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December 20, 2016

Nursery Admissions Delhi (2017-2018) - All you need to know about new circular/order issued on 19th Dec 2016

Fear is the mind-killer! So lets all understand what this new order is all about.
New DOE Delhi order dated 19th Dec 2016 issued for Nursery Admissions in Delhi for session 2017-2018 is bit confusing, and here I have simplified this for you in 3 simple steps -

Step I) This new circular is applicable only for -
  1. Families that do NOT belong to Economically Weaker Section (EWS) or Disadvantaged Group (DG) categories
  2. Only for admissions to Private, Unaided and Recognized Schools of Delhi
  3. Nursery Admissions in Delhi for session 2017-2018
  4. Schools that are NOT constructed on DDA land (there are 285 schools in Delhi that are on DDA land)
  5. Schools that are NOT run by government
Step II) In short - 
  1. SOME GOOD NEWS! - This order is NOT applicable for about 50% of the "well-known" schools of Delhi as they are constructed on DDA land (Yes!), these schools (total 285 of them) must admit 75% of students from neighborhood. Detailed guidelines will be released by DOE in coming days.
  2. MORE GOOD NEWS! - This order is applicable for all other Private Schools of Delhi, and most of those are either Small-Mid sized Private Schools, or they are one of those 5-7 star category schools of Delhi that have their own land.
Step III) Bit of BAD news. We all make mistakes, every system has loopholes, so does this order (that has mistakes and loopholes)

Point#7 in the order refers to DOE order issued on 06-01-2016 (No. F.DE.15/Act-l/4607/l3/2015/5686-5696), which states that schools shall not adopt criteria abolished in that old order, the problem is that the original list had 62 criteria, but new order has restricted use of 51 criteria hence leaving open several disputed ones, here are few criteria that schools may use to their advantage -
  • Points for management quota - old order leaves room for this by stating "However, if required, the children of the staff and the children of the members of the Management Committee can be given admission by making it a criterion and assigning points"
  • Special ground (parents with proficiency in specific areas of art etc)
  • First child
  • School transport users
Although there would only be 25% seats that schools can fiddle with, and we hope DOE fixes this loophole to ensure admission process is fair ever.

Here is the admission schedule as published in the order :

July 21, 2009

A cooler before nursery admision heat turns on next season

With no monsoon in sight this year and Delhi is drying up with everlasting heat blow Delhi Government has announced that they are going to increase upto 10 seats in every class from nursery to class 5 in all govt schools from the this academic session.

In a media release dear education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely mentioned that a circular has been issued to the concerned schools and this change would ensure 35,000 more seats in 375 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas for students from nursery to Class 5 grades. Hence 50 students would be admitted in the primary section of each government schools.

I guess this is a good step indeed as government schools were most sought-after by Delhites in view of the"excellent"performance shown by them in recent board results.

Good job minister!

February 5, 2009

No seats? There is still some hope….

Your ward did not get seat anywhere? I know how frustrating this could be as I myself have lived thru it in 2007-2008 session. Many parents who thought that they would get a seat becaue fo their links, status, designation and had applied to top 3-5 schools only, are worst hit as they are now having minimum chances of getting to any school.
I have been suggesting this on many platforms (my blog, my articles in media, my handbook on Nursery Admission in Delhi, and also in interviews with Radio City…as well) that apply to as many school as you can as that would at least increase your chances. Anyways, the battle is not lost……!!
We observed last year that many schools has some HIDDEN-UNDISCLOSED seats and they filled them after the dust got settled, they started calling parents (probably picked randomly from the waitlidted candidates) and offered them seats (for no extra money! and not sure some schools amy have accpet money as well- who knows….. you know how all these things work benind the doors)
So this could be one hope for few parents and more-over, expect that some wards may have got admission in multiple schools and they are going to keep one seat only and will withdraw from other school and that would give way to some other lucky ward there….and by the way……trust me this worked for me and for few parents to whom i sugested this, if you know such lucky parents, offer them to accompany you when they are going to submit the withdrawal application, you can meet the admission officer and request them to enroll your kid for that NOW vacant seat.
Aprart from this, you can try getting in touch with admission officer yourself and seerequest them to call you if there is any vacant seat….

