October 11, 2009

Delhi Update: Admissions Open in Several Schools - UPDATED!

 Here starts the great Nursery Admissions Fair also known as "Nursery Admissions in Delhi"

Several schools have announced the admissions dates for October month for Nursery Admissions for session 2010-2011 and majority of these schools are from would want to get over this early on to avoid rush at later stage, as I had written in my previous article that give a positive angle to the admissions process that what some of the admissions experts have been trying to push in parents minds. Read that article here: "Admissions Starting Early? Do we really have a problem!?"

Some of the leading schools are:

Some more Delhi schools are about to announce their dates and we can hope to get a more comprehensive schedule of dates before Diwali time.

We have been publishing the consolidated admissions events on Nursery Admissions community for Parents, the one stop shop for all admissions related updates, so that you need not to "follow" some groups, posts or need not to go confusing sites to find right admissions information. It's clean and straight forward - just plain nursery admissions information and nothing else.

What more? We have also put all newspaper ads that schools are releasing in major newspapers in Delhi on the site so that you dont even have to scan your trash to find those ads, you can find all those nursery admission ads/advts here.

Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome. Just in case you see I have missed any ad- please let me know so that I can put it in the stack so other can also benefit from it.


Anonymous said...

no admission info on indian school ?

Spyder said...

Please look at the calendar on parents community at:

The Indian School has announced dates.

Spyder said...

You would find information on nursery admissions first - always!

We are NOT like some who announce Presidium admissions update as late as 48 hrs and still send alerts to parents quoting "always first and confirmed news..." ;)


Ravi verma said...

I trusted you and went to school while going to office and i was told that Forms are not out till
12 oct for indian school,you just run your forum playing blame game on na.com,an.com.i am member of na.com from last three months but hes not rash like you
you blame all the sites
Atlest those site cross check the facts before posting the the information ..what you should be called a FAMESEEKER, i am really disgusted with your attitute

Anonymous said...


Abhay Garg said...

Spyder should come and clarify even if he has commited a blunder
should not go in hiding.
The way he shouts from rooftops abouts others ;)

Anonymous said...

he must be out of station or busy in
some meeting;)

Spyder said...

The Indian School officially announced admission dates on Sat 10th Oct itself and that what I published in the admissions calendar on Sat 10th Oct - See Here

More over I mentioned in my post "schools have announced the admissions dates" and I never said it has started today, dates were announced first on this blog and no other site even had a clue about that even.

Anyways, school has published ad for the same in today's news paper which is available here

Hope this helps

Unknown said...

No spyder we got sms from admissionsnursery.com in morning and i just saw your ad was put after 3 pm but in an.com it was there since morning .they gave confirm news .
you should honest to admit the facts
we are members of both na.com /an.com but the fact is na.com could not give any alert except st francis atleast he is honest about it !!!!

Unknown said...

good thing is parents are informed who so ever published it first. I placed ad at 3pm on site but I put it on admission calendar at nursery admission community on Sat 10th Oct itself the news was out on blog on Sun 11th Oct

SMS service is really a great service started by na/an.com Parents must register there for sure, at least you are getting alerts - later or sooner.

Unknown said...

WHY No news about victor public school has been posted here,any idea
how is the school ?

Unknown said...

Bal bharti public school rohini is out but no news here

Unknown said...

There is probably no formal announcemment made by Bal Bharti as yet so holding on so far.

Website also doesnt say anything as of today 9pm IST


Spyder said...

Are you talking about Victor Public School, Maujpur, Shahdara, New Delhi? or any different one?

If this is the one then last year one parent reported that this school is not so good, did bad on ethical grounds and facilities, not sure.

Need to dig that post/comment somewhere.

Also read this complain from one student of this same school:

Unknown said...

No spyder,

I think you are checking the wrong website

That you have mentioned is for pitampura

see this for rohini it there from 2 days


Spyder said...

You are right, I was not aware of this site. I have updated the same now in the nursery admission calendar at:

or just click here

Jyoti Jain said...

Even you should check Bal Bharti Ganga Ram school site. They are opening admission from 26th Oct. Its mentioned on their site.

Jyoti Jain said...

Also, check St. Columba's site. They are opening admission in Nov for the KG batch.

Unknown said...

hi NoName i have 2 questions
1 how many balbharti are there on gangaram/pusaroad

2 what is date you have mentioned
26 oct but this site says 3 nov

Janvi said...

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Unknown said...

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