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July 22, 2017

DPS Gurugram Admission Open - Nursery Admissions 2018-19

IMPORTANT NOTE from Delhi Public School Sector 45, Gurugram
Pre-Nursery and Nursery Admission 2018-19 will appear in Newspapers
TOI on 29th July 2017 and HT on 30th July 2017

Important links and updates:

December 30, 2016

DPS RK Puram/Vasant Vihar/EoK - Nursery Admissions 2017 - Schedule, Point System

DPS RK Puram, New Delhi, has published detailed schedule and points system for Pre-School (Nursery) Admission 2017-2018. This school has Junior Schools at Vasant Vihar & East of Kailash.

IMPORTANT: Only 50% seats have been opened for general category as rest of the seats are blocked for other categories (EWS/DG - 25%, Staff Quota - 5%, Management Quota - 20%). 

It is shocking that this school has blocked as many as 20% seats (79 seats in total) under management quota - which means shop is open winter sale is on :)

Here are the details for the most general queue (not general category as 20% of seats has been put up for management quota) - 

Parameters / Criteria - General Category
(Localities specified in the map within the aerial radii of 15 km of the school)

0 - 1 KM
1.1 - 3 KM
3.1 - 6 KM
6.1 - 8 KM
8.1 - 15 KM
(Real brother / sister studying in DPS R K Puram / Vasant Vihar / East of Kailash)
Parent (Father / Mother) Alumni of School
(Class X / XII Certificate - DPS R K Puram only)
Girl Child
Single Parent
(Widow/Widower/Legally Divorced OR Single Parent with legally adopted child)
For other details please visit school site.

December 28, 2016

Delhi Public School International Admissions 2017-18 Announcement

DPS International Announces Admissions for session 2017-18 
Registration forms will be available on the school website from 2nd January 2017 onwards...

 Check more about DPS International - Junior School (RK Puram) , Senior School (Saket)

December 22, 2015

Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj - Delhi , Nursery Admission 2016-17

Total no. of seats 200
Number of seats available under General Category 100 (50%)
                                                                                     (98+2seats for children with special needs)
Number of seats available under Management Category 40 (20%)
Number of seats available under Staff Category 10 (05%)
Number of seats available under E.W.S & Disadvantaged Category 50 (25%)


Commencement of admission process 01st January 2016 (Friday)

Commencement of availability of application form for admission 01st January 2016 (Friday)

Last date of submission of application form in school 22nd January 2016 (Friday) till 5.00 P.M

Uploading details of children who apply for admission under open seats 30th January 2016 (Saturday) 5.00 P.M

Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats 05th February 2016 (Friday) 5.00 P.M

The date for displaying the first list of selected Candidates (including Waiting List) (along with marks allotted under point system) 15th February 2016 (Monday) 5.00 P.M

The date for displaying the second list of selected Candidates (if any) (including Waiting List) (along with marks allotted under point system) 29th February 2016 (Monday) 5.00 P.M

Closure of Admission Process 31/03/2016 (Thursday)

Parameters for Open Seats (other than EWS & Disadvantaged Group) 

Age : 3+ as on 31-03-2016
Date of Birth : 01st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.
(a) Neighbourhood ; 40 points
0-15 Km 40 points
Above 15 Km 00 points
(b) Sibling ; 30 points 30 points will be awarded in case of a real brother / sister currently studying at DPS Vasant Kunj only.
(c) School Alumni ; 20 points For parents who have passed Class X or XII from any DPS (core school) that is owned by the DPS Society.
Father = 10, Mother = 10, both = 20
(d) Gender ; 05 points Girl child / first child
(e) Single Parent ; 05 points Widow / widower / Divorcee

All documents listed below should be produced in original at the time of verification & scrutiny of registration forms. 

Open Seats (other than EWS & Disadvantaged Group)

i) Neighbourhood : 
a) Ration card issued in the name of parents (Mother/Father having name of child).
b) Domicile Certificate of child or of his/her parents.
c) Voter I-Card (EPIC) of any of the parents.
 d) Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill/Water bill//Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
e) Aadhaar card/UID card issued in the name of any of the parents.

ii) Sibling :
 Identity Card / Latest Fee Bill of the sibling issued by the school office for 2015-16.

iii) Alumni : 
In case of Alumni, a copy of the passing certificate of AISSCE (Class X / XII) issued by CBSE.

iv) Gender :
Affidavit with regard to first born child as per the given format.

v) Single Parent : 
Valid legal proof of his / her single status (death certificate and undertaking of single status).

vi) Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation (Original Certificate will be submitted in the school).

