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August 20, 2015

January 3, 2009

Nursery seats are for sale?

Last year many prominent schools “sold” few seats to various parents and names of these schools are well known to all Delhi parents….I guess….and rates were ranging from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000
I was just wondering if anyone of parents have heard any such thing this year as well.
Many have been throwing the names of Amity International, Modern School, Ryan International and also DPS but really no clear evidence have been produced and the reason could be that one who might have paid would not like to expose it as this might put their seat at risk in that school.

February 23, 2008

Managment quota seats are on sale thru dalals known to mgmt....

No one can deny this fact, the one who is selling such seats are only accepting it through "Education Dalaals" those are very close to the management.

One such person contacted me (not as Spyder of course) today - thru some 3rd party and it got confirmed as another friend of mine told me that he knows one such person who can get you a seat for Rs. 2,00,000 (INR Two Lakh Only) at Amity, Saket under management quota.

Amrita Vidyalayam is another such case, management quota seats are available for money (amount not known - will try to get the exact figure soon).

God damn it! Sahi business hai dost!

I had written a e-mails to various schools, principles, ministers and no replies except one school.

We can diffinately do something if we all come togather and raise voice.

February 6, 2008

हम घोडे और गधे एक साथ नही पढाते हैं और स्कूलों के जैसे - Amity Intl, Saket


Amity Reality Check Part -1
- reports a parent who had live interaction at Amity Intl Saket

Do not know the lady interacting with parents was she the principal or just a teacher but she commented on a question asked by parents why only their school was interviewing kids, she stated "हम घोडे और गधे एक साथ नही पढाते हैं और स्कूलों के जैसे", this is the langugae they speak with children there?

Amity Reality Check Part -2
- reports a parent who had live interaction at Amity Intl Saket

Please do not forget one of the SO-CALLED BEST (in books but we really doubt if they are close to what they say) South Delhi schools.

Amity International, Saket - The process is not transparent at all. They called 100 parents everyday (basis unknown) and asked them to fill a 4-5 pages JUNK/CRAP form (which took atleast 1 hour to fill).

We scored ZERO points (as per their criteria mentioned on school noticeboard) and have never expected a call from them. BUT they called up and asked us to come for verification of dcouments.

In the interaction they asked us many irrelevant questions about our family business. It was proper 10 mins interview on the name of interaction. Although it went very well in our case but to tell you the truth that on what basis they have called us for the verification, our house is 15 KM from the school, no sibling, no alumni, no girl child, no govt servant, no physically chalenged, no SC/ST and not the part of management.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing we missed here is the verifier of documents (apparently a clerk) told us they have called 2000 parents for the interaction. IS THIS FAIR? School only have 60 SEATS and they called up 2000 PARENTS.. ON WHAT BASIS?
1. They haven't taken out any shortlist of candidates for VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS
2. There is clearly mentioned on their website that the final admission list will be out on 1st feb, but there is no transparency and NO ADMISSION LIST IS THERE ON WEBSITE.
3. Also i came to know (from a very close relative) that his son has taken admission in January month itself in Amity Intl. As after his interaction ... school called them in 3 days and asked them to deposit fees in next 2 days. This is totally RIDICULOUS, they are not bothered about ANY RULE.

They are just wasting everyone's time and following own method of taking bribe (on name of donation) and giving admissions. How they can tell in January month itself if the child is shortlisted for admission and parents are suppose to deposit fees. Their interaction went till 30th Jan 2008. Still there is no clear list.

Amity Reality Check Part -3
- reports a parent who was in tears when he was talking to me over phone

We have at least 10 parents who have shown interest in filing/reporting a case aginst Amity International, Saket on basis of some analysis they have done. Rule voilations are public but we really don't understand what the hell DOE, Education Minister is waiting for????

Amity Reality Check Part -4
- reports a parent over e-mail on 6-feb-2008

Amity Saket has got a note signed by parents that ONLY Rs. 500 (Caution money) is refundable out of Rs. 33k (without transport) paid in the event a refund is required.
When the government's rule clearly said not more than 1 month can be deducted. Is DOE listening???

January 19, 2008

Interation 'Nautanki' at Amity International Saket!

There goes another school-parent interaction at one of the best (on paper they might be but after our recent visit I really doubt if they are close to what they say) South Delhi schools. This school that claims to follow the belief “Vidya Dadate Vinayam- we did not see any signs of "Humanity". Here is the up close and personal experience that we (as parents of 4 year old kid) will never forget in our lives.

1) Our first interaction was with two 'fools' (read 'Amity' Document Verification Officers) who did not even know the difference between a graduation degree and post-graduation one. Myself and my wife had to explain them the difference so that they could mark it properly on the verification form. As we were trying to explain it to them, they were busy arguing between themselves all the time at every stage.
Once the verification part was over they asked us to wait for interaction call.
2) They handed over us a good 6 page paper to fill that had descriptive, objective, multiple choice and questions that hardly make any sense in this admission scenario (e.g. Complete details of Paternal Grandparents, Maternal Grandparents, by complete I mean contact no, education, designation, address and what not...). It took us 45 minutes to complete that form and we thought it is worth spending time on it as probably they would refer to this form during interaction.
3) It was over 2 hours since we landed inAmity land but we were nowhere on that interaction list, after repeated reminders they noticed that verification officer had misplaced the form and so they asked us to wait for 'some more' time, so we did as we had no other option at hand.
4) Finally the wait was over and we got the call and then the 'Nautanki' started, as we entered the room two well dressed ladies were waiting inside and it was a rapid fire questions round (very much standard ones as you can guess), and with in 3 (yes! three!) minutes we were shown the door. Thank You! - she said.

I am not calling this interaction as Nautanki, because of the time duration, or type of questions they asked but the 'quality' of the interaction. One of those ladies was busy with her own stuff (flipping thru some files, papers etc) and the one who was firing questions was really not listening to us.

That's the real problem, why were we parents are being humiliated? Why are we made to stand in the queues, wait at schools for these silly interactions? Sucs!

We also asked couple of other parents and the response was the same - 'Nautanki'!