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September 9, 2015

Gurukul The School - Ghaziabad - Online Registration Form, Fee Details

The age eligibility for the Pre-Primary classes:
  • Pre-Nursery: 2+ years on or before 31 March of the calendar year in which the admission is sought.
  • Nursery: 3+ years
  • K.G.: 4+ years and so on.
Documents required at the time of Registration:
  • Attested copy of Date of Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation for Grade Pre-Nursery to I.
  • T.C duly signed by Area Education Officer along with Report Card of Previous Grade.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate of Student.
  • Address Proof & Identification Proof of Parents.
  • Photographs 2 passport size of student and 1 photograph of both the parents.
(Source: school website)

Click here for Gurukul The School details, ratings, and reviews and direct link to Nursery Admissions 2016 - 2017 page.

February 7, 2009

Schools have enough seats!

Yes, Delhi has enough seats to accommodate all nursery kids! I guess this is what our education minister said last year and I am sure they vouch the same even for this year as well, because they always count gverment schools also in their total available seats for te session.
According to the DOE, the problem is with the choice of parents, as eveyone wants their kid to go to one of that top schools only. Unless Govt is going to improving the infrastructure and quality of education in govt schools the problem with admissions will remain as is.

February 5, 2009

No seats? There is still some hope….

Your ward did not get seat anywhere? I know how frustrating this could be as I myself have lived thru it in 2007-2008 session. Many parents who thought that they would get a seat becaue fo their links, status, designation and had applied to top 3-5 schools only, are worst hit as they are now having minimum chances of getting to any school.
I have been suggesting this on many platforms (my blog, my articles in media, my handbook on Nursery Admission in Delhi, and also in interviews with Radio City…as well) that apply to as many school as you can as that would at least increase your chances. Anyways, the battle is not lost……!!
We observed last year that many schools has some HIDDEN-UNDISCLOSED seats and they filled them after the dust got settled, they started calling parents (probably picked randomly from the waitlidted candidates) and offered them seats (for no extra money! and not sure some schools amy have accpet money as well- who knows….. you know how all these things work benind the doors)
So this could be one hope for few parents and more-over, expect that some wards may have got admission in multiple schools and they are going to keep one seat only and will withdraw from other school and that would give way to some other lucky ward there….and by the way……trust me this worked for me and for few parents to whom i sugested this, if you know such lucky parents, offer them to accompany you when they are going to submit the withdrawal application, you can meet the admission officer and request them to enroll your kid for that NOW vacant seat.
Aprart from this, you can try getting in touch with admission officer yourself and seerequest them to call you if there is any vacant seat….

February 7, 2008

Finally! Here is a case for DOE to solve! - Proof is attached NOW!!

UPDATED on 12-Feb-2008 at 9:00pm, we have attached the copy of Fax (see below) that was sent to DOE by parent and DOE has slept over this issue and probably many more such issues that went unreported.....

An issue reported by Mr. Gajendra Kumar:
School (Bluebells School International) have displayed the final list (most recent) on their website and my son's name is not there in the list.
I am also attaching file displayed by Bluebells on 14-01-08. My son Ojas Kumar's name was in this list (see S.No. 89). School just did not consider him in the second list because of age being 4+.

I made the complaints to Directorate of Education, but no response so far.

- Gajendra Kumar

Spyder: Thanks Mr. Gajendra for showing the courage and reporting the matter! You have set an example for all of us and we assure you all support!

Look at the list dated 14-Jan-2008 the front page clearly states that "FOLLOWING IS THE LIST OF THE STUDENTS SELECTED FOR ADMISSION TO PRE-SCHOOL FOR THE SESSION 2008 – 2009" then later after that so called GD/Interaction/Document Verification how school can reject their application?

The worst part of this real problem is that DOE has not responded with any explaination to Mr. Gajendra Kumar.

Dear Mr. Lovely and Education Directors of Delhi State - here is a challenge for you folks! Accept this and show that DOE, Education Ministry can really help and take action against such schools if parents are reporting the matter.

