December 27, 2013

Nursery Admissions - Jung Ka Order - what it is, what is changing.....simplified and explained!

Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung has issued revised guidelines for nursery admissions for the session 2014-15 in Delhi. This is being seen as major change and a koyiey step towards killing misuse of discretionary powers  as some of the private schools has been enjoying those powers ever since first guidelines came out in 2007. (see my post DOE published nursery admission guidelines in 2007)

Mr Jung has scrapped the management quota to ensure admissions are done basis fixed parameters like neighborhood, sibling which makes sense to all, leaving loop wholes. 

Schools who had been selling seats at a cost (aka donations towards 'charities' they operate etc. etc.......pata sab ko hai bolta koi nahin - billi ke gale mai ghanti kon bandhe - tho ko tali :D). We shared few such cases as reported by parents in past years as well, check-out these posts under Seats for Sale.

The new rule/guidelines as approved by Mr Jung deserve appreciation - AAP effect is seen on recent actions (another example we all witnessed was Lokpal getting passed with-in a day that was pending for 40 years, Govt reacting to US treatment with Indian diplomat.....dair aaye durust aaye.....jab jaago tabhi savera!)

The admission process will begin from January 15, 2014 - and I wish all of you Good Luck!

Stay connected as I would be publishing a clear picture on what's what. So no worries we are in good hands of Mr. Jung ;)....

We released 2014 edition of Nursery Admissions Parent's Handbook last night, and we shall wait for few more days to update dates as suggested in the book, but rest doesn't change.
We have updated the handbook to cover new order and its impact. It is the most concise handbook on Nursery Admissions ever. So go ahead and download a free copy. 

Well begun is half done :)