January 1, 2017

Schools gearing up to criteria and points, here is the inside story!

Schools gearing up to criteria and points and SWL brings you the "inside story"!

1400+ schools of Delhi are ready with their selection criteria and points, SchoolsWeLike.com brings you the inside story, wondering what the criteria is going to be, and how many points schools are going to assign to each one of them? Know them first and know them now.

I brought you story around DOE/Delhi Gov mistakes earlier in the day, and here our data team did a detailed study and survey and found that most of the schools are going to use these criteria and points for Nursery Admissions for 2017-2018 session:
  • Neighborhood - of course this is going to be there, and anyone can guess that. But note that schools are going to break it into slabs in terms of distance and most preferred slabs are going to be -
    • 0 km to 3 km (40-50 points)
    • 3 km to 5/6 km (20-30 points)
    • 6/7 km and above (under 10 points or less)
  • Sibling - Most of the schools are going to put this in their list and expect the points to be in the range of 20-30 points (in some cases schools would give extra points in case of two siblings in same school)
  • Alumni - Schools love to give advantage to parents that been alumni of same school. A typical 10-20 points to this one.
  • Staff - For all different reasons, schools prefer to give extra points to kids of staff members as this works for them as well, and teachers would stay with school if their kids also attend the same school. Nobody wants to lose good teachers. Expect 10 points to this criteria.
Other favorites are -
  • First Child/Girl Child/Single Parent - Schools have been giving points to these, and usually this would attract 10 points and this case really handy for many parents of course.
  • Transferable job - Schools prefer a fix number of kids that help them rotate the seats as they are promoted to senior classes, this helps them generate more revenue and profits (how? that's a long story for another day :D). Usually this attracts 10 points. Further if you are wondering if your job is considered a transferable job or not? Drop a message in comments with details of what sort of job you are in and I shall revert.
Good luck parents!