January 12, 2008

Take That! The site claiming to be non-commercial blocks and bans this blog!

As most of us all have seen them on TV, it looked like they were advertising their website rather addressing the issues. I thought I should share my view and help them with whatever I can and I posted this comments today evening on their site:

Thanks Puja for really coming out and showing courage. You guys have really set an example for rest of the people, but I would somewhat agree to the comments by 'r' that says "it was more like site promotion than bringing up real issues", saying openly that you spent 'x' amount and helping other parents and then talking about future plans (next year and so on) of this 'website' was bit discouraging and out of the topic of issue that parents are facing...

Anyways, thanks for great efforts. We are also trying our level best at Nursery Admissions Delhi blog (
http://nurseryadmissionsdelhi.blogspot.com/) to address real issues directly from parents and media and more.

Thanks again, but it could have been better.

....and to my big surprise, the original post was removed from site because many parents had displayed same views on their site regarding today's coverage on NDTV. And to add to that they banned my account and blocked me from entering the site. Any explainations ????

If anyone wants to see this, I can share my login and password and you can check yourself.

One could easily guess that from the today's coverage on NDTV, as they mentioned they had spent so much money on the site, they have plans for next year and so on.....but hardly a word about the Nursery Admissions, Issues Parents are facing........

Shame on such business minded people that are playing with Parents feelings!


Anonymous said...

Dear Spyder,

It is not that we didn't welcome you to the NurseryAdmissions.com community or don't want you there.

As you can recount that we had infact asked you to come and start your blog there and post your views on the NurseryAdmissions.com community.

However, you had rubbished the initiative taken by us when we suggested that we are starting such an interactive community - you had commented that it would be just another forum and there won't be any benefit out of that.

This was your reply:
"Unfortunately there is hardly anything can be done here.

If you have read latest news, DOE site notifications etc. ministry and DOE are set with what ehy have said and schools have begun as they want it to be.

Setting up site is nice idea, it will be another forum for parents, but we all know that this would be of no real help to anyone as parents cant do much about it.


December 26, 2007 11:34 AM"

We could not understand why someone will not want us to start a community on Nursery Admissions.

We started it because no one else was giving all the information online and yours was a blog where we had to wait for you to post the updates etc.

Though we highly appreciated your efforts you tried to stop us from going ahead.

We still went ahead and when we started to post comments in your blog that there is a discussion going on at NurseryAdmissions.com on a certain topic which was covered in your blog.

To our surprise we found that you had deleted our postings.

When we had asked why were we blocked from posting comments - We were told that we are posting spam and shouting for advertising our site on your blog.

Nursery Admissions said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
January 9, 2008 6:21 PM

Spyder said...

You can call me Spyder, I love this name ;)

I am deleting "advertising" sort of "shouting to be called spam" comments that are posted just to divert traffic from one site to another from this blog.

January 9, 2008 10:42 PM


When we clarified that we are not a commercial venture and questioned the fact that why did you not cover nurseryadmissions.com on your blog you said "" I would have cevered your site on my blog but since I was never sure the real person behind this I could not do so.""

Kindly See : Comments section at :http://nurseryadmissionsdelhi.blogspot.com/2008/01/shri-ram-vatika-school-new-delhi.html


Now since you knew that we were not a commercial venture you could have covered our community NurseryAdmissions.com on your Blog..

But Instead of doing that we found that you became a member of our community today - "Which We Whole Heartedly Welcomed as we had invited you since the start".

However, instead of taking part in discussions by replying to them on the NurseryAdmissions.com community boards - You started posting the links to your blog entries there - Which was the same kind of entries which were shouts to divert traffic to your blog - " Which you had earlier given the reason as and deleted the posts made by us on your blog".

I hope that clarifies the ban.


For the Other issues raised by you:

1) Advertising on NDTV - Well, For your information sake - we had no role in that and till the last moment we were under the impression that the interview is going to be about the problems being faced by parents this year.

But NDTV Team wanted to cover the website only. What can we do if they want to run the story on a website!!

We have been in constant touch with them and requesting them to have an open forum for the parents to discuss the issues being faced by us all.

We had even spoken about the problems but we don't have control on the editing or the capturing of the information , its their story and not ours.

If we had wanted to advertise we could have done that in hundred ways and not waited for any news channel to contact us, but we don't have any time for that during this admissions time.

Our aim was just to have more parents on the community so that more information can be shared as its a network and not a blog.

2)Business Minded People - This has really left us fuming initially and then laughing as to why someone like you would say that.

