December 27, 2017

Delhi Nursery Admission 2018-19: Neighborhood gets max points....

As per the Directorate of Education, Delhi Nursery Admissions for the academic year 2018-19 would start from today, December 27. As per the official notification, the schools are to upload the nursery admission criteria on their official website by today. Parents would be allowed to check the point base criteria on the school website and apply on the website. The applications for Delhi Nursery Admissions 2018 would start from December 27, 2017, and end on January 17, 2018. Almost all the top schools in the city have listed neighborhood as the top criteria with a maximum number of points, with many schools giving 40-60 points for the proximity to the school. The second largest criteria seem to be a sibling in the school, which would help you with about 27 - 30 points.

The top criteria in the point based system include alumni, girl child, single parent. with own transport, two generation alumni apart from neighborhood and siblings. There are separate points if the child is eldest, second or third child. Also, if a child knows a 4th language and can read, write or speak, he or she would be granted additional points by Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. Delhi Public Schools would give you points if both the parents are alumni of the school while Modern Vasant Vihar is offering additional points if three or more generation alumni from the school are part of the child's family - following the trend with most of the private/ Ivy League institutions in the west. 

Not all is questionable though. Some schools have extended their points system to include additional 5 - 10 points for children with special needs and disability. Some schools have even added points for children with disabled parents. Girl Child has also gotten an extra push with many schools awarding 5 to 10 points for the girl child. Kids of the staff would also get additional points in Tagore International Schools. 

Please note that this year, in spite of the suggestion, there is no upper age limit for nursery admissions. Schools have, however, been directed to have a minimum age limit of 3, 4 and 5 for admissions to nursery, kindergarten and class1 respectively. The details of the application would be released by February 1, 2018, and the first allotment list by February 15. Please note, this year, about 7 days would be given to parents for grievance redress as opposed to the 2 days given in 2017 admissions. 

All interested in applying for nursery admissions are informed that as per the High Court ruling, parents' habits, educational qualification and ethnicity cannot be considered as criteria. The complete list of criteria which cannot be included is available online. However, minority institutions are allowed to add various criteria regarding parent's eating and drinking habits. Also note, all schools are required to conduct the allotment by means of a draw of lots which would be done in presence of the parents. The draw of lots is also mandated by DoE to be video graphed



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