source: school website

December 21, 2015

Delhi Public School, Rohini Delhi - Nursery Admission 2016-17

Admission to Nursery (Pre School)- Session 2016 - 2017

Total Number of Seats 140
20% Seats for Management Quota  28
25% Seats for EWS Category 35
5% Seats for Staff Children 07

50% Seats for General Category [Open Seats] 70

*2 Seats are reserved for Children with Special Needs

1. Age : 3+ as on 31st March 2016 (Children born between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013 will be considered)
2. For General Category Candidates
Application forms will be available online between Friday, 1 January 2016 and Friday, 22 January 2016 at

A Pay Order / Draft of Rs 25/- (Rupees Twenty five only) drawn in favour of Delhi Public School- Rohini must be sent to reach Delhi Public School - Rohini, Phase III, Sector - 24, Rohini, New Delhi 110085 latest by Friday, 22 January 2016 along with a print out of the submitted form. Please mention your child’s name and registration number received after submission of the ‘online form’ at the back of the draft/pay order.
Forms received after Friday, 22 January 2016 will not be accepted.

Please keep a print / photocopy of duly filled registration form for future reference.

The following schedule will be observed for Nursery (Pre School Admissions 2016-2017) for Delhi Public School Rohini.

*Commencement of On-line Registration   Friday, 1 January 2016
*On-line Registration closes  Friday, 22 January 2016
*Uploading details of children who apply for admission under open seats Saturday, 30 January 2016
*Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats Friday, 5 February 2016
*The date for displaying the first list of selected Candidates (including waiting list) (along with marks allotted under points system) Monday, 15 February 2016
*The date for displaying the second list of selected Candidates (If any) (including waiting list) (along with marks allotted under points system) Monday, 29 February 2016
*Closure of admission process Thursday, 31 March 2016

Admission Parameters:

Neighbourhood  40 Points
Sibling 30 Points
DPS Alumni 20 Points
Girl Child / First Born 05 points
Single Parent 05 points
TOTAL 100 points


August 10, 2015

Delhi Public School, Faridabad - Nursery Admissions 2016-17

Registration open for Nursery admissions 2016-17 in Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, Faridabad....

The registration process consists of two steps : 

   Step 1: 
Filling up the form (
fields marked * are mandatory)
   Step 2: 
Registration Fees Payment
Documents Required (Scanned copy) :   
Passport Size Photograph (80% Face Coverage)    2. 
Scanned Copy of Birth Certificate
Click here for more details.

August 8, 2015

Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok - Last date of Submission of Forms for Nursery Admission 2016-17

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon 



Nursery: 4 years + as on 30th September 2016.


* Attested copy of Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation
* Photocopy of proof of residence (ration card/ voter ID card /residence
   lease deed/ any other )
* Recent passport size photograph of child and parents (one each).
  Certificate of disability (if any)

Click here  for more details. 

August 4, 2015

Delhi Public School Gurgaon - Pre-Nursery and Nursery Admissions 2016-2017

Pre Nursery and Nursery Admissions

Pre-Nursery: 3+ as on 30th Sept. 2016
Nursery: 4+ as on 30th Sept. 2016


Ratio 1:1- Boy: Girl

Click Here for FAQs on Pre-Nursery and Nursery Admissions 2016-2017

For more information on school or to review the school, Click Here

July 24, 2015

Nursery Admissions 2016-2017 in Gurgaon will end up early this time.....

गुड़गांव में सोमवार से नर्सरी एडमिशन की भागदौड़ शुरू हो गई। इस बार नर्सरी एडमिशन अपने समय से एक महीने पहले ही शुरू हो रहे हैं। अमूमन एडमिशन अगस्त के अंतिम सप्ताह से शुरू होते हैं। लेकिन कुछ स्कूल 1 अगस्त से एडमिशन शुरू करने जा रहे हैं।
दिल्ली-एनसीआर में नर्सरी एडमिशन सबसे पहले गुड़गांव में ही शुरू होते हैं। क्लासेज अप्रैल 2016 में लगेंगी लेकिन एडमिशन की प्रक्रिया इस बार स्कूल अगस्त तक पूरी कर देंगे। अगस्त के मध्य तक सभी स्कूल अपनी लिस्ट निकालने की तैयारियां कर रहे हैं। सेशन से 7 महीने पहले एडमिशन प्रक्रिया शुरू करने का विरोध पिछले कई साल से लगातार हो रहा है। लेकिन हरियाणा स्तर पर नर्सरी एडमिशन को लेकर कोई क्लियर गाइडलाइंस नहीं है।
25 अगस्त को लगेगा एजुकेशन फेयर
डीपीएस सुशांत लोक स्कूल में एडमिशन विंडो मंडे से शुरू हो चुकी है। पहले ही दिन यहां प्रॉस्पेक्टस के लिए काफी इंक्वायरी आनी शुरू भी हो गईं। वहीं, 25 जुलाई से 45 से अधिक स्कूल एडमिशन से जुड़े फेयर स्कूलेक्स में ही अपनी एडमिशन प्रक्रिया शुरू कर देंगे। वहीं, स्कूलेक्स की आयोजक मुग्धा अरोड़ा ने बताया कि पिछली बार स्कूलेक्स का आयोजन 9 व 10 अगस्त को किया गया था। लेकिन इस बार एडमिशन की प्रक्रिया जल्दी हो गई है, तो इसका शेड्यूल भी जल्दी किया है। इस बार 25 व 26 अगस्त को ही इस एडमिशन फेयर का आयोजन कर रहे हैं।
कुछ स्कूल नहीं लगेंगे फेयर में हिस्सा

