January 12, 2008

Survey results are shocking...we really need to think about it!

We conducted a survey and we had received almost 32 replies from parents within last 3 days. The results are very shocking and in fact reflect the kind of frustration and confusion every parent is going through. Here are the details:

As you can see, only 4% say that they will try Govt. school, so Mr. Lovely has a reason to smile as he can always come back and say that there are plenty of seats available in Govt. schools but parents are not willing to send their kids/wards to these schools.

Almost 40% parents ready to give bribe (well read ‘donation’) to the school/management in order to get that ‘one’ seat for their kid. Some parents (12%) think that they can plan shifting out of Delhi (to nearby regions) as they can get a seat there.

The most worrying part is that larger section of our community (62%) still doesn’t know what to do…if they don’t get a seat in Delhi.


Anonymous said...

well, that is useful info. I want to add more to it, I am planning to write an article on this (me not from media by the way :) ), can I send it to you (ur gmail) for publishing on this blog?

Anonymous said...

May i suggest you a topic: "how many schools one has applied - curious myself ;) but i think this would be useful to know.

gud job guys!

CBSE News said...

yes asif! please send it to me on my gmail account and i will make sure its published on this blog.

thanks a lot!

CBSE News said...
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Anonymous said...

who expected it to be better than this after having education minister Mr.Lovely who is not at all bothered of whatever happening

CBSE News said...

Mr Lovely is having good times, why he should be bothered et all? There are plenty of seats in govt. schools, has anyone followings what rating, procedure, lists govt. schools are working on? Noone (ncludes myself as well), so he can and he will say - people! go to govt. schools and get ur kid admitted - kon kehta hai ke sarkaar kaam nahin karti.

Lovely Baba ke paas har marz ki dawa hai.....ek baar avashay milein!

Unknown said...

We were trying admission for two children of ours - one in 'pre-primary' and the other one for 'KG'. Our 2nd child got admission and I paid the fees also in a school 'Greenfields Public School' in Dilshad Garden. But our elder child who is seeking admission for 'KG' got waitlisted? We made several requests to principal in this regard. It will be good and ideal if they give seat to our both children in the same school. Their waitlist date is also around 2nd week of Feb'08. By that time most schools may close the admission process.