January 28, 2008

Letter to Apeejay schools and their reposnse on selection criteria

Note: Entire conversation has been added now, last updated on January 28th, 2008

There was some confusion and doubt in parents mind related to selection list of Apeejay schools. As we could not get much details on issues reported by parents so we send a mail to school principals (Saket, Sheikh Sarai and Pitam Pura) and in response to our e-mail (Dated: January 25, 2008) that we had sent on behalf of all parents, we have received response from Mr. Aditya Berlia (head of ASERF - Apeejay Education Research Foundation) clarifying the doubts that were raised by parents through this blog.

Here is the abstract of this e-conversation:

We asked them to give clarification regarding nursery shortlisting which took place on 24th Jan 2008 across Apeejay schools in Delhi. The issues we highlighted included:
1) Since from the lists it was not clear as to what was the basis of shortlisting. So we asked them to help us understand the exact criteria that schools have followed.
2) As we all had observed that there are kids who scored higher points (for example 50, 54, 58 etc.) and they have not made it to the list but kids with less points (for example 40, 45, 50) have been selected. We asked them to give explanation of the same.

In his response (Dated: January 26, 2008) Mr Aditya mentioned that Apeejay Education Research Foundation has designed “representative affirmative action” system for the nursery admission and details can be found at research foundation website http://admissions.apeejay.edu/
Mr Aditya also mentioned that “system is new and some of the factors are hard to explain; we certainly could do a better job in this regard. I am sure however you will appreciate the manner in which we have conducted the admissions this year; we are certainly quite proud of it.

Giving due respect to Mr. Aditya’s explanation we spent good time understanding the system process from website, and it was clear that the school had prepared 11 lists (by segments) and selected top scoring kids from each of these lists. So it is also clear that every list will have its own cutoff and hence a kid with 50 points (from “engineering segment”) might have failed but a kid with 35 points (from “media segment”) has made it to the selection list.

We don’t see any rule violation here, except that the school has not made the complete list available to public, so we have sent another mail (Dated: January 26th 2008) to Mr. Aditya asking school to publish the complete list so that we can check if this “system” has really been followed.

Updates received on January 28, 2008:
We have received response from Mr. Aditya today and in his response he mentioned that “With regards to publishing the names and numbers we had decided not to do it online to protect the privacy of the parents. Since the marks given be broken up to reveal confidential information about the parents' qualification and work background, as well as allow anyone to find out the status of someone else's admission, we wish to err on the side of caution in this regard. In this day and age when the privacy of individuals both online and offline are been regularly compromised we felt ethically obliged not to reveal this information online.

He also added that “Next year we plan to implement a more stringent security system with a username / password aspect; along with a more secure server (better programming as pointed out by you is also needed). The lists were put on the notice board of the school for local consumption. Certainly we have learned a lot from the process this year (we received around 6700 applications for 300 seats), and try for more disclosure next year, perhaps putting in a place a system where marks are given immediately at the point of application.”

We thank Mr. Aditya for timely clarification he has provided to all of us. This has certainly helped everyone


AKD said...

ya, I have checked the system and it is marvelous for sellecting kids of different categories of social life.

It seems that Apeejay wants to give equally opportunity in different class & categories means a small shopkeeper or poor is equivalent to a high profile position and money rich person.

Thanks Apeejay for opening the door of their school to simple to special person.

Anonymous said...

Query regarding DPS Mathura road:

The school asked parents to apply by sending applications through registered posts. But now they ask to enter reg id to check the first list...Can anyone help? I have no clue how to check whether my child got through because i dont have any reg id in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Notification: Sardar Patel list is out.

Spyder said...

Regarding DPS Mathura Road - This school did their best to make life worse for all parents. As far as I know, this school (i guess we are talking abt the one thats located near Kaka/Shanti Nagar) is worst of all DPS across Delhi. If not, please excuse!

Very frustrating! Submit in person, then send by courier, and now no list on site! Let me take this up and I am going to write to school abt this, and will be updating on this soon. Meanwhile, can anyone please send me complete issue over email (spyderindia@gmail.com) or just drop your contact number Iw ill call you as soon as I read your mail (usually within 4-5 hrs at max)?

Good luck to everyone there!


Spyedr Zero said...

Interestin very interesting, did Apeejay publicise this segregation when people were filling the forms??

Spyder said...

Good Question! Let me scan thru the prospectus, papers I got from school and their website (not results page which is updated very recently, but the admissions page)....

Would like to hear answers to your question from other parents...

Spyedr Zero said...
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Spyedr Zero said...

Must say this is one smart act that Apeejay has pulled off with Elan, i am inspired by their smartness.

Anonymous said...

Update on DPS mathura road: The school did supply reg ids online when applications were filled online. But there was a space problem in the syntax of the id. So most of the parents didnt realize that their child had been shortlisted. I happened to simply remove the extra space and type in the id again and realized that my child had been shortlisted indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

Query regarding better school:

Please help!!! Which is a better school? Modern School Humayun Road, Sanskriti, or DPS Mathura Road?

Anonymous said...

Note to Spyder:

Please post a poll!!! Been so long. Pls ask which school would parents opt for: a reputed one or one which is smaller, lesser known but gives them a good feel?

Anonymous said...

Another note to Spyder:

Please update this blog with info on which other recent lists are out. Please!!!

Spyder said...

Thanks for poll sugestion! The poll is on :)

Working on list updation, going thru a rough patch here so did n't get time to work on this for last 24 hrs.

Will deffinately get something out very soon....

Thanks for all ur support and suggestions.


Spyder said...

We have now moved the selection lists from delhi schools and other suggestion, tips etc. at http://nurseryadmissionsdelhi.googlepages.com/home


Anonymous said...

apeejay pitampura& dps rohini giving same points to a graduate from any college,medical college graduate,IIT graduate.postgraduate from any branch getting more points than medical college graduate,IIT graduate.is it right?

Spyder said...

May be Apeejay really acted smart by forming 11 lists from those segments, but let me tell you by such categorization - and by the way if you look at their site (http://admissions.apeejay.edu/), MEDICAL / HEALTH SERVICES and ENGINEERING / RESEARCH are two diff. categories, so the cut-off might be diff.

Smart isn't it? but there is no DOE rule voilation here. 100 marks to the real smart act.

Hope said...

Any idea how good is Apeejay? It's in my neighborhood, but havent made it in first list. Hoping for some luck in second list.

Spyder said...

Regarding Apeejay - this is what I know about Apeejay, Sheikh Sarai:
1) Very low teacher-student ratio (usually one teacher per 50-60 students)
2) Good name, average education wise
3) Most of the old staff has moved to KR Mangalam, GK. Per reports the Principal moved first and then she pulled her 'good/known' staff. Reportedly she also pulled few good students also.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Apeejay (Delhi) is rated among the ten best schools in India.

Spyder said...

It's Apeejay, Saket that is listed in top 10, not just every Apeejay school. So be careful abt it.

My comments were abt Apeejay Sheikh Sarai which I guess is no where close to that.....

I dont have any 'real' picture abt Saket branch. It may be better than other one.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

any idea about apeejay pitampura,my son got listed in this school

Spyder said...

I have not Idea about Pitampura branch of this school.
As I posted earlier, it is the Saket branch that is listed in the 10 best schools in India, not Apeejay as a group, so you better check that. Sheikh Sarai branch feedback is very bad.