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November 28, 2018

Nursery Admissions Delhi for session 2019-20 to start from Mid Dec.,2018

Nursery Admissions in private unaided recognized schools of Delhi for session 2019-20

Nursery Admissions in Delhi for session 2019-20 will start with the schools uploading the criteria and their points on Directorate's website on 14th Dec.2018. Here is the complete schedule.


 1 Uploading the criteria and their points 14/12/2018 (Friday) 

2. Commencement of admission process and availability of forms 15/12/2018 (Saturday) 

3. Last date of submission of application forms in schools 07/01/2019 (Monday) 

4. Uploading details of children who applied to the school for admission under Open Seats 21/01/2019 (Monday) 

5. Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats 28/01/2019 (Monday) 

6. The date for displaying the first list of selected children 04/02/2019( Monday) (including.Waiting List) (along with marks allotted under point system) 

7. Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by written/email/ verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their wards in the first list. 05/02/2019 to 12/02/2019 

8. The date for displaying the second list of children ( if any) (including Waiting list) (along with marks allotted under point system) 21/02/2019 (Thursday)

9. Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by written/email/ verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their wards in the second list. 22/02/2019 to 28/02/2019 

10. Subsequent list of admission, if any 15/03/2019 (Friday) 

11. Closure of admission process 31/03/2019 (Sunday) 


December 30, 2017

Schools do NOT care about DOE orders! Read on!! was first to report the Delhi Nursery Admissions Dates and even projected accurately that the porints critria data will be delayed as it happened last year too. This proves that schools hardly care about DOE orders and take it lightly.

Last year even after one month into admissions process many schools did not upload the data and no one complained or bothered. 

December 27, 2017

Delhi Nursery Admission 2018-19: Neighborhood gets max points....

As per the Directorate of Education, Delhi Nursery Admissions for the academic year 2018-19 would start from today, December 27. As per the official notification, the schools are to upload the nursery admission criteria on their official website by today. Parents would be allowed to check the point base criteria on the school website and apply on the website. The applications for Delhi Nursery Admissions 2018 would start from December 27, 2017, and end on January 17, 2018. Almost all the top schools in the city have listed neighborhood as the top criteria with a maximum number of points, with many schools giving 40-60 points for the proximity to the school. The second largest criteria seem to be a sibling in the school, which would help you with about 27 - 30 points.

The top criteria in the point based system include alumni, girl child, single parent. with own transport, two generation alumni apart from neighborhood and siblings. There are separate points if the child is eldest, second or third child. Also, if a child knows a 4th language and can read, write or speak, he or she would be granted additional points by Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. Delhi Public Schools would give you points if both the parents are alumni of the school while Modern Vasant Vihar is offering additional points if three or more generation alumni from the school are part of the child's family - following the trend with most of the private/ Ivy League institutions in the west. 

Not all is questionable though. Some schools have extended their points system to include additional 5 - 10 points for children with special needs and disability. Some schools have even added points for children with disabled parents. Girl Child has also gotten an extra push with many schools awarding 5 to 10 points for the girl child. Kids of the staff would also get additional points in Tagore International Schools. 

Please note that this year, in spite of the suggestion, there is no upper age limit for nursery admissions. Schools have, however, been directed to have a minimum age limit of 3, 4 and 5 for admissions to nursery, kindergarten and class1 respectively. The details of the application would be released by February 1, 2018, and the first allotment list by February 15. Please note, this year, about 7 days would be given to parents for grievance redress as opposed to the 2 days given in 2017 admissions. 

All interested in applying for nursery admissions are informed that as per the High Court ruling, parents' habits, educational qualification and ethnicity cannot be considered as criteria. The complete list of criteria which cannot be included is available online. However, minority institutions are allowed to add various criteria regarding parent's eating and drinking habits. Also note, all schools are required to conduct the allotment by means of a draw of lots which would be done in presence of the parents. The draw of lots is also mandated by DoE to be video graphed


December 23, 2017

BREAKING! "NAD Points Checker" - Nursery Admission Delhi 2018 Exclusive!

Nursery Admission Delhi (NAD) 2018-19 Exclusive! Brings you a tool for Nursery Admissions 2018 
"NAD Points Checker" - just 2 steps and done! 

Our experts say that it can predicts up to 99.99% accurate, get ready to try this!!
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December 17, 2017

All You Need to Know : Nursery Admissions 2018-19 (Revised!)

