERNATIONAL.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is playing mind games. They are pressurizing parents 4+ -- giving them horror stories of not getting admitted. They are asking Rs. 80000 from such parents.
If you happen to be parent of a younger kid -- 3-4years - you get a discount :) -- Rs. 60000.
Do we really want to handover our loved ones to such people?

Anonymous said...

yes, they are verifying the documents and they are keen to take their siblings first. the verification was done and atleast with me there was no talk of vitamin M

Anonymous said...

first of all - why are they not inviting everyone for verification? when they have fixed points for sibling then whats the need for calling kids with 'sibling' first?