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April 1, 2008

Congratulations on your (n your kid's) 1st day at school

Congratulations on the first day at school and here are some tips, suggestions that you may find useful in preparing yourself and your kid to new school, new friends, and a new milestone if the life.

Whether it's first day at a school nursery, or first day at pre-primary school, it's going to be an emotional time, and hopefully an exciting time is a big day! You might find you're more nervous than they are! But whether your child is laid-back or nervous about starting school this day is a real milestone in both of your lives. Your child may be anxious about what to expect on the first day at school.

If so, one way of helping them is to talk through their fears:
+explain where they'll be going, what they'll be doing, and for how long
+answer questions, and iron out any fears by asking what they think the school might be like
+emphasise the things they may enjoy doing
+Don't dismiss your child's fears - things that seem obvious or silly to an adult can seem like terrible obstacles to a five year old.

ips for starting school...
+For that first day, remember to find the camera the night before and put it out ready!
+Talk to your child about what they will do if they need the toilet or want a drink of water during the day - who they should tell. You will probably be able to go in with them and you can show them where the toilets are and where they will put their coat.
+Trousers with an elasticated waist, and socks rather than tights for girls, might be easier to start with. If they need a belt, the snake elasticated ones with 'S' buckles just pull up and down with the trousers. There's lots more clothing tips on the 'getting ready for school' page.
+Make sure they can undo their lunchbox themselves, and cope with their clothing - check it fits before that first morning! As it gets colder, you will need to help them learn to put on their coat and do it up, or it will take them ages to get out at playtime!
+You might occasionally want to take an apple or raisins to eat on the way home if the journey is a bit of a trek - help boost their energy levels. Some mums do this everyday for the first year or so.
+Expect them to be tired and perhaps a bit grumpy at home as they get used to the new routine!
+If you have a younger child too, they might find it strange that the older one is gone for longer periods now. Plan to make a special fuss of them - give them lots of attention until you all get used to it!
+Try to say hello to a different mum every day as you collect (not easy to do, but just stand nearby and make a friendly comment - see what happens!). Or if you're feeling shy, just smile a lot and people will talk to you. Once you've got to know a few people it gets easier for you and for the children.
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