Delhi has over 1700+ Schools, and 1,25,000 Seats are at offer from 1st Jan 2018, for session 2018-2019

Key Updates
(updated on 21st Dec)
  1. Admissions open for Nursery, KG/Pre-Primary, Grade 1 for Session 2018-2019
  2. Age Criteria -
    1. Kids of age 3 years and above will be eligible for Nursery/Pre-School
    2. Kids of age 4 years and above for Pri-Primary/KG
    3. Kids of age 5 years and above for Class 1
  3. Admission Schedule - Want to know important admission dates/schedule? Check "Important Dates - Nursery Admissions 2018-2019" Post.
  4. CLICK HERE to go to POINTS and CRITERIA Search Engine (2018-2019)


August 2, 2017

Navodaya Vidyalaya Delhi - Nursery Admission 2018 Open

राजधानी दिल्ली में एक बार फिर नर्सरी दाखिले की दौड़ शुरू हो गई है। अभिभावकों के पास अपने बच्चों का दाखिला दिलाने के लिए 19 सितंबर तक का मौका है। शिक्षा निदेशालय ने अपने सर्वोदय स्कूलों में नर्सरी से कक्षा पांच तक के लिए दाखिला प्रक्रिया फिर से शुरू कर दी है, जिसके तहत इन कक्षाओं में रिक्त पड़ी सीटों में दाखिला दिया जाएगा।

अभिभावक 19 सितंबर तक स्कूल में जाकर आवेदन कर सकते हैं। निदेशालय के एक अधिकारी ने बताया कि कई सर्वोदय स्कूलों में नर्सरी से 5वीं तक कई सीटें रिक्त हैं। दाखिले के संबंध में संबंधित स्कूलों को निर्देश जारी कर दिए गए हैं।

गौरतलब है कि दिल्ली सरकार के शिक्षा निदेशालय ने इस शैक्षणिक सत्र से ही सर्वोदय स्कूलों में नर्सरी कक्षाएं शुरू की हैं। कुछ स्कूलों की नर्सरी कक्षाओं को दिल्ली सरकार ने निजी स्कूल की तर्ज पर तैयार कराया है।

इन कक्षाओं में दाखिले के लिए निदेशालय ने अप्रैल में ऑनलाइन आवेदन प्रक्रिया शुरू की थी। कंप्यूटर आधारित ड्रॉ के बाद बच्चों को दाखिला दिया गया था।

Click on links below for 

July 22, 2017

DPS Gurugram Admission Open - Nursery Admissions 2018-19

IMPORTANT NOTE from Delhi Public School Sector 45, Gurugram
Pre-Nursery and Nursery Admission 2018-19 will appear in Newspapers
TOI on 29th July 2017 and HT on 30th July 2017

Important links and updates:

March 7, 2017

Schools to release second list of candidates on March 17 - Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18

Private unaided schools in the national capital released their first list for nursery admission on Tuesday.
Schools said they have released the first list and parents can come to school for document verification and admission.
Many parents, however, said they have not been able to make it to the list of any school. Parents, many of whom had applied to multiple schools, lamented the lack of uniform criteria.
“My child’s name has not come in even a single school out of the 12 that I have checked today. Every school has a different set of criteria. While some are keeping neighbourhood at 0-1 kms, others have 0-6 kms. Schools have different points for sibling and alumni,” said Sumit Malhotra, a resident of Dwarka.
Parents already know the details of the points their children have received since schools have uploaded the details on their websites. The Delhi government had directed the schools to upload the list of students who had applied and the points they got.
For admission to nursery classes, children are given points on the basis of criteria such as distance, sibling, alumni and others. In schools, where more than one child received the same score, draw of lots will be held.
Schools in which seats are left vacant after completing the process, a second list will be released on March 17.
This is only for the general category seats and not for the 25% seats meant for the Economically Weaker Section/Disadvantaged (EWS/DG) category. The admission to this category is centralised and is conducted by the government. The application process for the students in this category is over.
Officials said the list for EWS admission will come out in the next week. “Hopefully by next week we will conduct the draw of lots and list of students will be out,” an official said.

