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January 11, 2008

Schools, Admissions and Voilation of DOE rules!

नमस्ते लवली चाचा! चरण स्पर्श दीक्षित अंटी! कर लो जो कर सकते हो इन स्कूलों का! - दिल्ली के नन्हें बच्चे !


How many times the working parent can keep taking off from their offices? And how much money could a middle class person put at stake for this non-refundable token amount? - one of the parents reports

GIVEN BELOW THE LIST OF SCHOOLS THAT ARE OPENLY VOILATING THE RULES - information may be outdated, just in case you notice that it has been fixed/changed please inform us - Thanks!

Red Roses Public School, Saket, New Delhi (reported by one of the parents on 14-jan-2008)
Rule voilation:
School is taking written test of kids, they are asking kids to write alphabets, numbers. Parents are asked to stand away from kids and they also ask kids to chant/sing 1-2 rhymes.

The best part is the kid gets candy at the end of this test.
Santa Maria: Junior section of St. Mary. (reported by one of the parents on 11-jan-2008)
Address (as reported by on of the parents): 4, Green Avenue Lane, (near D-3 church), Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Rule voilation:

1.They are openly asking for 20K. The principal says "First come first serve, give 20K & you can admit your child right now."
2. Parent asked "Is it a donation or what?", The answer was "You can think whatever you want. It's non-refundable."
3. The cost of the form was 500 & no receipt was being given to anybody.
4. The principal's opinion on the "Mission Admission" : "As a good citizen of country, I should not say this. But the fact is the court has made a mess of the admission process." What a great message !!!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

DPS Dwarka (NEW ENTRY! - 10-jan-2008)

Rule voilation:This school lays down the age criterion for pre-school admissions as:Age Eligibility: 3+ as on 31 March 2008 (children born between 01 April 2004 and 31 March 2005) This is clearly against the rules set by DOE. Can someone do anything about this. Where do I admit my Jan, 2004 born child?
Venkateshwar International School (Dwarka in Sector-10 on 11-jan-2008)

Rule voilation:
1. This School distributed first of all the forms at the cost of Rs. 400.
2. They did not specify any admission criterion (100 point system)
3. They are openly asking Rs. 25000/- on the name of development fund.
4. Parent residing in the range of 12-15 km. with no siblings were invited for the interaction
After few minutes of discussion with the administration guy, the chairman of the school comes out and clearly states - The school is not answerable to any parent, we don't have to give any reason to your why or what......... go and do whatever you want to do!!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

AMIOWN, Pushp Vihar (details available at:

Pre-School: Available
Pre-Primary: No Vacancy

Rule voilation:
1. They are conducting interviews openly for over 1 month now!
Yes! Ask any parent that has attended that so called interaction। They take child to a room along with one of the wards and so called interaction takes place.
Our blog was first to publish this in any media (print, online) AMIOWN, see this post dated 31st Dec 2007.

2.School distributed forms from 7th Dec till 15th Dec, and registration has been closed on 15th Dec which is against the rules set by DOE!
Birla Vidya Niketan
(Details available at:

Pre-School: Available
No Vacancy
Forms: Not available online

Rule voilation: School says "Kid must be born between - 1st April’ 04 to 31st March ’05" which is against the rules set by DOE! Fixed!
BPS has changed their rule to match the guidelines set by DOE. So the above voilation has been corrected.

Ryan International, Vasant Kunj (No details available at:

Pre-School: Available
Pre-Primary: No Vacancy

Forms: Not available online (as on 16/12/07 at 4:23pm IST). Admissions page has not been updated for a long time now.

Rule voilation: School distributed forms from 1st Dec till 15th Dec, i.e. closed on 15th Dec which is against the rules set by DOE!
The Heritage School (Rohini)

Pre-School: Available

Rule voilation: School has the following regulations on its website: "Children born only between 1st April 2004 and 31st March 2005।" which is against the rules set by DOE! Fixed! School has changed their rule to match the guidelines set by DOE. So the above voilation has been corrected.
Delhi Public School (Rohini)

No Vacancy

Rule voilation:
This school is planning to scrap Nursery
Ramjas School

Pre-Primary: No Vacancy

Rule voilation:
School is denying forms for the 4+ yrs for pre-school and they don't have any vacancy in pre-primary class. Their age criteria is children born between 1st April 2004 to 31st March 2005.
Laxman Public School (near Malviya Nagar F.O.)

Pre-Primary: No Vacancy

Rule voilation:
Their age criteria is children born between 1st April 2004 to 31st March 2005.
St. Mary's School

Rule voilation:(Reported by one of the parents) School is asking for Rs. 20000/- deposit for registration which is non-refundable and their last date for registration ends on 18th December.

More to be listed here soon! Stay connected!