March 4, 2008

Minutes of Meeting: Delhi Parents First Meet

FUTURE of INDIA Initiative - Delhi Parents First Meet
Minutes of Meeting

Date: Sunday 2nd March, 2008
Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM IST
Venue: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Total Invitees: 56
Accepted: 14
No. of participants: 8
Absent: 6

Minutes of the meeting can be found here. Next meeting will be held on Sunday 16th, Mar 08 or Sunday 23rd, Mar 08

Definitely no system can be improved in one meeting or probably two but a few can really change it for good. There are our initial efforts and we need your views, suggestions and queries on initiative and the discussion that we had in the first meeting. Please send your views, suggestions, queries to me at

Please join us in this mission and we need your support to make it success!

February 29, 2008

Withdrawal case? Get you hard-earned money refunded from school....

Case Study: Refund of fee in case of withdrawal of admission

13. If any parent or guardian, after depositing the full fee for admission of a child, chooses to withdraw the child from the school within one month from the date of the admission, then the school may retain the Registration Charges, Admission Fee and the tuition fee for one month only, and shall refund all other amounts of fee or other charges.

i.e. Schools giving admissions to Pre-School and Pre-Primary for the session 2008-2009 can only deduct money charged towards:
• Full Registration Charges, and
• Full Admission Fee, and
• One Month Tuition Fee

… and rest of the money has to be refunded back to the parents if the application is withdrawn within one month from the date of admission.

What parents can do if school refuses to refund the money? Read them the Rule No. 13 of the order issued by DOE on 14.12.2007 (as above).

Some prominent schools have been telling parents that they will only refund some fixed ‘X’ amount because they have written it on their school gate on Jan, or published it in the prospectus or on website and so on, but Parents, please understand that DOE order is one such document that overrides all these stupid rules. Go and get your money back!

If anyone of you is facing difficulties in refund, please let us know (post a comment on blog or write me an e-mail if you would like to keep it confidential) and we will try to help you.

February 18, 2008

Enough of Talking, it's time for Action!

We know you are harried by the whole nursery admission fiasco but what hurts us is that despite so many efforts from your side there has been no solution to this issue. Elections are round the corner and the Government of Delhi does not have time to worry about small things like education and all thanks to the inaction by the Government schools are making most of it.

You might be thinking that it’s over but wait and take note that the nursery admission monster is going to raise its ugly head once again next year. This time it will attack new kids since it is hell bent on crippling the Future of your Child.

If you want to help us in our efforts to slay the monster once and for all, if you are for better admission procedures, if you are for better infrastructure than come -
Join us to help “Shape the Future of India”....

To join, please enter your e-mail id below and click on "Join Us!" button. We shall be broadcasting the details very soon....

Enter your email address:

February 14, 2008

We will fight to the end……Even if we loose….We will not take it quietly!

We need education to shape the future of the nation..
Each one teach one
You must have heard these oft repeated quotes.
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself Does anyone care for these lines?
We do not know whats your reply is but what we know is that Schools and DOE do not believe in this, we would furter go to the extent of even saying that Schools believe that Education would shape their futre by generating fat donations and DOE agrees with schools by not taking action against such monstrous schools.

You would find below what can be labelled as GROSS INJUSTICE, Prejudice, Discrimanation and bias - against a 3 year old by denying a child his right to be educated.

The Principal,
Delhi Public School ,
Mathura Road , New Delhi

Sub: Representation regarding gross injustice to Iklavya Singh, a candidate for admission to Pre-School in your school by adopting deliberate and illegal means.

