August 26, 2015

Salwan Public School, Sec-15, Gurgaon is giving preference to parents who are Civil Servants....

Salwan Public School in Sector 15 has allocated 10 extra points for parents who are civil servants, 15 for their "professional field" and 15 for "achievement and contribution to society by the parents". 

Salwan Public School headmistress Savinder Rooprai said the preference to civil servants was because they have transferable jobs and the school wanted to support them. "Moreover, the achievements of parents (that are scored) refer to their performance in school and college that should be known to us so that we know what environment the child has at home and accordingly, we can help them after they are admitted. We are not biased against any category of parents and try to admit a varied mix of parents," Rooprai said. 


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