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January 9, 2017

Criteria & Points for 1250+ Schools Updated! - Nursery Admissions 2017-2018

Find Criteria & Points for over 1250 Delhi Schools
(last updated on 25th Jan 2017) has always been looking for innovtive ways to improve parents experience during Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Here we present the simple yet powerful search across all Delhi schools that have published Selection Criteria and Points.

Search Now !

IMPORTANT: Please note that selection criteria and points criteria for over 1250 schools has NOT been published on DOE site yet, but we intend to bring you the latest data as and when it gets published. 

Please share the help fellow parents and share your experience and feedback! 

Source: All information is provided in good faith for guidance and reference purposes only. It is of a general informational and educational nature, and takes no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided via this page or found as a consequence of this service, nor for any loss or damage including that arising from warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, resulting from any such information. Visitors are requested to refer to DOE/school circulars and website as information may change time to time.

January 7, 2017

Selection Criteria/Points of 298 Schools on DDA Land! has been bringing the breaking news on all fronts of Nursery Admissions Delhi for 2017-2018 session and team has created tool to let you Search the Selection Criteria and Points for General Category (mostly) for schools that have uploaded the data on DOE site,

 CLICK HERE for Selection criteria and points distribution for 298 schools on DDA land 

So stay connected and watch this space and Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates on Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-2018

Good luck all parents!

January 5, 2017

Some Private Schools Start The Process, Others Waiting For Government Guidelines : Delhi Nursery Admissions 2017-18

Nursery admission in Delhi schools started on January 2 and the parents are still facing troubles with choosing schools for their children. Plenty of complaints have been reported after Delhi nursery admissions kicked off in the beginning of this week. Most prominent among them is the confusion over 298 schools in the capital city. After Delhi Directorate of Education (DoE) notified that schools on public land of Delhi Development Land (DDA) will have new guidelines for nursery admissions, so far, the only thing happened in that front is the meeting between school authorities and the Directorate of Education.

According to reports, those who have attended the meeting informed the government authorities their concerns regarding having two sets of standards for schools in the capital. 
Though there was no common admission guidelines published after the meetings, some private schools in the capital have already started admission procedure. 

Some schools are waiting for the government guidelines to come regarding the criteria and they have informed the parents about this, Red Roses Public School is one of them. "Pre-School admission for the session 2017-18 has been stopped till further guidelines from Directorate of Education", Red Roses Public School has said in a notice published in their website. 

Amidst all this confusion, parents are worried. Their major concern is; what will happen if they wait for the new guidelines and its aftermath. For the past few years Nursery admissions in Delhi have seen many controversies, with parents taking schools and the government to court over changing rules and guidelines several times. 

Meanwhile there were reports suggesting that the Delhi government is planning to do away with the management quota in the nursery admissions. If that happens, the schools and parents may again will be dragged into the court procedures as happened last year in which the schools procured a stay on Delhi government's decision to end the management quota in school admissions.

According to the education department's notification, admission forms were available from January 2 and the last date to submit applications is January 23. 

The first list of selected candidates, including those waitlisted, along with marks allotted under the point system, will be announced by schools on February 15. The second list, if any, will come out on February 29 and the admission process will close on March 31.


January 1, 2017

Schools gearing up to criteria and points, here is the inside story!

Schools gearing up to criteria and points and SWL brings you the "inside story"!

1400+ schools of Delhi are ready with their selection criteria and points, brings you the inside story, wondering what the criteria is going to be, and how many points schools are going to assign to each one of them? Know them first and know them now.