Copy of the fax is attached below that was sent by parent to Mr Sandeep Kumar, Director-Education, DOE on 7Feb 2008 (click on the image to enlarge).

January 25, 2008

Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, Panchsheel Park - baby's day out!

Apeejay School, (Sheikh Sarai, Saket and Pitam Pura) has come out with their first list, I am sure by now most of us have got used to "not seeing" their lil' ones on the lists.

Congratulations to all those who have made to this list!! :)

The cut-off (score of the kid who is last on the selection list) is 65 marks. Myself being computer nurd, I keep doing experiments with the stuff I come across on net, and to my surprise, the school site of prone to "hacking" which is really a bad bad thing. This is hard-core programming stuff, has nothing to do with Nursery Admissions as such ;)

I am planning to inform the school tomorrow about this vulnerability so that they can secure the site information. Spyder is not that bad either - I am after schools for voilating norms and after DOE and Mr. Lovely so letting them do . Can't help it!

Just FYI, my kid also "failed" to make it to Apeejay (7 down out of 19, 12 more to go...) currently he is not aware of what we are going thru for his admission to a bigger school. He is busy playing "Need for Speed" on my laptop and can easily drive the car thru rough pathces on road....I am still learning on the roads of life though...

Problems/issues reported by parents and data verified from the school site:
It is confirmed that Apeejay (Saket, Sheikh Sarai and Pitam Pura - all three) has done soemething fishy with the list. There are kids with 40, 45, 50 marks who are on the selection list and there are those with 50, 58, 54 who have not made it to the list.

We are sending e-mail to school, lets see what resposne we get, if you have reported the problem to the school and have any info/response from school (any tele conv, mails etc), please share it with us. If we don't hear back from school within next 24 hours, let's see what can be done here!

Media? Interested? We have real data! You know my e-mail id - right?

Ryan International - parent interaction has started before list is out!

One of the parents has just reported -

In Ryan International, Vasant Kunj, they are inviting parents for interaction (basis unknown).

When I called up to enquire about the interaction, I got the reply that the list will be put up on 1st Feb and there is no interaction prior to that.

Then on what basis they are calling the parents for interaction. Something fishy??? What kind of value education these schools will provide to our children???

Does anyone has more inputs to this?

January 19, 2008

Interation 'Nautanki' at Amity International Saket!

There goes another school-parent interaction at one of the best (on paper they might be but after our recent visit I really doubt if they are close to what they say) South Delhi schools. This school that claims to follow the belief “Vidya Dadate Vinayam- we did not see any signs of "Humanity". Here is the up close and personal experience that we (as parents of 4 year old kid) will never forget in our lives.

1) Our first interaction was with two 'fools' (read 'Amity' Document Verification Officers) who did not even know the difference between a graduation degree and post-graduation one. Myself and my wife had to explain them the difference so that they could mark it properly on the verification form. As we were trying to explain it to them, they were busy arguing between themselves all the time at every stage.
Once the verification part was over they asked us to wait for interaction call.
2) They handed over us a good 6 page paper to fill that had descriptive, objective, multiple choice and questions that hardly make any sense in this admission scenario (e.g. Complete details of Paternal Grandparents, Maternal Grandparents, by complete I mean contact no, education, designation, address and what not...). It took us 45 minutes to complete that form and we thought it is worth spending time on it as probably they would refer to this form during interaction.
3) It was over 2 hours since we landed inAmity land but we were nowhere on that interaction list, after repeated reminders they noticed that verification officer had misplaced the form and so they asked us to wait for 'some more' time, so we did as we had no other option at hand.
4) Finally the wait was over and we got the call and then the 'Nautanki' started, as we entered the room two well dressed ladies were waiting inside and it was a rapid fire questions round (very much standard ones as you can guess), and with in 3 (yes! three!) minutes we were shown the door. Thank You! - she said.

