March 7, 2017

First Lists Out - Goof-ups, Disappointment and Some luck!

Latest on First List for Nursery Admissions 2017-2018: 

The first list has been published yesterday in schools across Delhi (non-govt schools only), and while some parents see their ward making it to the first list others left puzzled as there are reports of goof-ups in some schools (could be human errors) so parents hope that schools will take corrective steps, many left disappointed as they ward did not make it to the first list.

Many are celebrating big! How?
Several parents are on cloud nine as they could made it to multiple schools in their neighborhood sheer luck - may be. But that suggests that they are going to vacate at least 1 or more seats that will help others wards make it to second list. So such parents can please help others by taking a call quickly, and release other seats. (not hoping that many would do that as we all humans have tendency to hold on to things....don't we?) If anyone is releasing a set in any school, please post it here so that others can benefit.

We will be publishing EXCLUSIVE tips on how you can make it to second list, or how you can grab that released seat, so please stay connected on this blog and on our facebook page.

Click here for instructions on how you can get a seat in Govt School/Sarvodya Vidyalayas, in case you are interested.