October 1, 2009

Media reviews Parent's Handbook on Nursery Admissions

Leading Delhi/NCR weekly magazine Metro Now (a JV of Times of India and Hidustan Times) recently reviewed Parent's handbook - Nursery Admissions in Delhi - see the screen gab attached here on left side in this post.

Here is a quick snapshot of Metro Now review of this book:

"Endless queries, general interactions and much more, all this can be tackled easily. So, before you visit any school, don't forget to quickly go through the tips given in the book" 

"Giving tips to avoid pimps as they might not refund money and keeping a photocopy of the admission form with you - the book covers every aspect of nursery admissions"

"Telling about the necessary documents to carry during admission and cracking interactions, the book helps you with everything"

This book is being made available to parents community by us and this is the only authentic book available in the world on Nursery Admissions in Delhi/NCR. 

Get your free copy right now!


kriti said...

I got Parent's Handbook from your site and it was so informative and accurate that I probably will not have to scan web to get information on nursry admissions any more.

I am so thankful to you for all that, may god bless you both!