February 10, 2017

Delhi HC to pronounce judgement on nursery admission matter by Feb. 14 - Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18

The Delhi High Court on Thursday concluded arguments and reserved its judgement in the nursery admission case.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday concluded arguments and reserved its judgement in the nursery admission case.
The court is likely to pronounce its judgement by next week on whether January 7 notification of Delhi Lieutenant Governor regarding neighbourhood criteria will apply for admissions this year.
The order is expected to come by February 14.
Earlier, the court stated it to be a ‘race against time’ and added that it has to decide the plea on nursery admissions within a ‘very tight schedule’.
Justice Manmohan was referring to the deadline of February 14 for submission of nursery application forms in Delhi schools.
The court heard the arguments by petitioners, including section of parents and two school groups challenging the Delhi government’s December 19, 2016 and January 7 notifications that made 298 private schools, built on Delhi Development Authority (DDA) land, to accept nursery forms based only on the neighbourhood or distance criteria.
The school’s advocate replied that the issue can be bifurcated since due to the new circulars, a fresh ground of discrimination between two school groups has cropped up.
The school association argued that interest of 298 schools has to be safeguarded and being the government, it should not discriminate between students, more so, when there is no definition of neighbourhood criteria in the letter allotting land to the schools.
The High Court had also asked the Centre and the Delhi government to produce before it the allotment letters on the basis of which neighbourhood criteria was said to be imposed.
The two school groups Action Committee of Unaided Recognised Private Schools, Forum for Promotion of Quality Education and parents have contended that these circulars are bad in law and have curtailed their fundamental rights. (ANI)


February 8, 2017

Nursery Admissions Issue- A race against time.....

"It is a race against time," was how the  Delhi High Court on Tuesday observed while referring to the "tight schedule" before which it has to decide on the pleas challenging the Delhi government's notifications on neighbourhood criteria for nursery admission.Justice Manmohan was referring to the deadline of February 14 for submission of nursery application forms in Delhi schools.
The court heard the arguments by petitioners, including section of parents and two school groups challenging the Delhi government's December 19, 2016 and January 7 notifications that made 298 private schools, built on Delhi Development Authorityland, to accept nursery forms based only on the neighbourhood or distance criteria.
HC asked the schools if their challenge to the notification can be "bifurcated" so that the issue of land allotted by DDA and the neighbourhood criteria could be argued separately.
The school's advocate replied that the issue can be bifurcated since due to the new circulars, a fresh ground of discrimination between two school groups has cropped up.
The school body also alleged that the government has "discriminated" among schools as the neighbourhood criteria has been applied against only 298 schools while it has not been made mandatory for the other 1,400.
"If the issue of children going to 1,400 schools is not a matter of concern for the government then why is it a concern for students of 298 others? Why only 298 schools have been subjected to this kind of treatment? It is nothing but arbitrariness and discrimination," the lawyer said.
The school association argued that interest of 298 schools has to be safeguarded and being the government, it should not discriminate between students, more so, when there is no definition of neighbourhood criteria in the letter allotting land to the schools.
On Monday HC asked the Centre to explain its stand with regard to the neighbourhood norm. It had also directed the government to show the copy of allotment letters on the basis of which neighbourhood criteria was imposed.
The two school groups — Action Committee of Unaided Recognised Private Schools, Forum for Promotion of Quality Education — and parents have contended that these circulars are bad in law and have curtailed their fundamental laws.

January 24, 2017

Sell jalebis, instead of nursery seats, says Manish Sisodia - Delhi Nursery Admissions 2017-18

Every year, the nursery admissions create a lot of hue and cry.

Following the schedule, this year, the admission process began on January 2 in around 1,400 private schools in Delhi-NCR and is scheduled to close by March 31.
While commenting on the Delhi High Court putting a stay on a city government notification that made it mandatory for private unaided minority schools to admit kids in nursery under the unreserved category and on the basis of neighbourhood criteria, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday lashed out at private schools in the city, saying those who wanted to 'sell' nursery seats should sell 'jalebis' instead.

More about government's nursery admission criteria:

  • With government releasing the notification for 298 private schools, which are built on DDA land, it is mandatory for schools to give priority to applicants who live within 1-6 kilometre radius of the school as their land allotment letters mandate it
Further, the government waived off the management quota, which was 20 per cent last year

Here's why schools approached the court:

Recently, few schools, including minority institutes, went to the court against the direction, saying it violated their autonomy.

What did the court say?

  • Justice Manmohan said: "This court is of the prima facie view that minority schools are entitled to admit students in their own manner as long as there is no mismanagement." While granting the interim stay, the court noted that the government cannot interfere in the day-to-day functioning of the minority schools including their right to administer and admit students.
  • Meanwhile, giving a sigh of relief to parents, Sisodia in recent Indian Express report said, "I am fighting for the parents who fall prey to these teaching shops."
Furthermore, in the middle of admissions, a well-known Delhi school has denied admittance to parents having more than two kids.


