October 7, 2009

Nursery admission events at one place

It is really very dificult to consolidate the admissions dates and keep a track of it so we have published a consolidated calendar of admisions dates (admisisons events and updates like form submission dates, ending dates and so on).

To hook to this calendar visit this site:

If you have google account, you can add this calendar to your gmail, gtalk or even to your blackberry/GSM enabled cell phone as well.


mohanarora said...

thanks a lot for publishing it as calendar, this is so easy to configure in google. i tried to set this up on my blackberry but looks like there is some issues with internet setup and trying to fix that

thanks again

Anonymous said...

abs right mohan, this is such a nice thing to have. great support

ramana said...

How do I add more events to this list? Is there a way I can help you with this?

what ever you have created so far is a greeeat help!


CBSE News said...

thanks ramana! you cant add any event to this calendar but you can add events as replied to this post and I can make sure to add them to calendar so that everyone has access.

also you can add your suggestions, and can contribute at parents forum here:

thanks a ton!

Ravi said...

You must have spent lot of time but
it took lot of time for me to decipher it,can it be made simpler

anyway thanks

CBSE News said...

right, its difficult to decipher but its google calendar so you just add it to your google account/calendar and your done and you will get all updates in your google account! simple...

hope this helps