We are the parents of Iklavya Singh, who is a candidate for admission to the Pre-School in your school. We bring to your kind notice, the following few facts for immediate and necessary action:

That for our son, Iklavya Singh, born on the 10th of July,2004, we applied through the proper process of your school for admission in pre-school. On completion of the preliminary formalities as contemplated by the process of your school, our son was awarded 60 marks by you and was shortlisted for admission as per the original list posted on the website .

That thereafter, we met your good self on the 29th of January,2008 and got the documents verified. During this entire meeting, you and your associates appeared quite satisfied and asked us to wait for the final list .

That , however when the final list was posted by you, we were shocked to find the name of our son missing from it. The score of our son’s marks reduced from 60 to 52 in a most arbitrary, mischievous and biased manner without any valid reason. On enquiry, your office told us that since our residence ( 139 – D , Pocket – C , Siddhartha Extension ) is at a distance of about 4-5 kilometers from the school. We respectfully submit that this observation by your office is factually wrong and is not likely to cause any damage whatsoever to the school. Moreover, kindly recollect from record that the destination of disembarkation of our son has been given as RajDoot Hotel which is precisely 1.8 Kilometers from your school. Also, our residence is precisely 2.75 Kilometers from the school . We are prepared to board our son and take him back at the bus stop of RajDoot Hotel , a fact thoroughly discussed and agreed upon in our interaction with you and your staff on the 29th of January,2008.

It is clear from the above-mentioned fact that deducting 8 marks of our son for this reason is absolutely arbitrary and illegal. We are forced to read between the lines to conclude that our son has been deprived this opportunity for the reasons best known to you, for which there is no just and concrete explanation.

By the above action of your office, we feel highly aggrieved and discriminated. In view of the above-mentioned facts and circumstances, we hereby call upon you to rectify the above defects committed by your office by reducing the score of our son, and give our son admission in your school at the earliest failing which we shall be construed to knock the doors of law for this intentional high-handedness and arbitrary process adopted by you.

A copy of this representation is retained by us for future reference if any.

Copy to:
1. Delhi Public School Society
2. Director of School Education, Delhi
3. Office of The Chief Minister of Delhi

Thanks and Regards.
Gurpreet Singh ( Father of Iklavya Singh )
Prabhjot Kaur ( Mother of Iklavya Singh)
139-D Pocket-C, Siddhartha Extension,
New Delhi – 110014
(contact numbers removed for privacy reasons - spyder)

February 7, 2008

Finally! Here is a case for DOE to solve! - Proof is attached NOW!!

UPDATED on 12-Feb-2008 at 9:00pm, we have attached the copy of Fax (see below) that was sent to DOE by parent and DOE has slept over this issue and probably many more such issues that went unreported.....

An issue reported by Mr. Gajendra Kumar:
School (Bluebells School International) have displayed the final list (most recent) on their website and my son's name is not there in the list.
I am also attaching file displayed by Bluebells on 14-01-08. My son Ojas Kumar's name was in this list (see S.No. 89). School just did not consider him in the second list because of age being 4+.

I made the complaints to Directorate of Education, but no response so far.

- Gajendra Kumar

Spyder: Thanks Mr. Gajendra for showing the courage and reporting the matter! You have set an example for all of us and we assure you all support!

Look at the list dated 14-Jan-2008 the front page clearly states that "FOLLOWING IS THE LIST OF THE STUDENTS SELECTED FOR ADMISSION TO PRE-SCHOOL FOR THE SESSION 2008 – 2009" then later after that so called GD/Interaction/Document Verification how school can reject their application?

The worst part of this real problem is that DOE has not responded with any explaination to Mr. Gajendra Kumar.

Dear Mr. Lovely and Education Directors of Delhi State - here is a challenge for you folks! Accept this and show that DOE, Education Ministry can really help and take action against such schools if parents are reporting the matter.

Copy of the fax is attached below that was sent by parent to Mr Sandeep Kumar, Director-Education, DOE on 7Feb 2008 (click on the image to enlarge).