I am not calling this interaction as Nautanki, because of the time duration, or type of questions they asked but the 'quality' of the interaction. One of those ladies was busy with her own stuff (flipping thru some files, papers etc) and the one who was firing questions was really not listening to us.

That's the real problem, why were we parents are being humiliated? Why are we made to stand in the queues, wait at schools for these silly interactions? Sucs!

We also asked couple of other parents and the response was the same - 'Nautanki'!

January 17, 2008

The truth behind nursery admissions in Delhi!

The story is known to everyone, parents have cried themselves hoarse over the issue, we have had everything from media to public participation over the Nursery Admission fiasco. The problem began when the DOE flouted vague guidelines regarding nursery admissions on 24th November 2007 (Order No. F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002 later revised in Dec 2007) which led to the rampant rule flouting by schools across Delhi. Since the guidelines were not very clear the schools got a chance to play with the guidelines and started there own modifications (read fiddling around with the rules). A number of them have been exposed here on; but it hasn’t been enough to move anybody to take a step in the interest of the tiny tots (who we all know are the future of the nation). The government’s reaction has been limited to the one off comment (Lovely proudly declaring that every student would get admission) where as the media has pitched in with a few articles here and another news story there (no blaming the media since the future of India is not a TRP or readership booster). The actual problem is that no body cares about the real problem; on a poll conducted here ( we asked the people “How many schools have you applied for?” we got shocking results:

You might ask what’s the relevance of my talking about this poll here; well for one it goes on to show the level of desperation among parents ( to the Delhi government – you are losing serious votes here). Now the question “who is listening to our plea?” the DOE is silent, the media doesn’t see a TRP cow in nursery admissions, the schools have become like Reliance Power IPO (oversubscribed) and the sad truth is nobody cares.

It’s our sincere plea to the government of Delhi and the media to please take note (a little bit of action would also come in handy).

Now the latest in the series of exposes about the schools and there football with DOE guidelines:

“SHRI RAM SCHOOL FARCE – As seen and reported by a harried parent”

Imagine as if this is your profile:
1) You are an Engineer, IIM Graduate with an excellent academic record
2) Your spouse has a profile similar to yours
3) You have represented India abroad on multiple occasions
3) You have won several National Level debates/contests/awards like “Technical Paper Contest, National Quiz, International Scholarship” etc.
4) You have certain 40 points (as per admissions criterion detailed out on admission form and school website)

Now, I think you would agree with me that you both can easily score at least 15 points in the interaction (some fellow parents like to call it GD, 'Cattle' Fair and so on) that was held at Sri Ram Vatika a few days back.

So in total you have good 55 points in Sri Ram School and the cut-off is 55 points (54 for the waiting list), but you are no where on that list?

What do you think they should do now? Does that selection criterion really make any sense to anyone out there?

We are opening a new poll today to help understand this problem, please give him the score that you think he would have scored looking at his profile (consider that he has good academic, extra-curricular record).

January 11, 2008

The Banyan Tree School (Lodhi Complex) - Parents Interaction

Here are updates from The Banyan Tree School (Nr. Sai Mandir, Lodhi Complex, New Delhi) - Parents Interaction held today:

Overview: Very well organized, the parents who attended interaction at Birla Vidya Mandir would easily get it as it was more or less the same, except that parents had to face two 'interviewers' (sorry read teachers). It was very well organized in terms of time slots, waiting areas, attendents etc. Per reports, it was taking approx. 20-30 mins (school gate entry-exit time) which is pretty much okie. Per reports from parents we came to know that teachers greeted them as they entered and were very friendly. They made it clear that this interaction will not attract any additional points.

Bad things about interaction:
  1. Interviewers (sorry again, please read 'teachers') were asking questions, so in all it can be called interview.
  2. Majority of the parents have reported that they did not check documents in front of them, instead they fired questions to parents.

January 10, 2008

Delhi Nursery Admissions: Annoying issues! Who is responsible?

I've also noticed so many annoying issues for which i was really looking for a platform to share my views.