Where do you see the commercial angle in the entire exercise.

Where are we earning?? Guide us how to do that...if you can .. like tying up with other sites like adidiot etc ..

Seems you have a good experience on that and could see the commercial angle in our venture.

Apart from spending many hours posting, spending money on ads on google initially to create awareness about the new site " As there was none " and we could understand that what other parents would be going through.

Puja and Me have done whatever little contribution we could do to the community in sharing the limited information we were gathering our selves.

As for talking about plans for next year..it was based on our regret of not being able to provide each and every bit of information to our members as we hardly have any time or any staff to work for us. Its just that we cannot let the initiative die once our son gets the admission anywhere, as there would be more parents next year also who will face this utter confusion.

We have gone through the pain and will not like them to go through that..

We don't believe in the philosophy that " If I could not get the benefits or facilities, why should the others also ".

Many parents had contacted us and said why don't you get some sponsorships and we had replied that this was not our motive and we would like to spend on it till the time we can.

" Maybe if someone gives us a staff member who can update the admission information regularly 24/7 we won't mind that..as it would be of benefit to the entire parents community "

Next Year surely we would like to dedicate more energy to this website so that we can be of maximum help...

And if that is wrong..We don't know what to say..

We get calls from many parents everyday asking for various informations and we try to help as much as we can ..

We appreciate your effort too but whatever you have said here has no basis..

We are very hurt with that..But we can't control what anyone thinks..

If you had contacted us regarding promoting your blog on our site we would not have minded and would have done our best to do that..

But you thought otherwise..

Thanks and Regards,
Puja/Rajan Arora
Our Parents for Parents Initiative

P.S. - We will not mind if you delete this post of ours also.. ;-)

We have not made a penny by doing what we are doing..but will now take your suggestions as to how to make money.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Spyder, I just checked their website and the post has been removed. I also posted a comment on that NDTV coverage post and it mysteriously disappeared within seconds.

Those guys are really cheating!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vidya Ji,

Thanks for your kind opinion.
The Post is back without the advertising.

As to cheating, we really cannot understand what cheating are we doing.

It seems that you want us to close the website.? We can do that...and it seems we may end up doing that only..

Thanks and Regards,
All the best for you admission efforts..

CBSE News said...

Thanks for your clarification :)

Hope this would give everyone every bit of mess that has been created by all this (you posting on my blog, my joining your site).

Saying "Unfortunately there is hardly anything can be done here......parents cant do much about this", was our view and that is still very much a valid statement.

Regarding that chain of comments, we had clarified my point on deleting your comments; don't understand what you are trying to do here. As you banned us today, I take your 'deep digging' as answer to that and you being owner of the site definitely can do that.

We started in Nov 2007 with clear intention to provide information and list violations and did it in very positive manner – address the problems that everyone is facing, help other parents and the community.

We are not running business either, and neither have energy to waste on this kind of stuff. We would better spend that on putting more useful information here on blog for the community.


Anonymous said...

This is not good really! What are you all doing? Okie, I post on both sites and its not hurting me or anyone as far as both the sites are providing right information at right time.

Please stop this now and let’s put our efforts, energy (whatever left after running around for admissions) in right direction.

Thanks you both and rest of the world!

Anonymous said...

You both are intelligent but stupid as well (sry for being rude! Can't stop).

One was on NDTV, and another in HT...this media has divided you or what? Dotn want money, dont want fame, them stop fighting and continue what you both have been doing so far.

GS said...

Yes, PLEASE for God's sake! Stop this silly fight and continue with the amazing work you Both have been doing so far!

Anonymous said...

I guess there wil be TRUCE and we all can use these mediums and any leads from thereon to the BEST possible. The NURSERY ADMISSION MESS is just getting murkier... by Feb the situation for most parents will be clear .. of (maybe) not getting admissions.. so guys join hand.. make it commercial next year..its ok... but atleast fight for the cause together!!! ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE !!!

Anonymous said...

Voila...here come the profit rakers..the government doesnt listen, DOE is clueless. the only thing missing was people claiming to have invested money into a business model based on tiny tots future..


I shun them.

Anonymous said...

that makes two of us- agree with Spyedr "ZERO", this nur. admissions thing is hot out there and ppl have built business model around it.....daaaaaaaaarn cheap stuff man!

Anonymous said...

WHat was Delhi govt's point behind all these point system ? Things have now become worser. Government and schools playing with children's future and parent's dreams and sentiments.

Unknown said...

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