February 7, 2008

Finally! Here is a case for DOE to solve! - Proof is attached NOW!!

UPDATED on 12-Feb-2008 at 9:00pm, we have attached the copy of Fax (see below) that was sent to DOE by parent and DOE has slept over this issue and probably many more such issues that went unreported.....

An issue reported by Mr. Gajendra Kumar:
School (Bluebells School International) have displayed the final list (most recent) on their website and my son's name is not there in the list.
I am also attaching file displayed by Bluebells on 14-01-08. My son Ojas Kumar's name was in this list (see S.No. 89). School just did not consider him in the second list because of age being 4+.

I made the complaints to Directorate of Education, but no response so far.

- Gajendra Kumar

Spyder: Thanks Mr. Gajendra for showing the courage and reporting the matter! You have set an example for all of us and we assure you all support!

Look at the list dated 14-Jan-2008 the front page clearly states that "FOLLOWING IS THE LIST OF THE STUDENTS SELECTED FOR ADMISSION TO PRE-SCHOOL FOR THE SESSION 2008 – 2009" then later after that so called GD/Interaction/Document Verification how school can reject their application?

The worst part of this real problem is that DOE has not responded with any explaination to Mr. Gajendra Kumar.

Dear Mr. Lovely and Education Directors of Delhi State - here is a challenge for you folks! Accept this and show that DOE, Education Ministry can really help and take action against such schools if parents are reporting the matter.

Copy of the fax is attached below that was sent by parent to Mr Sandeep Kumar, Director-Education, DOE on 7Feb 2008 (click on the image to enlarge).


Anonymous said...

Blue bells was clear from day one that they would not take kids above 4 years. This was made clear at time of selling of forms itself. So despite we scoring 65 points, our name didn't figured in the first list. The complaint was sent by mail & also in person. During my visit to school other parents scoring 65-70 marks and child above 4 years were there, who had the same grudge and on the other side their were parents of 4- with scores as low as 50, whose name was there in the list.

You were probably lucky that your name came in first list (probably by mistake). The mistake was then rectified in final list.

School has clearlly demonstrated taht they are above DOE.

CBSE News said...

Rule is a rule and school or any authority has no right to flaunt it by giving it different names to cover.

Any schools cant go and get escaped just by saying that they displyed this modified version of 'DOE age rule' on day one and made it clear. It is just that we (read parents) started acting late on this.

Better late than never.....DOE rule no. 4 (page 1 of 11) issued on 22-Dec-2007 clearly states that "With effect from the date of coming into force of this Order, all admissions in the pre-primary class shall be made in the manner provided in this Order."

Rule no. 21 (page 6 of 11) states that "The schools which are already running pre-school class may continue to do so subject to the following conditions:
(a)- Every child admitted to pre-school shall be of minimum three
years by 31st March of the year in which admission is being sought;"

Now lets come to the point "was clear from day one...", the explaination of Rule no 21, gives you answer to this:
"Explanation: - For the purposes of this clause, the ages stipulated for entry into standard one, pre-primary class and pre school class are the minimum ages and there is no bar to children older than the ages specified in this clause being given admission to these classes."


Anonymous said...

Blue Bells is one of the most notorious school. They nullified the distance criteria by giving 20 marks for 0-15 kms. Now they have taken the DOE guidelines to consider 4+ children also for nursery. My son will just be 4+ in march. We live less than a KM from the school. Both of us are professionally qualified ( B.E. and M.B.A.) Wife is Alumni of the school. But our name didnt even appear in the waiting list.

The authorities of the school behave as if thay are GOD! Mind u out side the school no one would like to even spit on them, thay have that kind of behaviour. DOE if you have any real control over these then cancel all the admissions done in such schools and take the charge in your hands atleast for admissions.