I brought you story around DOE/Delhi Gov mistakes earlier in the day, and here our data team did a detailed study and survey and found that most of the schools are going to use these criteria and points for Nursery Admissions for 2017-2018 session:
  • Neighborhood - of course this is going to be there, and anyone can guess that. But note that schools are going to break it into slabs in terms of distance and most preferred slabs are going to be -
    • 0 km to 3 km (40-50 points)
    • 3 km to 5/6 km (20-30 points)
    • 6/7 km and above (under 10 points or less)
  • Sibling - Most of the schools are going to put this in their list and expect the points to be in the range of 20-30 points (in some cases schools would give extra points in case of two siblings in same school)
  • Alumni - Schools love to give advantage to parents that been alumni of same school. A typical 10-20 points to this one.
  • Staff - For all different reasons, schools prefer to give extra points to kids of staff members as this works for them as well, and teachers would stay with school if their kids also attend the same school. Nobody wants to lose good teachers. Expect 10 points to this criteria.
Other favorites are -
  • First Child/Girl Child/Single Parent - Schools have been giving points to these, and usually this would attract 10 points and this case really handy for many parents of course.
  • Transferable job - Schools prefer a fix number of kids that help them rotate the seats as they are promoted to senior classes, this helps them generate more revenue and profits (how? that's a long story for another day :D). Usually this attracts 10 points. Further if you are wondering if your job is considered a transferable job or not? Drop a message in comments with details of what sort of job you are in and I shall revert.
Good luck parents!

3 mistakes that DOE/Delhi Govt could have avoided - and they did it again!? Check out...

It is not rocket science and even if it would have been that complex, don't they have required resources, or support, or authority to get it done?

Parents are clueless and left to wonder, grin, and helpless once again! Nothing new in year 2017, yet again, and history repeats as schools continue to play by their own rules, and parents shall expect that those 1400 odd schools that free to choose their own criteria have no motivation or support or govt. control to relax it from what they did last year.

Here are the top 3 gross and silly mistakes that could have been avoided and it is not rocket science -

Mistake #1) DOE should have asked schools (all schools that need to publish points) to list and publish selection criteria and points by 15th December, so that parents get enough lead time (15 days) to shortlist schools they would like to apply (basis total points they are scoring).
Reality check: 
1) Guidelines for admissions to Govt schools and 298 schools on DDA land are not published as yet, admission starts tomorrow.
2) Parents would now have wait and/or to go to all schools and check the guidelines, criteria and other details starting tomorrow and that's not an easy task.

Mistake #2) DOE/Govt should have defined a fixed list of criteria that schools can choose from (say 5-8 criteria), e.g. Neighborhood (with clear and predefined distance slabs),  Sibling, Alumni, Girl Child, and so on. 

Reality check:
1) Although DOE has asked schools not to use ones from 62 list, but....schools are free to use some of them as long as they "try" to ensure it is defined well and is not biased. You know what I mean....
2) Parents struggled over years to sync up same criteria being used by different schools differently e.g. Distance slabs would vary from school to school), Alumni - mother and father and both would be rated by schools differently and there are many more...

Mistake #3) Despite of all resources available, the DOE site doesnt work properly, the information published is scattered all over the place, you really need surgical eyes and hands to find the links and information.

Reality check:
1) No summary of notices, information available, its all published in long PDFs and report formats that's hard to understand and an 'aam aadmi'. Many parents would have appreciated if the information is also available in Hindi
2)  No reliable search feature on site, no heads up on how and where the information will be published on DOE site, its all "treasure hunt" games for parents.

(Updated on 2nd Jan 2017: has come up with Search Engine on data provided by DOE to make it easy for parents to search the school criteria and points for Nursery Admissions 2017-2018)


The list is long, all I wanted to reflect here is this is all easy to implement - we are in 2017 (oh! Happy Near Year friends! :D)

The problem can be fixed this within short span of timehrs, as techie I know it is easy as long as you got data in right form and shape which I hope they have and if not, please add that as Mistake#4 :)

Wish you all a fresh beginning here and may your ward gets admission to the school you desire him/her to go to. 

Ramjas Schools, Nursery Admissions 2017-18

Ramjas Schools across Delhi, Nursery Admissions 2017-18

Ramjas School, Anand Parbat
Ramjas School, RK Puram
Ramjas Public School, Anand Parbat
Ramjas Nursery Primary School, Daryaganj & Ballimaran

(as seen in HT today)

December 31, 2016

DoE asks 298 Delhi schools not to start Nursery Admissions!

