December 22, 2015

Nursery Admissions Delhi Schools - 2016-17...More schools post nursery criteria

More schools post nursery criteria...
More schools, including some of the popular ones, have announced their admission criteria and points distribution systems. Not everyone is starting registration on January 1, 2016, and at most schools, children and siblings of alumni have a real edge over others. At some, parents' achievement, too, will matter.
Laxman Public School (LPS) has divided 'open seats' remaining after reserving for EWS (25%), children with special needs (3%), children of present staff (2%) and management (20%), further into quotas for different criteria. For siblings of enrolled children, 15% seats have been set aside. These "shall be filled through draw of lots out of all the registered sibling applicants residing within 12km radius of the school. The remaining applicants shall be considered for admission as per the parameters/criteria and points for open seats (general category)," says the school's admission notice. Similarly, alumni kids have 5% seats to themselves, girls and children of staff, another 5% each. While, to be eligible for these quotas, the applicants have to live within 12km, those living beyond that distance but belonging to these categories will still have an edge. In the points distribution, distance (zero-12km) has been allotted 70 points; siblings of enrolled students get 20, alumni kids and girls get five. But this entire lot will compete for 46 seats out of a total of 184.
Vasant Valley School has included in its list of criteria, neighbourhood (same as distance, maximum of 25), alumni (20, 10 for each parent), siblings (20), first-born child (10) and "proven track record of parents" which, interestingly, gets the same maximum points as distance—25. Its admission notice elaborates on this last parameter offering a list of option, including awards or recognitions for "sports/social service", "arts", "original research/ publication/ recognition received in the area of science/ social science/ law/ humanities", "civil rights/government work/ defence services" and, finally, "any other". A state-level recognition fetches three points, national-level, four and international five.
The Indian School has kept it simple. It has 154 general category seats and there are only three criteria with points against them—distance (60), sibling (20) and first-born child (20). While LPS and The Indian School are starting admissions on January 1, 2016, some others are starting later. Carmel Convent School is starting on January 2 and Mount St Mary's in the Delhi Cantonment on January 4, 2016.

source: The Times of India