March 1, 2008

Appeal to all Delhi Parents who got admission in more than one school

-: APPEAL :-

To Delhi Parents who got admission in more than one school and have not submitted the withdrawal applications.
We request you to please submit the withdrawal application (or follow the applicable withdrawal procedure) at school as soon as possible so that other parents and their kids can get the seat.

Although ultimately the seats would be released by 31st Mar 2008 or little later but it is causing unnecessary delay for the poor parents who did not get a single seat anywhere. You have nothing to lose but your withdrawal at early stage would be timely help for all other parents.

If you cannot find enough time to submit the withdrawal application at school, please let us know (send the complete details over e-mail) and we will try to submit it on your behalf (free of charge).

At this stage when no one is listening to parent’s problems, YOU can make the difference! Please help!
Request to Media: Can you please help parents by publishing this appeal in the newspapers, TV etc.?


Spyedr Zero said...

Yes Parents please come up and release the the kids in need.