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August 13, 2016

Presidium Gurgaon school bus case is shameful and parents raise concerns over safety in school buses

When I first read on Facebook page about girl child molestation case that took place in school bus of Presidium Sector 57, Gurgaon - I was really shocked! Presidium? I checked with fellow parents on WhatsApp group and got it reconfirmed and everybody was concerned!

According to media reports (Hindustan Times), schools officials did not want to face questions and were not available to comment on this matter. The incident raises many questions like -

  • Will Presidium admin will take responsibility of this matter?
  • What lessons education department (state/NCR) has taken from these incidents and what corrective actions they have taken now? 
  • Will police also arrest the person responsible from Presidium school and charge him/her as well for lapse in system and process?

The million dollar question is what those poor parents do who would have just recently admitted their wards in this school that would spend lakhs on promotions but would shut eye to safety of kids. These schools would start admissions at their will and do their best to market their school to attract parents with fat pockets - Gurgaon schools usually start admissions early (and they did it this year for nursery admissions session 2017-2018) as nobody seem to cares in Gurgaon (ah "Guru"gram)! Check this article and even a study says that Nursery Admissions in Gurgaon are costlier than IITs - Yes!!.

Presidium school has exposed the vulnerability of schools going kids to unwanted incidents in school buses! Parents need to take extra measures as schools seem to have never learned any lessons from such incidents of past - we witnessed child death at Ryan International, Vasanth Kunj, Delhi - things are back to usual with nobody really bothered.

Parents need to educate kids and ensure they talk often and observe behaviour changes in kids to spot any concerns, or risks. Here are some some gadgets that are available and could be useful (although costly affair!) like GPS trackers, alarms etc :

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