February 14, 2008

We will fight to the end……Even if we loose….We will not take it quietly!

We need education to shape the future of the nation..
Each one teach one
You must have heard these oft repeated quotes.
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself Does anyone care for these lines?
We do not know whats your reply is but what we know is that Schools and DOE do not believe in this, we would furter go to the extent of even saying that Schools believe that Education would shape their futre by generating fat donations and DOE agrees with schools by not taking action against such monstrous schools.

You would find below what can be labelled as GROSS INJUSTICE, Prejudice, Discrimanation and bias - against a 3 year old by denying a child his right to be educated.

The Principal,
Delhi Public School ,
Mathura Road , New Delhi

Sub: Representation regarding gross injustice to Iklavya Singh, a candidate for admission to Pre-School in your school by adopting deliberate and illegal means.

We are the parents of Iklavya Singh, who is a candidate for admission to the Pre-School in your school. We bring to your kind notice, the following few facts for immediate and necessary action:

That for our son, Iklavya Singh, born on the 10th of July,2004, we applied through the proper process of your school for admission in pre-school. On completion of the preliminary formalities as contemplated by the process of your school, our son was awarded 60 marks by you and was shortlisted for admission as per the original list posted on the website .

That thereafter, we met your good self on the 29th of January,2008 and got the documents verified. During this entire meeting, you and your associates appeared quite satisfied and asked us to wait for the final list .

That , however when the final list was posted by you, we were shocked to find the name of our son missing from it. The score of our son’s marks reduced from 60 to 52 in a most arbitrary, mischievous and biased manner without any valid reason. On enquiry, your office told us that since our residence ( 139 – D , Pocket – C , Siddhartha Extension ) is at a distance of about 4-5 kilometers from the school. We respectfully submit that this observation by your office is factually wrong and is not likely to cause any damage whatsoever to the school. Moreover, kindly recollect from record that the destination of disembarkation of our son has been given as RajDoot Hotel which is precisely 1.8 Kilometers from your school. Also, our residence is precisely 2.75 Kilometers from the school . We are prepared to board our son and take him back at the bus stop of RajDoot Hotel , a fact thoroughly discussed and agreed upon in our interaction with you and your staff on the 29th of January,2008.

It is clear from the above-mentioned fact that deducting 8 marks of our son for this reason is absolutely arbitrary and illegal. We are forced to read between the lines to conclude that our son has been deprived this opportunity for the reasons best known to you, for which there is no just and concrete explanation.

By the above action of your office, we feel highly aggrieved and discriminated. In view of the above-mentioned facts and circumstances, we hereby call upon you to rectify the above defects committed by your office by reducing the score of our son, and give our son admission in your school at the earliest failing which we shall be construed to knock the doors of law for this intentional high-handedness and arbitrary process adopted by you.

A copy of this representation is retained by us for future reference if any.

Copy to:
1. Delhi Public School Society
2. Director of School Education, Delhi
3. Office of The Chief Minister of Delhi

Thanks and Regards.
Gurpreet Singh ( Father of Iklavya Singh )
Prabhjot Kaur ( Mother of Iklavya Singh)
139-D Pocket-C, Siddhartha Extension,
New Delhi – 110014
(contact numbers removed for privacy reasons - spyder)

December 3, 2007

Delhi Public School (RK Puram, Vasant Kunj, and others), New Delhi

As I mentioned in my last post (Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi), just learned that DPS school website (all the branches) flashing "No Vacancy" message on their sites.

No notice, information has been published by DPS in any of the newspapers so far. What's going to happen this year to pre-primary kids who are 4+ years old is not sure.

Is anyone listening? DOE? Delhi government?