January 1, 2009

40% see +ve gains from Parent’s Handbook so far

Shameless self promotion - but I am proud to share that over 40% of all the reader of Parent’s Handbook have reverted back to me with thank you notes saying that they have benefited from the eBook in more than one ways. Close to 10% of them have already got seats in good schools in Delhi ranging from Birla Vidya Niketan, DPS (Mathura Road - not sure?) and few others not so populars.
Most of them benefitted from the form filling advices and that earned them more points (upto 20 points) than what they could have scored without those tips.
Clost to 20% of them, have confirmed that they are more confident in appearing in admission interactions after reading the handbook and have better understanding of admission process, point system and lags in there.
I am really happy to hear all those comments and I guess quick amendments with in one month helped everyone.
Good luck again!
NOTE: For those who are interested in knowing how many copies have been distributed/sold so far then the total is 93 as of today which includes eBooks sold on eBay and also the copies that I distributed to my friends, colleagues. 60% of buyer never reverted back with any feedback so I am really not sure if they benefitted or not….