January 9, 2017

Criteria & Points for 1250+ Schools Updated! - Nursery Admissions 2017-2018

Find Criteria & Points for over 1250 Delhi Schools
(last updated on 25th Jan 2017) has always been looking for innovtive ways to improve parents experience during Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Here we present the simple yet powerful search across all Delhi schools that have published Selection Criteria and Points.

Search Now !

IMPORTANT: Please note that selection criteria and points criteria for over 1250 schools has NOT been published on DOE site yet, but we intend to bring you the latest data as and when it gets published. 

Please share the help fellow parents and share your experience and feedback! 

Source: All information is provided in good faith for guidance and reference purposes only. It is of a general informational and educational nature, and takes no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided via this page or found as a consequence of this service, nor for any loss or damage including that arising from warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, resulting from any such information. Visitors are requested to refer to DOE/school circulars and website as information may change time to time.

January 7, 2017

Selection Criteria/Points of 298 Schools on DDA Land! has been bringing the breaking news on all fronts of Nursery Admissions Delhi for 2017-2018 session and team has created tool to let you Search the Selection Criteria and Points for General Category (mostly) for schools that have uploaded the data on DOE site,

 CLICK HERE for Selection criteria and points distribution for 298 schools on DDA land 

So stay connected and watch this space and Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates on Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-2018

Good luck all parents!

January 1, 2017

Schools gearing up to criteria and points, here is the inside story!

Schools gearing up to criteria and points and SWL brings you the "inside story"!

1400+ schools of Delhi are ready with their selection criteria and points, brings you the inside story, wondering what the criteria is going to be, and how many points schools are going to assign to each one of them? Know them first and know them now.

I brought you story around DOE/Delhi Gov mistakes earlier in the day, and here our data team did a detailed study and survey and found that most of the schools are going to use these criteria and points for Nursery Admissions for 2017-2018 session:
  • Neighborhood - of course this is going to be there, and anyone can guess that. But note that schools are going to break it into slabs in terms of distance and most preferred slabs are going to be -
    • 0 km to 3 km (40-50 points)
    • 3 km to 5/6 km (20-30 points)
    • 6/7 km and above (under 10 points or less)
  • Sibling - Most of the schools are going to put this in their list and expect the points to be in the range of 20-30 points (in some cases schools would give extra points in case of two siblings in same school)
  • Alumni - Schools love to give advantage to parents that been alumni of same school. A typical 10-20 points to this one.
  • Staff - For all different reasons, schools prefer to give extra points to kids of staff members as this works for them as well, and teachers would stay with school if their kids also attend the same school. Nobody wants to lose good teachers. Expect 10 points to this criteria.
Other favorites are -
  • First Child/Girl Child/Single Parent - Schools have been giving points to these, and usually this would attract 10 points and this case really handy for many parents of course.
  • Transferable job - Schools prefer a fix number of kids that help them rotate the seats as they are promoted to senior classes, this helps them generate more revenue and profits (how? that's a long story for another day :D). Usually this attracts 10 points. Further if you are wondering if your job is considered a transferable job or not? Drop a message in comments with details of what sort of job you are in and I shall revert.
Good luck parents!

December 20, 2016

For 285 schools built on DDA Land, there will be separate schedule and guidelines

Nursery Admissions for the session 2017-18 will begin from January 2,2017 in around 1400 private unaided recognised schools in the capital. But it does not cover the 285 schools built on DDA Land. There will be separate guidelines and schedule for these 285 schools.

According to the notification, guidelines for these schools will be declared later. These 285 schools comprise some of the most well-known institutions in the city.

For the remaining schools, the guidelines remain largely the same as last year. Criteria such as distance from school, parents as alumni, sibling in the same school, girl child etc can be used and points can be ascribed to them as the school deems fit.

Unfair criteria — such as giving points if the applicant’s parents are well-educated, if the child is proficient in music, or if the parent is vegetarian — however, will not be allowed. Management quota will be allowed but will be capped at a maximum of 20 per cent.

The difference this year, however, is that schools will have to reserve two days to resolve parents’ grievances, if any, after the declaration of the first admission list.

The guidelines released Monday flowed from the legal battle fought last year. The Delhi government had come out with a strict guideline where it did away with the management quota and defined the basis on which points could be given. Schools went to court over the matter and won. They were allowed to frame their own guidelines provided they were fair, non-discriminatory, and did not violate Right to Education Act.

The cost of one form is capped at Rs 25. Parents will not be forced to buy school prospectus. All schools will have to reserve 25 per cent of their seats for students from the economically weaker section. These admissions will be carried out by a centralized online application system.


