October 4, 2009

Delhi schools in trouble with WRONG information posted on sites!

I was scanning through some sites yesterday and found that now schools are in trouble as some sites are publishing wrong information on their sites claiming to be best nursery admissions sites. Cambridge Foundation School, Rajouri Garden is one such school that fall pary to such sites as parents started flooded the school desk and mailbox asking for admissions information where as school probably never started the admissions process.

This is really a lot and looks like these nursery admission sites do not understand that they can get into big trouble for publishing wrong information on site.

The poor school had to put a notice on their website stating -
- Principal.

I guess now its the time when schools need to take legal action against such sites and people who are playing around with online information blogging, publishing acts.


Anonymous said...

Seems the blogger here is jealous of other parent sites. It is a fact that the school he mentioned had announced admissions and all the other sites covered that right.

Do you have the facts right. Till last year you were supporting this other forum but now it seems you are jealous.

Post facts not your views.

Spyder said...

I am writing my views on nursery admissions here that are well compiled and has gone thru a good thought process. No one can deny the fact that schools also have right to publish information on their site and control it, now what nursery admissions sites are trying to do out of silly competition is-
1) Publishing raw/un-audited information on their sites in hurry
2) Sending alerts to parents (not a bad idea) but unfortunately this un-audited/verified information is going to parents and poor parents start approaching school for details on admissions
3) Schools are stumped! for no good reason and who is at fault?

Some site owners advertising themselves as admission experts, but have forgotten the basics of DoE rules which allows schools to have their own schedule. We need to be more sensitive about nursery admissions…expertise would come its own :)


Anonymous said...

You mean to say that schools have the right to put on a billboard at the school gate and then remove it later saying they did not say such thing earlier.

And you are the one who was supporting the site owner last year and now you go against him. Stay ethical or loyal atleast.

Guess not getting to do that has given you a shock.

CBSE News said...

School might have decided to start admissions and later have taken that back. I do understand that they should have managed it better that how they have done it.

I am not against or in-favor of any site/person but would always be in support for what's right!

I was shocked when you blocked me on your site, and you talk about fear, jealous? - probably you know better than anyone else.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Mr Spyder its seems you have been banned from all the sites because of your backstabbing behaviour.
For the benefit of all can you tell
which all sites have banned you ?

Spyder said...

Ok for parents knowledge Spyder have been banned by an.com

Other guy was professional enough to be open to face the truth then hiding away from it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

I think they way you reacted to success of his book (which has made us proud on internationa level) might have forced him ban you.(i read at so many places you talking negative of him but not the same on his site)

My observations

1 The comments made here are by 2 or more peole not one( syntax
2 i read the article of Ht .
Ht correspondent and the creator of an.com are well aware of the rules of Doe and never mentioned that schools were flouting the doe norms,they wrote its inconvenience for us parents running for 3 months

All of u stop this mudslinging


Anonymous said...

Spyder, i thought you are a very smart cookie but you have been trapped by smarter people ;)lolz

The person no doubt you are pointing at might be responding here but i am sure there are atleast 2-3 people

you are netsavvy if have ip locator

try yourself

keep on boasting and getting publicity at others expense

CBSE News said...

dont want to waste my energy into tracing anyone...i got better and important stuff in life to do than tracking - hope you understand.

I am not in favour or against anyone unless someone kicks it off first. This is blog for parents on Nursery Admissions, what come across (in public, my views and so on) about parents, nursery admissions I will be writing about it here.

Your comments, questions, concerns, doubts are most welcome :)

Unknown said...

Sprder see how you change you colours so frequently,today i just saw your comment on admissionsnursery.com
wriiten few months back against nurseryadmissions.com and you were banned from there also

"The online blog in Sep 2007 on Nursery Admissions in Delhi (originally at was going thu hell as many other parents in 2007-2008 session, I knew that there is no help available online and not even at DOE site (at the time). Gradually this got picked up and parents started contributing on the blog and then I saw that Mr Rajan started a parallel community on same topic. I also joined the community with thought that I would be able to link these to together for benefit of parents as I was already running the blog for over 2 months till then. But, as Mr Rajan did this time to “Santa”, he did to me and removed/blocked my id (Spyder - spydrindia@gmail.com) from his site. I let it go as I never had time for all this online brawls, as far as that community helped parents I had no issues and at times even myself used to refer to that site for information for my kid and why not….right?

This incident with Mr Sanjay reminds me of that case now and I am really hurt that an educated person like Rajan could do this to parents community. This incident has certainly spoiled the image of bloggers and online community and teaches all of us a lesson or two here.

I wish the parents would not get mislead by this, and continue to get more relevant information and get a seat in a good school in Delhi.

I am really not in a position to keep this blog up-to-date due to various personal and professional engagements, but feel free to drop me a mail or message as that “Spyder” in me has not died as yet….and probably will never die :)

I will be back very soon….

Good luck to all!"

how anyone can trust you ?

Spyder said...

Probably everyone should read that complete post carefully. I had mentioned about na.com blocking me, and I even published this on my blog as well in same year 2007 when he blocked me, and why not?

Read what I said:
I will be back very soon…and I was back with a book that I shared with parents community...

Santa (!) started another site, and he also faced burns from same guy and I shared my same post that i published about na.com with community so again....whats wrong in there?

Trust me or not, I leave it to you...
People who changed colours made it to news for bad reason last year and thousand Delhites read that...

No wonder if comments on my blog are being posted by same person(!) with different ids....

Unknown said...

I just found out that nursery admissions.com have tried to hijack you name by purchasing domain nurseryadmissions.net (with additional s)after you bought it,
so you were right they are playing hide& seek here with different ids
even i had read that story about rajan(na.com) and i trust you


Unknown said...

This is free world there is no patent on nursery admissions name
it was first taken by nurseryadmissions.com
so why you are accusing na.com of hijacking it rather spyder copied it ..he can just copy

all wrong info on his blog

1 He made two schools of bal bharti gangaram branch
a) pusa road branch
b) gangaram marg
lol it is only one school

2 he posted last year info
of opening of forms(nov) and it is still there and moreover admissions have openend on 26 th

so think before you write about hijacking names

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spyder said...

Thanks Pooja for the update!

Thanks Mahesh (r u sure ur name is mahesh?) for digging my blog to proving me wrong. I appreciate your all your efforts... :)

Pooja, I consider myself and my fellow parents as father of online revolution in Nursery Admissions and I would now like me peers NA.com and AN.com to carry forward this for me and dear parents from here - ;)