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January 12, 2008

Take That! The site claiming to be non-commercial blocks and bans this blog!

As most of us all have seen them on TV, it looked like they were advertising their website rather addressing the issues. I thought I should share my view and help them with whatever I can and I posted this comments today evening on their site:

Thanks Puja for really coming out and showing courage. You guys have really set an example for rest of the people, but I would somewhat agree to the comments by 'r' that says "it was more like site promotion than bringing up real issues", saying openly that you spent 'x' amount and helping other parents and then talking about future plans (next year and so on) of this 'website' was bit discouraging and out of the topic of issue that parents are facing...

Anyways, thanks for great efforts. We are also trying our level best at Nursery Admissions Delhi blog ( to address real issues directly from parents and media and more.

Thanks again, but it could have been better.

....and to my big surprise, the original post was removed from site because many parents had displayed same views on their site regarding today's coverage on NDTV. And to add to that they banned my account and blocked me from entering the site. Any explainations ????

If anyone wants to see this, I can share my login and password and you can check yourself.

One could easily guess that from the today's coverage on NDTV, as they mentioned they had spent so much money on the site, they have plans for next year and so on.....but hardly a word about the Nursery Admissions, Issues Parents are facing........

Shame on such business minded people that are playing with Parents feelings!