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October 11, 2009

Delhi Update: Admissions Open in Several Schools - UPDATED!

 Here starts the great Nursery Admissions Fair also known as "Nursery Admissions in Delhi"

Several schools have announced the admissions dates for October month for Nursery Admissions for session 2010-2011 and majority of these schools are from would want to get over this early on to avoid rush at later stage, as I had written in my previous article that give a positive angle to the admissions process that what some of the admissions experts have been trying to push in parents minds. Read that article here: "Admissions Starting Early? Do we really have a problem!?"

Some of the leading schools are:

Some more Delhi schools are about to announce their dates and we can hope to get a more comprehensive schedule of dates before Diwali time.

We have been publishing the consolidated admissions events on Nursery Admissions community for Parents, the one stop shop for all admissions related updates, so that you need not to "follow" some groups, posts or need not to go confusing sites to find right admissions information. It's clean and straight forward - just plain nursery admissions information and nothing else.

What more? We have also put all newspaper ads that schools are releasing in major newspapers in Delhi on the site so that you dont even have to scan your trash to find those ads, you can find all those nursery admission ads/advts here.

Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome. Just in case you see I have missed any ad- please let me know so that I can put it in the stack so other can also benefit from it.

October 1, 2009

Media reviews Parent's Handbook on Nursery Admissions

Leading Delhi/NCR weekly magazine Metro Now (a JV of Times of India and Hidustan Times) recently reviewed Parent's handbook - Nursery Admissions in Delhi - see the screen gab attached here on left side in this post.

Here is a quick snapshot of Metro Now review of this book:

"Endless queries, general interactions and much more, all this can be tackled easily. So, before you visit any school, don't forget to quickly go through the tips given in the book" 

"Giving tips to avoid pimps as they might not refund money and keeping a photocopy of the admission form with you - the book covers every aspect of nursery admissions"

"Telling about the necessary documents to carry during admission and cracking interactions, the book helps you with everything"

This book is being made available to parents community by us and this is the only authentic book available in the world on Nursery Admissions in Delhi/NCR. 

Get your free copy right now!

September 10, 2009

Nursery Admission Dates for 2010-2011 Session

Confused when which school in Delhi/NCR is going to open admissions? Here we have a calendar of dates from all (well almost all) Delhi and NCR schools. Most of the schools are captured if the ads have appeared in any of the leading Delhi newspapers.

You can access the complete calendar at Nursery Admission Community site or directly at
Nursery Admission Dates for 2010-2011 Session

If you are using BlackBerry or Outlook to access your emails and events you can get live updates with in your Gmail,Outlook or BlackBerry by adding this URL:

Good Luck!

September 6, 2009

Parent's Handbook - Nursery Admissions in Delhi - 2nd Ed. (2010-2011)

Spyder released this eBook last year 2008 (First ever book on Nursery Admissions released pan India).

l am is releasing the 2nd edition (for Session 2010-2011) of his eBook on Sunday 6/9 afternoon to all parents at no cost!

Please note that this is not a presentation or self ad but a real handbook that will guide you to success in Nursery Admissions in Delhi and also in NCR region.

eBook will be released online at nursery admission community site and personalized copies of eBook will be distributed on e-mail to all community members FREE of cost. For more updates keep watching this space: and my blog at

Please register your request for eBook here and make sure to register on the parents community but please leave your suggestions, comments and questions here on this blog.

August 29, 2009

About Parent's Handbook - Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Parent’s Handbook - Nursery Admissions in Delhi
(First book ever written on Nursery Admissions in 2008) - new 2014 edition for 2014-2015 session is out now!! Check it out here!!

What works in admissions?
What are the DoE rules/guidelines/recommendations?
How can we apply all these to help ourselves during admissions?
How can I score maximum points?

...and what questions they usually ask during INTERACTIONS?, and what could be the good answers?

Questions like these have been arising since last few years, and busy parents often don’t have time and right place to find the authentic answers. Authors (Ashok Gupta and Sujata Gupta) have examined DoE rules, consulted several parents to distill the results into this handbook for parents that we hope will help bring positive results for parents.

Got doubts, questions but no authentic answers? This handbook will help you understand the core DoE recommendations for Nursery Admissions in Delhi. It also includes the simplified parameter system. We have also covered few real cases that will help you understand the problems that several parents gone through last year.

…and last but not the least you will also get several practical tips and suggestions that we hope will help you succeed.

…and you will never doubt your command over Nursery Admission process again


About Authors:

Ashok is an IT geek with over 15 years of industry experience while Sujata is from academic background with over 5 years of teaching experience. Duo had started Nursery Admissions Delhi blog in 2007 that received 50,000+ visitors from 100+ countries and 150+ Indian cities...thats the IMPACT both have made to parents community!

Duo also provided 100% free-of-charge phone helpline to Delhi parents to boost their morale, help them understand the issues and possible solutions to their problems related to Nursery Admissions in Delhi – a first of its kind initiative.


The eBook is available to parents community and past editions were covered by leading media - NDTV Metronation, FM Channel Radio City Delhi as well. eBook is available free-of-cost to all

(20th Dec 2013: Update:

July 21, 2009

A cooler before nursery admision heat turns on next season

With no monsoon in sight this year and Delhi is drying up with everlasting heat blow Delhi Government has announced that they are going to increase upto 10 seats in every class from nursery to class 5 in all govt schools from the this academic session.

In a media release dear education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely mentioned that a circular has been issued to the concerned schools and this change would ensure 35,000 more seats in 375 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas for students from nursery to Class 5 grades. Hence 50 students would be admitted in the primary section of each government schools.

I guess this is a good step indeed as government schools were most sought-after by Delhites in view of the"excellent"performance shown by them in recent board results.

Good job minister!

December 31, 2008

New Year Gift from SPYDER to all Fellow Parents!

New Year Gift from SPYDER to all Fellow Parents!
Giving away the free copies of Parent’s Handbook. Offer limited to100 copies (total 64 copies were distributed and offer is CLOSED now!) only and cannot be clubbed with any other offer available on thiseBook. Offer is valid from 09:00am IST 31st Dec 08 until 2400 hrs (midnight) on 4th Jan 09.

Just register and send an e-mail with subject “New Year Gift - eBook” with Your Login ID. Your Full Name and Your residence address.
-: Important Notes :-
eBook will be sent to your e-mail id. No other requests would be entertained.Handbook will be sent in password protected eBook (PDF) format only. Only one copy will be sent to one e-mail address. eBook is copyright protected and all rights (worldwide) are reserved by the authors. eBook will be sent via e-mail within 7 working days from the day the e-mail is received. No claims or any other concerns shall be entertained related to eBook, including but not limiting to corrupted file, loss of data, version etc.Offer is valid for Indian citizens only!