February 6, 2008

हम घोडे और गधे एक साथ नही पढाते हैं और स्कूलों के जैसे - Amity Intl, Saket


Amity Reality Check Part -1
- reports a parent who had live interaction at Amity Intl Saket

Do not know the lady interacting with parents was she the principal or just a teacher but she commented on a question asked by parents why only their school was interviewing kids, she stated "हम घोडे और गधे एक साथ नही पढाते हैं और स्कूलों के जैसे", this is the langugae they speak with children there?

Amity Reality Check Part -2
- reports a parent who had live interaction at Amity Intl Saket

Please do not forget one of the SO-CALLED BEST (in books but we really doubt if they are close to what they say) South Delhi schools.

Amity International, Saket - The process is not transparent at all. They called 100 parents everyday (basis unknown) and asked them to fill a 4-5 pages JUNK/CRAP form (which took atleast 1 hour to fill).

We scored ZERO points (as per their criteria mentioned on school noticeboard) and have never expected a call from them. BUT they called up and asked us to come for verification of dcouments.

In the interaction they asked us many irrelevant questions about our family business. It was proper 10 mins interview on the name of interaction. Although it went very well in our case but to tell you the truth that on what basis they have called us for the verification, our house is 15 KM from the school, no sibling, no alumni, no girl child, no govt servant, no physically chalenged, no SC/ST and not the part of management.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing we missed here is the verifier of documents (apparently a clerk) told us they have called 2000 parents for the interaction. IS THIS FAIR? School only have 60 SEATS and they called up 2000 PARENTS.. ON WHAT BASIS?
1. They haven't taken out any shortlist of candidates for VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS
2. There is clearly mentioned on their website that the final admission list will be out on 1st feb, but there is no transparency and NO ADMISSION LIST IS THERE ON WEBSITE.
3. Also i came to know (from a very close relative) that his son has taken admission in January month itself in Amity Intl. As after his interaction ... school called them in 3 days and asked them to deposit fees in next 2 days. This is totally RIDICULOUS, they are not bothered about ANY RULE.

They are just wasting everyone's time and following own method of taking bribe (on name of donation) and giving admissions. How they can tell in January month itself if the child is shortlisted for admission and parents are suppose to deposit fees. Their interaction went till 30th Jan 2008. Still there is no clear list.

Amity Reality Check Part -3
- reports a parent who was in tears when he was talking to me over phone

We have at least 10 parents who have shown interest in filing/reporting a case aginst Amity International, Saket on basis of some analysis they have done. Rule voilations are public but we really don't understand what the hell DOE, Education Minister is waiting for????

Amity Reality Check Part -4
- reports a parent over e-mail on 6-feb-2008

Amity Saket has got a note signed by parents that ONLY Rs. 500 (Caution money) is refundable out of Rs. 33k (without transport) paid in the event a refund is required.
When the government's rule clearly said not more than 1 month can be deducted. Is DOE listening???

February 5, 2008

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam at Bluebells School International, Kailash

Blue bells neighbourhood criteria is a real life exmaple of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" mantra!
The directive was of giving marks according to the distance from school for neighbourhood. The school kept 20 marks for 0-15 kms.

In 15 Km almost all the areas like Naraina, Sarita Vihar, Badarpur, Daryaganj fall. So basically the criteria of neighbourhood was nullified (oh I am sorry let me correct this- broad-i-fied) and school has set an exmple here for the world. Unfortunately people with less than a km from school, parents both PG, in proffessional degrees and alumi doesnt even reflect in the waiting list of the school.

Hey people, shall we all go and offer schools managment "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" flowers as an award for such a decision?

February 4, 2008

What's cooking in Spyder Labs?

The parents’ outcry on admission issue is valid and understood but the biggest question is that what is the real solution to this problem? Can it be designed-revised-implemented in a day? A month? An year? Couple of years? Not sure!