My first frustration is WE are made to buy the prospectus worth Rs. 250-800 each but still in that no school has given idea of its fee- structure. We are middle class people and have to do future planning for our investments in which child's monthly school expense will be counted. If I know in advance that a particular school will charge how much amount of fee it will be easy for us to take decision whether to apply in that school or not.

Second thing I think is that for all schools there should be a same date of declaring of lists so as to avoid confusion and submitting non refundable fees in 2-3 schools.

My third worry is the schools asking about the schooling of parents, what if the parents are well educated in post graduation and are in good jobs but hail from Govt. schools, as in our time education was the priority not the school name. I think schools should not ask parents this question in their interaction.

Please share your views on this.

January 9, 2008

The Shri Ram Vatika School, New Delhi - Interaction at it's best

Adding to the pain that parents are going through, this school (read The Shri Ram Vatika School, New Delhi) has asked parents not to bring their child/ward to school during interaction.

Wondering how single monther, or say in the era of nucleus families where parents should be dropping child? Why these schools don't think on these rules, instructions practically. I hope the guards would not stop parents who will take their child along on interaction day.

I remeber the case of Birla Vidya Niketan, where they asked parents not to bring child along, but they did allow child enter to the interaction room. I remember, some parents left their 3+yrs, 4+ yrs olds, on benches outside the interaction rooms just to avoid that "not so happy look" of interviwers.

What are we heading to? Is this the face of new India? A developing country? Do we have rights to file PL against such foolish invitations/rules? Probably delhi Govt. is least interested in answering such questions. I am happy parent, I have filled 18 odd admissions forms all around south delhi and I trust Mr. Lovely as he assured to public that no child will be left this year...

January 5, 2008

Ryan Internation - thinking out of the box!

When DOE is trying to streamline the admissions procedure across schools, Ryan International has taken it to the next level......

Ryan international is asking for thumb size photo graphs for nursery admissions. Passport size photograph is a norm across all schools except Ryan, so if at all you are planning to apply in Ryan, make sure you have thumb size photograph of your little one.

And bytheway...they are also asking for Family Pic! Oh my God! What the hell is going on all around............

January 2, 2008

Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket - Nursery Admissions Interaction

Taare Zameen Par - every school is special, so does the Birla Vidya Niketan. If you ignore the Trojan Viruses on their website, everything this school is doing is overall satisfactory.

Recently reported by one of my fellow parents that this school has started Nursery Interactions with parents and here is the abstract of what to expect during these interactions:

Good things about interactions at Birla Vidya Niketan:

  • Very well managed by school, they give you date and time slot and adhere to that
    They give you pretty comfortable place to sit and a teacher will come calling your number when the interviewer is available.
  • They allow child to accompany you in case of child is too young (although they mention that parents should come alone for interactions)
  • They give you a form to fill-up during that wait period (family detail sort of form, 2 pages long) – sorry we can’t disclose the form questions because that would be against the rules and unfair to school norms as well.
  • Interactions are 10-20 minutes long
  • Complete process (start to end) takes no longer than 15-40 minutes.
  • They don’t ask kid to color, paint, draw anything, neither they ask where they are (just in case you are not taking them along to school)

Bad things: Don't understand, why interaction is required?

December 31, 2007

Amiown Interview Questions (yes they conducting so called interactions)

No matter what you do, we will do what we want, the way we want... Probably this is the message that schools are trying to convey to DOE.

This is what we came to know from few parents - Amiown called them for so called "interaction with parents" but then they asked child to be taken into a room and one of the parents was allowed to go in. The "interaction" took place in Hinglish (mix of Hindi and English) and they bombarded kid with question on topics like:
  • Color identification
  • Shape identification
  • Animals, Birds identification
  • Painting
  • Drawing

The parent were asked these questions (sort of, language and type of question may differ):

  • How you want to raise your kid
  • What is your take on future of your kid
  • Where you both work
  • What you do

The total duration of this interaction varied from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. As we can guess, what school is trying to do here........