We published DoE order analysis few days back and as expected DoE has asked those 298 (13 new schools added to the existing list!!) schools on DDA land not to start Nursery Admissions yet!

In case you are looking for more details of our report click here!

Here is clip from Navbharat Times today -

Click here to see the notice and the list of all 298 schools.

Here is the news as published in HT today.

December 30, 2016

DPS RK Puram/Vasant Vihar/EoK - Nursery Admissions 2017 - Schedule, Point System

DPS RK Puram, New Delhi, has published detailed schedule and points system for Pre-School (Nursery) Admission 2017-2018. This school has Junior Schools at Vasant Vihar & East of Kailash.

IMPORTANT: Only 50% seats have been opened for general category as rest of the seats are blocked for other categories (EWS/DG - 25%, Staff Quota - 5%, Management Quota - 20%). 

It is shocking that this school has blocked as many as 20% seats (79 seats in total) under management quota - which means shop is open winter sale is on :)

Here are the details for the most general queue (not general category as 20% of seats has been put up for management quota) - 

Parameters / Criteria - General Category
(Localities specified in the map within the aerial radii of 15 km of the school)

0 - 1 KM
1.1 - 3 KM
3.1 - 6 KM
6.1 - 8 KM
8.1 - 15 KM
(Real brother / sister studying in DPS R K Puram / Vasant Vihar / East of Kailash)
Parent (Father / Mother) Alumni of School
(Class X / XII Certificate - DPS R K Puram only)
Girl Child
Single Parent
(Widow/Widower/Legally Divorced OR Single Parent with legally adopted child)
For other details please visit school site.

G.D. Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar - Nursery/KG Admissions for Session 2017-2018

G.D. Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi has published the notice and details for Nursery Admissions 2017-2018. This school is accepting application for all the grades.



PRE-SCHOOL/NURSERY : 3-4 YEARS as on 31.03.2017
PRE-PRIMARY/KG :  4-5 YEARS as on 31.03.2017
GRADE 1 : 5-6 YEARS as on 31.03.2017



Documents Required at the time of registration :
  • Self Attested copy of Birth Certificate
  • Self Attested copy of Residence Proof : 
    • Ration Card 
    • Voter I-Card 
    • Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill 
    • Aadhaar card/UID
  • One passport size photograph each of the Child and the Parents
  • Complete academic transcripts of the previous two classes attended by the student, except for admission to Pre-School (Nursery).

Many schools publish Upper Age limits - against DOE order!

History repeats itself, and this year again many schools are openly violating the norms and as schools have started publishing the admission notice and points system for Nursery Admissions in 2017-2018 session, it is widely observed that many schools have put an upper age limit to admissions.

Here is news as published in Navbharat Times on 30th Dec 2017

The Frank Anthony Public School - Nursery Admissions for Session 2017 Notice and Points Criteria

The Frank Anthony Public School, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi - Nursery Admissions for Session 2017-2018 session has started and school has published the Notice and Points Criteria for same as below.

Online application form for registration to nursery class for the academic year 2017-18 will be available on this website ( as per the following schedule:
Entry LevelNursery
Number of Seats Available224
Registration Open1st January 2017 to 22nd January 2017
3+ AS ON 31.03.2017 BORN NOT EARLIER THAN 1.04.2013 AND NOT LATER THAN 31.03.2014
Processing FeesRs.125/- (to be paid online /  by Bank Draft in favour of “The Frank Anthony Public School” payable at New Delhi
Declaration of Result (Eligible Candidates)15th FEBRUARY 2017
System generated printed registration forms duly completed along with the requisite documents and the Demand Draft for Rs. 125/- (if not paid online) should be submitted in the school office from 4th   JANUARY to 22nd JANUARY 2017  (ON ALL WORKING DAYS) , BETWEEN 9.00 A.M. AND 12.00 Noon. Incomplete Registration Forms will not be considered for admission. Please enclose a copy of all the necessary support documents duly attested by a Gazetted Officer for securing the points eligible to you at the time of registration. No amendments will be entertained later.

(source: school website)