Three problems/issues we have been thinking for last couple of days:

  • Problems that parents been facing so far?
  • Problems that delhi schools faced?
  • Problems that DOE/ Education Ministry faced?
Now here we are not only talking about problems/issues that surfaced this year but the ones that Delhi parents, schools, and DOE have been going thru for last several years. The problems that Mr. Ashok Agarwal and Ms. Shobhana Takiyar raised in their petition. The problems, issues that were discussed, investigated and analyzed by Mr. Ashok Gaguly and other members.

We have gone through that 9 page petition and a good 35 page Ganguly Committee report (aka recommendations) and also touched briskly another two most important documents1) Delhi Education Act 1973, 2) Delhi School Education Rules 1973. It really doesn’t make sense to bang heads in suggesting changes in past/current nursery admission rules, point system and so on without really understanding all this. Mr. Ashok Agarwal and his fellow really understood the problem when he decided the file that petition, Ganguly committee also did what they were asked to do and the document really a must read for all of us.

So what now? I invite suggestions from all parents but for now we shall be focusing on planned suggestions (based on facts from past not just this year alone) rather than random suggestions as I fear this will not work until we understand the problem, issues. Rest assured that there is a system approved by DOE but unfortunately the execution was wrong and some drawbacks added to the problem, and on top of that schools have flaunted it by all means.
Parents who have good understanding of (one or more of following): Delhi Edu Act (at least section 16), Delhi School Edu Rules (at least admissions specific), Mr Ashok Agarwal's petition and decision on it, Recommendations and report prepared by Ganguly committee and not to mention this year's DOE orders, please come forward and let's meet sometime this month on weekend and brainstorm on the issues so far (history so far, this year, and future), areas of improvement, and our plan for future (feasibility, and execution)

We all have had faced it ourselves for our kids, and parents have been going thru this pain for last several years. I am sure we have professionals from all backgrounds among us.

We think the real need is to do it all differently; platform is set we are ready to give our best efforts, what you say about this whole idea? Any suggestions, questions, ideas you may have - please do share as every comment counts and it will really help everyone.

(can't think of more at 1am night but little suggestion: for now/time being, please don’t send suggestions on fixing the system, because it is important to know your opinion on this thought to begin with – a well begun is half done so let’s take a very focused approach– right is n’t it?)

February 3, 2008

Vivek Summit, Patel Nagar - asking for guarantee?

School's motto on paper: "Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success"

School's motto in reality: "Guarantee, money and business-mind are the three essentials to success"

This school has defined it all wrongly, this school is playing with “Purity” they claim, “Patience” is their last priority; “Perseverance” is left to Parents to work on.

Some of the humiliated parents have reported that this school is asking for original birth certificate issued by MCD, until the child passes XII standard from Manav Sthali School.

What a torture!!! I am asking parents to come forward and let’s report this matter to DOE and concerned person. If anyone has such type of concrete cases, with data and are willing to come forward please let me know I am ready to accompany you, help you and walk that distance that you feel you can’t do it alone. I feel ashamed of this and feel disgusted.

Thanks for reporting the matter, let’s get such people behind bars and teach such business minded people a good lesson of life.

If school authorities, management are reading this, and they think they cave a single valid reason for asking such guarantee, please share with all of us.

January 23, 2008

Nursery Mathematics

I never thought that my good score in mathematics (shameless self-promotion: I scored 100% marks in 10th grade exams) would come handy after almost 19 years when I will start searching for a nursery school for my kid. What else you can expect from a harried engineer parent?

This “brain twisting” analysis idea came into my mind when I started analyzing chances/probability of my kid making to ‘any’ possible second, third of final list of any school in Delhi.

Hope you understand that the numbers used for this analysis are only indicative and doesn’t reflect any real data. I hope this would lit some ‘hope’ in everyone’s heart – yes there is still some hope. Keep smiling!

