December 23, 2017

BREAKING! "NAD Points Checker" - Nursery Admission Delhi 2018 Exclusive!

Nursery Admission Delhi (NAD) 2018-19 Exclusive! Brings you a tool for Nursery Admissions 2018 
"NAD Points Checker" - just 2 steps and done! 

Our experts say that it can predicts up to 99.99% accurate, get ready to try this!!
Tool is going live tomorrow (i.e. on 24th Dec), make sure to like our Facebook page, and subscribe (link on page below), and post your comments/feedback to stay connected. 

Dear Parents! 

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Thanks! Team


Mohan Giri said...

Thanks a lot for all your efforts, this website has helped me a lot with clear information that is hard to find anywhere. God bless the team behind this. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Vaani K said...

Thanks schoolswelike for trial link. It works!! Sent you some ideas to.improve it. Regards

CBSE News said...

Thank you for the appreciation, and glad that it was useful. Good luck!

QuestMan said...

How can I get access to the tool? I tried subscribing but I get an error saying mail subscriptions are disabled