September 28, 2009

Nursery Admission: farce and parents being mislead

ये एडमिशन भी क्या न कराये...किसी ने इस एडमिशन में अपने हाथ जलाये और किसी ने किसी के हाथ काटे, and few used this as a tool to gain popularity and went on to an extent where they even started cheating and fooling dear parents.

People have been using several free community sites to provide discussion forums to parents community which comes at 0 (Zero) cost unless someone really want to run a business out of it....I read a recent article in one of the leading news papers in that talked about couple of parents spending lakhs on running the nursery admissions site and all.....I almost died laughing when I read such baseless claims - oh my god :D

Here are some basics on how to run a site like those:
1) Go to and create a site in just 2 mins - Cost : Rs: 0/- (yes, Zero rupees!), no programming or design knowledge required! Even your grand ma can do it if she understands browsing and knows how to handle mouse and key board.
2) Go to admin and throw several gadgets as you feel like and you are done!
3) If you want to do a feature like SMS alerts os such you can do it just by paying approx Rs 15k and that will give you roughly 3 lakh SMS. There are several thousands service providers out there.

I ran this blog and community without much hip-hop and have hardly spend a penny in last 3 years except when I had to run call helpline and used to call parents - probably few hundreds - not much.

Admission has become such a topic that now few businessman has started using as tool to get media attention and fooling parents by throwing spams!

I have so many facts and proofs with me that are enough to expose all those cheaters but I will let parents decide themselves as at least they are getting some benefit out of it after all :)

Good luck and Cheers -Spyder


Anonymous said...

Who is cheating. Who invested lakhs and what proof do you have. What right and personal motive you have to put this here. Seems you are jealous nothing else. Last year you support him and now you change colors again.

Anonymous said...

you are tbe businesman. first one to try fooling people and minting money but with otehrs offering free service your plans flopped.

you were the one selling books on ebay. look whos talking.

CBSE News said...

I have the right to distribute my book they way I like it, the book is worth thousands and I want to distribute it for free - it's my right.

Thanks for your comments though.

Anonymous said...

why no one else talks negative except you.if they are taking publicity ,they are doing atlest of some level but you are doing cheap publicity ,why have you put your article on top ?

last year u wrote for one year "we support santa "on your blog why you are talking ill of him now ?

we all know that you wanted to use him against

CBSE News said...

O lolz! Now I know who is talking here! First of all I had observed this admission update abt that school on three different sites on same date same time and in that post i am not talking about those 2 sites ( or and for your kind information there are at least three more sites (that I fear you don't even know that they exist) that are very much active, up to date and are working on Nursery Admissions not only in Delhi/NCR but at larger level that you can imagine.

Post on top is technical side of blogging, the most recent post is displayed on top ;), I added another post today noon so it's at second place now - sd look better now.

Buddy you are so jealous....don't be! I probably hit ur site 10 times max in last 1 year and I never contacted you on email, phone to act against anyone. I had some issues with in 2007 itself and we sorted that out by separating ways and I respect him like a professional to other.


Anonymous said...

Hello Spyder,

Congratulation for starting new forum !

Remember You gave us book free on new year

Politics on full flow here I am not sure of 3rd Anonymous comment
but 100% sure that 1,2 are by someone else because it has been smartly put up by one of the guys covered in that article of HT

Logic- Had it been him, would not have asked you for proof bcause he himself gave in interview to HT
Other Guys got insecure as you mentioned you had some proof against COUPLES in you article

Either they wanted proof from you against him or were insecure themselves from you

I am member of both and but dont have much time still to go to once or twice a month for personal reasons

Take Care

P.S-Reason-why i am writing this so that you know some people donot change and we all know him very well


Spyder said...

Thanks everyone for your views! I am not in favour or against anyone unless you kick it off first. This is blog for parents on Nursery Admissions, what come across (in public, my views and so on) about parents, nursery admissions I will be writing about it here.

Your comments, questions, concerns, doubts are most welcome :)

Mahatma Gandhi says - "Nobody can hurt me without my permission" and the same legend also said something about truth - read on - "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it"

Have a great day!