December 7, 2016

Schools may get to decide the distance to which neighbourhood rule will apply

Private schools may get the right to decide the area to which the neighbourhood criterion will apply for nursery admissions for the academic session 2017-18. The government plans to set one kilometre as the minimum distance for the norm.
This year the government is planning to make ‘neighborhood’ or the distance between a child’s home and school as the only criteria for nursery admissions. The move will impact 285 schools built on land allotted by the Delhi Development Authority. The land allotment terms state that schools cannot deny admissions to residents of neighboring areas.
The government on Monday held a consultation with schools to discuss nursery admission guidelines, implementation of DDA allotment letters, and the definition of the terms — locality and neighborhood.
Officials said the government’s plan is in line with a Supreme Court direction that says schools have to strictly implement terms of land allotment. The current consultation comes in the wake of a petition filed by ‘Justice for All’ in high court which states that as per the land lease agreement between schools and DDA, schools cannot deny admissions to students from the neighbourhood.
Deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia told schools that they will be free to define neighbourhood but the minimum distance they have to cover is 1 kilometre.
“The minister told schools that they have to implement the terms of land allotment. But the terms don’t define the limit of neighbourhood. Schools will be free to decide the distance they want to cover under neighbourhood but the minimum distance will be 1 kilometre,” sources said.
Advocate Khagesh Jha, who has filed the petition in HC, said, “Schools will have autonomy to decide the distance but fixing it at 1 kilometre means that the applicant from within that distance will not be denied admission by the school.”
Schools have been asked to send their feedback in a few days over government’s move. “We will send our feedback in a day or two,” said a school representative, who attended the meeting.
Nursery admissions for the upcoming academic session are likely to begin from January 1.

August 19, 2016

Gurgaon parents puzzle due to varying nursery admission procedures

Gurgaon schools, unlike Delhi schools, do not have a regulatory body to check nursery admission procedures that started in July
With the age limit for nursery admission still unclear, parents seeking admission for their little ones have more to worry about after schools notified different admission procedures.
While some schools are using point system and lottery system to choose students, some others prefer personal interaction. Some institutions are also giving admission on a first-come first-served basis.
Gurgaon schools, unlike Delhi schools, do not have a regulatory body to check nursery admission procedures that started in July. The district education officers (DEOs) - elementary and senior - say the nursery section does not come under their purview.
“Every parent chooses at least three to four schools for their child. The problem is that each school is following different criteria and it is not mentioned on their websites. Most of the time, we have to call the reception and get all the information. If we miss something, the chances of our child getting admission will be lower,” Sarthak Thakur, a parent said.
Some parents blamed schools for going against the Right to Education (RTE) norms by screening and profiling children. However, schools said the interaction session is conducted so that parents can understand the school better.
A parent, requesting anonymity, said, “Recently, we were called to a school for an interview. The interviewer was more interested in knowing my profession and the annual package than knowing about the child. We were furious but as it is a good school, so we had to play along.”
Dhriti Malhotra, principal, Manav Rachna International School in Sector 46, said, “Children are chosen on a first-come-first-served basis after which we conduct interactions. We want to understand the child better and help the parents understand the institution better.”
Schools that follow point system give scores to applicants on criteria such as distance from school, sibling, girl child and contribution towards national cause. For example, HDFC School in Sector 57 gives priority to applicants on three grounds - proximity from school, siblings and employee’s child.
Rupa Chakravarty, principal of Suncity World School in Sector 53 said, “Point system is the most transparent way to admit children. The system was made after a lot of research and is beneficial for all stakeholders, including parents, children and the school.”
However, some parents said the point system is unfair. They said if they want their child to go to a good school, they have to buy a house in the locality. Parents with a single child questioned the sibling criteria.
“I want my child to go to a school in Sector 57. My in-laws have been living here for 30 years. Should I change my home now for the admission?” Sangeeta Goel of Sector 15 said.
Schools said the distance criteria is for the safety of children.
“We do not want to risk a child’s security. The first preference will be for students living in a 10-kilometre radius,” Anita Makkar, principal of The HDFC School in Sector 57, said.
Adding to the misery of parents, schools, including Ridge Valley School, Vega Schools in Sector 48, The Maurya School in Palam Vihar, have not mentioned their admission processes.
Madhu Singh, a parent said, “There is a need for some uniformity or regulation in nursery admissions. Schools should mention all details on the display boards or websites so that parents are aware of the process.”

December 28, 2015

Delhi Nursery Admission 2016-17 ....great anxiety...

