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March 18, 2017

VIRAL & BREAKING: How fake 'crisis' created by nursery admissions forums lead to panic situation in Delhi

We first published this news (via HT), on 3rd March that announced that Delhi parents are reaching out to Gurugram schools for admissions as Nursery Admissions in Delhi continues to haunt poor parents that are once again left clueless, and looking for answers to same age old questions once again.


Many parents have started blocking seats in NCR schools as there is lot of misleading information being provided on many leading online forums/sites creating panic situation and these sites are actually promoting some leading schools (so called international schools, full A/C schools, hat-ke schools etc - you know what I mean here), as a result they are creating panic so that they can sell seats in those schools in Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad and specially parents that are ready to shell out money as that puts them in more comfortable position by securing seats but hardly helpful.

It is all about money, a nexus and nursery admissions mafia in making :)

Many online sites and forums are misleading parents by re-publishing information that contradicts with reality on ground, and with parents locked in three way battle among - Schools <> DOE/Govt <> Court - these forums are doing further damage by confusing parents, and diverting them to NCR schools that are always on hunt for upper middle or higher class parents that are always on hunt for comfort zone.

It is pain but parents are advised to rather look for information with schools (the best source actually), as many online forums have incomplete, outdated information. Media hardly validates information themselves and falls pray to these fake admissions gurus assuming they know it all - they are actually in the hands of nexus, who is diverting their attention and actually multiplying panic their benefit.

March 8, 2017

Parent to Parent : Appeal to parents who got admission in more than one school

 Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18
-: Appeal from Delhi Parents:-

Fellow Delhi Parents 
who got admission in more than one school

We are getting requests from many parents to request fellow parents to please submit the withdrawal application (follow the applicable withdrawal procedure) at school as soon as possible so that other parents and their kids can get the seat.

Although the "un-confirmed" seats would be released by the cut-off date in coming weeks but an early release would help other parents who did not get a single seat anywhere yet. 

You have nothing to lose but your withdrawal at early stage would be timely help for all other parents.

If you have released, or wish to release any extra seats in any school, please do share the school name if possible (do NOT share child/parent details, or names please), so that others can see some ray of hope!

First List is out for Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18 on School's Website but Points attained are missing in some schools

First List is out for Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18 on School's Website but some schools haven't shown the points  attained by candidates. There should be transparency in everything related to admissions according to DOE. Some of the schools are only uploading the list of selected candidates with their parents name. There is no information regarding total points attained by those selected candidates.
There is already so much tension and anxiety among parents who are seeking admission for their kids this session (2017-18), such things add up to their tension.
Check the following links to see the same in one of the schools

List of candidates for draw of lots

 List of Selected Candidates

Ramjas Public School Day Boarding (CBSE)- More than 90% are girls in the list of Selected Candidates

RAMJAS PUBLIC SCHOOL ( DAY BOARDING ) ANAND PARBAT, NEW DELHI has come up with their Selected List of Candidates in General Category For(99 Seats) on 7th March,2017 for admission to PreSchool( session 2017-18)

To see Selected List of Candidates in General Category For(99 Seats) (Out of 99 seats, 97 are girls and only 2 are boys. )

To see Waiting List of Selected Candidates getting 70 points for Draw in General Category (Out of 58 in this list all are girls)

March 7, 2017

Schools to release second list of candidates on March 17 - Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18

Private unaided schools in the national capital released their first list for nursery admission on Tuesday.
Schools said they have released the first list and parents can come to school for document verification and admission.
Many parents, however, said they have not been able to make it to the list of any school. Parents, many of whom had applied to multiple schools, lamented the lack of uniform criteria.
“My child’s name has not come in even a single school out of the 12 that I have checked today. Every school has a different set of criteria. While some are keeping neighbourhood at 0-1 kms, others have 0-6 kms. Schools have different points for sibling and alumni,” said Sumit Malhotra, a resident of Dwarka.
Parents already know the details of the points their children have received since schools have uploaded the details on their websites. The Delhi government had directed the schools to upload the list of students who had applied and the points they got.
For admission to nursery classes, children are given points on the basis of criteria such as distance, sibling, alumni and others. In schools, where more than one child received the same score, draw of lots will be held.
Schools in which seats are left vacant after completing the process, a second list will be released on March 17.
This is only for the general category seats and not for the 25% seats meant for the Economically Weaker Section/Disadvantaged (EWS/DG) category. The admission to this category is centralised and is conducted by the government. The application process for the students in this category is over.
Officials said the list for EWS admission will come out in the next week. “Hopefully by next week we will conduct the draw of lots and list of students will be out,” an official said.

First Lists Out - Goof-ups, Disappointment and Some luck!

Latest on First List for Nursery Admissions 2017-2018: 

The first list has been published yesterday in schools across Delhi (non-govt schools only), and while some parents see their ward making it to the first list others left puzzled as there are reports of goof-ups in some schools (could be human errors) so parents hope that schools will take corrective steps, many left disappointed as they ward did not make it to the first list.

Many are celebrating big! How?
Several parents are on cloud nine as they could made it to multiple schools in their neighborhood sheer luck - may be. But that suggests that they are going to vacate at least 1 or more seats that will help others wards make it to second list. So such parents can please help others by taking a call quickly, and release other seats. (not hoping that many would do that as we all humans have tendency to hold on to things....don't we?) If anyone is releasing a set in any school, please post it here so that others can benefit.

We will be publishing EXCLUSIVE tips on how you can make it to second list, or how you can grab that released seat, so please stay connected on this blog and on our facebook page.

Click here for instructions on how you can get a seat in Govt School/Sarvodya Vidyalayas, in case you are interested.