January 10, 2008

Need help from my peer Parents


We have got tie-up with online media and we are planning to bring violation to attention of other parents and person responsible at DOE and Govt. This online media will publish the details anonymously so complete privacy will be maintained.

We need help from you all, please submit the information, news that you know, or are aware of anyvoilations taking place.

E.g: There are schools are asking for Rs. 20000/- or simillar deposit for registration which is non-refundable, or asking for documents that are vague and so on.

As some parents reported us that St Mary's school is charging Rs 20K at the time of form submission, but we dont know the exact address of school, so if someone can help us find the exact information we can really tap them, expose them for the sake of our community and our kids.

Please send your information to and myself being parent of 3 yr old, I respect and assure the privacy in all communication to this mail id.

Or, you can post the comments here as well under any name you like.

Many thanks to all parents! Our efforts have been paid off!
Our collective efforts have been noticed and we were in Hindustan Times - Delhi Edition (Jan 10, 2008, See Page No. 6). I am getting so many e-mails from parents.

Thanks to everyone for helping us!

Delhi Nursery Admissions: Annoying issues! Who is responsible?

I've also noticed so many annoying issues for which i was really looking for a platform to share my views.

My first frustration is WE are made to buy the prospectus worth Rs. 250-800 each but still in that no school has given idea of its fee- structure. We are middle class people and have to do future planning for our investments in which child's monthly school expense will be counted. If I know in advance that a particular school will charge how much amount of fee it will be easy for us to take decision whether to apply in that school or not.

Second thing I think is that for all schools there should be a same date of declaring of lists so as to avoid confusion and submitting non refundable fees in 2-3 schools.

My third worry is the schools asking about the schooling of parents, what if the parents are well educated in post graduation and are in good jobs but hail from Govt. schools, as in our time education was the priority not the school name. I think schools should not ask parents this question in their interaction.

Please share your views on this.

January 9, 2008

The Shri Ram Vatika School, New Delhi - Interaction at it's best

Adding to the pain that parents are going through, this school (read The Shri Ram Vatika School, New Delhi) has asked parents not to bring their child/ward to school during interaction.

Wondering how single monther, or say in the era of nucleus families where parents should be dropping child? Why these schools don't think on these rules, instructions practically. I hope the guards would not stop parents who will take their child along on interaction day.

I remeber the case of Birla Vidya Niketan, where they asked parents not to bring child along, but they did allow child enter to the interaction room. I remember, some parents left their 3+yrs, 4+ yrs olds, on benches outside the interaction rooms just to avoid that "not so happy look" of interviwers.

What are we heading to? Is this the face of new India? A developing country? Do we have rights to file PL against such foolish invitations/rules? Probably delhi Govt. is least interested in answering such questions. I am happy parent, I have filled 18 odd admissions forms all around south delhi and I trust Mr. Lovely as he assured to public that no child will be left this year...

January 2, 2008

Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket - Nursery Admissions Interaction

Taare Zameen Par - every school is special, so does the Birla Vidya Niketan. If you ignore the Trojan Viruses on their website, everything this school is doing is overall satisfactory.

Recently reported by one of my fellow parents that this school has started Nursery Interactions with parents and here is the abstract of what to expect during these interactions:

Good things about interactions at Birla Vidya Niketan:

  • Very well managed by school, they give you date and time slot and adhere to that
    They give you pretty comfortable place to sit and a teacher will come calling your number when the interviewer is available.
  • They allow child to accompany you in case of child is too young (although they mention that parents should come alone for interactions)
  • They give you a form to fill-up during that wait period (family detail sort of form, 2 pages long) – sorry we can’t disclose the form questions because that would be against the rules and unfair to school norms as well.
  • Interactions are 10-20 minutes long
  • Complete process (start to end) takes no longer than 15-40 minutes.
  • They don’t ask kid to color, paint, draw anything, neither they ask where they are (just in case you are not taking them along to school)

Bad things: Don't understand, why interaction is required?

December 31, 2007

Life Saving Guide- options for 4+ year old in Nursery Admissions in Delhi

As asked by one of my fellow parents today, I thought I should share what I know.

Most schools are not denying forms for Nursery aka Pre-School admission to 4+ year olds reason being the following:
  • they don't want to get highlighted just for denial of forms
  • even if they SELL forms to 4+ yr old, they dont gurantee that kid will get a seat in pre-school aka nursery
  • it doesnt cost them but add good money to their kitty, so no harm in giving form

There are only few (probably one or two) scools that are strict about age and are not allowing 4+ yrs forms for pre-school.

It's all money game......and unfortunately kids along with their por parents are are loosing side of this political game.

December 14, 2007

December 13, 2007

GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj website is down

Today GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj has published news on nursery admissions on leading newspapers but their site is down so forms cant be downloaded from site.