Top schools in Delhi charge anywhere between Rs. 1.5 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh, including tuition fee and admission, for a seat in nursery class. Then there is the capitation fee or donation which could range from `5 to `15 lakh, but remains unaccounted for. A well-known school in the city, which is looking for students with ‘integrity, energy and curiosity’ is demanding a registration fee of `10,000 alone for the 2016-17 admission seasons.

On December 1, Delhi government passed three bills to regulate and refund  excess fees at private institutions in an attempt to bring major reform in the education system. However, Agarwal contended that the Delhi School (Verification of Accounts and Refund of Excess Fee) Bill was a watered-down version favouring the private unaided schools. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had invited Agarwal earlier this year to discuss regulation of the fee structure. Agarwal, who presented the draft legislation on fee regulation to the Kejriwal Government in June, is apprehensive about the effectiveness of these Acts controlling the price hike. He argued that the Act appears to presuppose the fact that fee hike by private schools is per se legal and valid unless the same is challenged through a complaint and is set aside by the committee. Questions were also raised about the credibility of the Directorate of Education in handling the admission process and maintaining transparency.

There is no provision in the Act that enables a complainant to demand a school to stop charging fee that is unjustified. Besides, it would not be an easy task for any parent to make a complaint because under the new law they need the support of parents of at least 20 students for that, Agarwal pointed out.

Referring to model acts like the Tamil Nadu (Regulation of Collection of Fee) Act, 2009, he said the Act has a stipulation of the prior approval of the committee before fee hike and, once approved, it cannot be further hiked up to three years. However, the legislation passed by the AAP Government has put the entire burden on the complainant, exposing the risk of being victimised.

The draft bill had proposed that if the committee is satisfied that the school has collected fee more than what was determined by the committee, it shall direct the concerned unaided private school to refund the excess amount charged with 9 per cent per interest within one month. The committee shall recommend cancellation of recognition or approval.

The AAP legislation passed is surprisingly silent on these issues. No time limit has been proposed for disposal of complaints. “The schools shall thus continue to enjoy its free hand at least throughout the process which has enough scope for inordinate delays,” says Agarwal.

Confrontations between the schools and parents over nursery admission came to the forefront in real sense from 1997 onwards when the 5th Pay Commission was implemented, and private unaided schools hiked fees to “unreasonable” levels. Several petitions were filed in courts and committees set up to bring transparency and make the schools accountable. Of particular concern were the admission criteria fixed by different schools. But a lasting solution continues to elude the stakeholders.


Over 900 Private Schools In Delhi Fail To Notify Nursery Admission Criteria...

Despite the Delhi government warning them of strict action, over 900 private schools in the national capital are yet to notify the criteria for nursery admissions beginning January 1.

The Directorate of Education (DoE) had asked all the unaided recognised schools to "develop and adopt criteria for admission which shall be clear, well defined, equitable, non-discriminatory, unambiguous and transparent".

The schools were asked to upload the criteria adopted for admission to entry level classes (other than those for economically weaker sections and disadvantaged groups) for the academic session 2016-17 on the directorate's website latest by December 20.

However, after 1,376 out of 1,735 schools had failed to meet the deadline, DoE issued a notice warning the schools of strict action if the directive was not complied with.

According to data available with DoE, 918 schools are yet to notify their criteria.

"Non-declaration of criteria by the schools will only lead to ambiguity for parents and pave way for back door entries. Despite the government issuing strict directives, there is no compliance, there needs to be action against them," Sumit Vohra, an activist who also runs a nursery admission portal, said.

The controversy-prone nursery admission process in Delhi which normally starts in December has undergone several changes in the past as the authorities looked for ways to make things easier for parents.

Besides state-run schools, the rules are meant to regulate admissions to entry-level classes in private recognised institutions as well.

The nursery admission process in Delhi schools will begin from January 1 and conclude on March 31.

While the last date for submitting the application is January 22, the first list will be out on February 15 followed by another list on February 29.

According to guidelines issued by DoE, all schools shall comply with the directive that the number of seats at entry- level shall not be less than the highest number of seats in the entry class during the years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-2016.

DoE has also asked private, unaided recognised schools to not process the admission of EWS/DG students manually as the department is working on developing a module for online admission under the category.

The government has also fixed an upper age limit for admission to entry level classes with the maximum age for nursery admissions being set at four years and five and six years for pre-primary and class-I. The upper age limit for admission to entry level classes for differently abled children have been fixed at as five, six and seven years.