If anyone know any other link from where we can download forms, please share the same.

As per information available as of now, tare no seats available for Pre-Primary classes :(

December 12, 2007

Bluebells School International, Kailash, New Delhi

Here is some very latest info from Bluebells School International, Kailash, New Delhi
Then school site has better information than most of the prominant delhi schools. This school site provides detailed information but unfortunately, no seats for pre-primary available.

Here is the snippet from the site (as on today):
Total number of seats - 106
Seats for economically Weaker Section - 10% - seats - 16
Wards of the Staff - 5% - seats - 8
Management Quota (not to be displayed) - 20% - seats - 32
Rest - 104

Registration forms : Available from 15th Dec., 2007 till 31 st Dec., 2007 Between 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

- Submission of forms : 1 st Jan., 2008 till 7 th Jan., 2008 till 16.00 hrs
- First list of selected children : On 1st February, 2008
- Second waiting list : On 1 st February, 2008

Fees of the selected children in the first list shall be accepted as per the following schedule :
- For the first list : On 15 th Feb., 2008 till 16.00 hrs
- For the second list : On 26 th Feb., 2008 till 16.00 hrs

The Banyan Tree School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Here are some hot updates from The Banyan Tree School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
No wonder the story is the same as with other Delhi schools. The school site has typical "admissions" page but it hangs out there for the sake of page only, no real information available.

A visitor is presented with two bullet points taking nowhere, one of which reads "REGISTRATION FORM FOR NURSERY". Hence, no forms are available - which means that no seats!

Message from Directorate of Education

Sandeep Kumar has joined as Director of DOE on 11th Dec 2007. He has been very impressive with her message as he says:

"I would deffinately like to see the initiatives already taken reach a logical conclusion"

I wish he is thinking of 2008-2009 Nursery Admissions when he said this.

You can read his complete message here.

December 10, 2007

Parents to file PIL against the nursery admissions mess?

As mentioned by one of my fellows Shivangi (see her comments here!), should we all parnts unite and file a PIL against nursery admission mess that has been created by government and stupid leaders? I think we should...

I would like to invite your views and comments on this, let's all unite and share the knowledge with rest of the parents. Please be open to write here and send your suggestions so we can probably meet sometime and discuss this all.

This just cant be one sided game and poor kids should not remember this for rest of their life as ugly political decision which ruined their life and took away one valuable year.

Come on everyone! Keep watching this space for more updates!

December 9, 2007

Updates from Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket, New Delhi

To my big surprise - the site of this permier south delhi school is very annoying. The worst a website can do is throw ad pop-ups which this site does. Not sure if you have noticed that but the home page title reads "New Page 1", and the images and font ont he home page is also out of proportion. Wondering who designed this website and who approved this design and layout...

Last few days this site has started throwing login boxes (probably replaced existing pop-ups)

Banner moving left to right is aprominant design flow- huh! I can go on and on.....let's go back to admissions.

So far no news, updats are available from this school too as in most of the cases in Delhi. We enquired from school administration and but they said - we dont have any exact information as yet, we are working on it and they told us that information will be published in the leading newspapers of Delhi like Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

Same story - O God!

क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने,
क्यों आता नहीं वो बंसी बजाने!

जलाते हैं मंदिर, जालाते हैं मस्जिद,
क्यों आता नहीं कोई दीपक जलाने,
क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने!

अजब है मंजर, हर हाथ में है खंजर,
क्यों आता नहीं कोई मरहम लगाने,
क्यों आते नहीं नारद राह दिखाने!

December 3, 2007

Delhi Public School (RK Puram, Vasant Kunj, and others), New Delhi

As I mentioned in my last post (Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi), just learned that DPS school website (all the branches) flashing "No Vacancy" message on their sites.

No notice, information has been published by DPS in any of the newspapers so far. What's going to happen this year to pre-primary kids who are 4+ years old is not sure.

Is anyone listening? DOE? Delhi government?

Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi

लो कल्लो बात! ईस्ट और वेस्ट - हमारी दिल्ली बेस्ट!

No news, information, advt in the newspapers and Tagore International School, (East of Kailash and Vasant Vihar), New Delhi, both the branches have published their admission criteria on their websites. You can hardly find any differences in the forms and rules, except the fact that your kids will have "no entry" at any of these Tagore Intl School branches.

EOK school has 11 seats, out of which 9 are reserved for economically weaker secion and 2 for teacher quota, on other hand Vasant Vihar school has just 6 seats, and all are reserved for economically weaker secion.

Does DOE, Delhi Govt has any answers to this rule, selection critera?
I think it's the time that we all parents should unite and come forward on this forum to stop all this. A recent news read that not many schools have submitted their selection critera to DOE so they had to extend the date till 7th Dec 2007. How long will all this continue? No one knows.....