Let’s do some basic maths now:

100 - Schools taking admissions for 2008-2009 year in Delhi………...…..… (a)
3000 - Seats for 2008-2009 year (across all schools in Delhi)…………....… (b)
4000 – Applicants for 2008-2009 year (across Delhi)…………………………. (c)

Avg. no. of applications per applicant: 10 (data taken from poll results)
Total applications: 4000 x 10= 40000

Seats short (c - b): 1000
% of applicants appearing on more than one list: 10% = 4000 (c) x 10%= 400 …….....…….. (d)
Avg. no of lists one kid is appearing: 4
Total seats blocked by these applicants (d x 4): 400 x 4 = 1600 seats……………….…...……... (e)
These kids would free seats (e - d): 1600 – 400 = 1200 seats………………………………………. (f)
Avg. no of available seats per school (f/a): 1200/100 = 12……………………………………………. (g)

Average highest points (based on observations so far): 75 …………………………………...……… (h)
Average cut-off points (based on observations so far): 50 ………………………………….………… (i)
Average points per seat ((h - i)/(b/a)): (75-50)/30 = 25/30= approx. 0.75………..………….. (j)
Expected drop in points (g x j): 12 x 0.75 = approx. 10
Next expected cut-off: 50 – 10 = 40

If you think, you could not understand my point here, then here is the conclusion of this math :)
If you look at the final result of this calculation, the expected drop in cut-off is touching 40, and I am sure it would even drop to 30 which means that many of us would make to the list at one or other school after 1st Feb, 2008. I wish I could put actual numbers in this calculation, the output would have been really really interesting. What you say?

I wish I were right here with this calculation ‘cum’ prediction and see ‘many-many’ happy parents at schools gates in the month of February.


January 17, 2008

The truth behind nursery admissions in Delhi!

The story is known to everyone, parents have cried themselves hoarse over the issue, we have had everything from media to public participation over the Nursery Admission fiasco. The problem began when the DOE flouted vague guidelines regarding nursery admissions on 24th November 2007 (Order No. F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002 later revised in Dec 2007) which led to the rampant rule flouting by schools across Delhi. Since the guidelines were not very clear the schools got a chance to play with the guidelines and started there own modifications (read fiddling around with the rules). A number of them have been exposed here on; but it hasn’t been enough to move anybody to take a step in the interest of the tiny tots (who we all know are the future of the nation). The government’s reaction has been limited to the one off comment (Lovely proudly declaring that every student would get admission) where as the media has pitched in with a few articles here and another news story there (no blaming the media since the future of India is not a TRP or readership booster). The actual problem is that no body cares about the real problem; on a poll conducted here ( we asked the people “How many schools have you applied for?” we got shocking results:

You might ask what’s the relevance of my talking about this poll here; well for one it goes on to show the level of desperation among parents ( to the Delhi government – you are losing serious votes here). Now the question “who is listening to our plea?” the DOE is silent, the media doesn’t see a TRP cow in nursery admissions, the schools have become like Reliance Power IPO (oversubscribed) and the sad truth is nobody cares.

It’s our sincere plea to the government of Delhi and the media to please take note (a little bit of action would also come in handy).

Now the latest in the series of exposes about the schools and there football with DOE guidelines:

“SHRI RAM SCHOOL FARCE – As seen and reported by a harried parent”

Imagine as if this is your profile:
1) You are an Engineer, IIM Graduate with an excellent academic record
2) Your spouse has a profile similar to yours
3) You have represented India abroad on multiple occasions
3) You have won several National Level debates/contests/awards like “Technical Paper Contest, National Quiz, International Scholarship” etc.
4) You have certain 40 points (as per admissions criterion detailed out on admission form and school website)

Now, I think you would agree with me that you both can easily score at least 15 points in the interaction (some fellow parents like to call it GD, 'Cattle' Fair and so on) that was held at Sri Ram Vatika a few days back.

So in total you have good 55 points in Sri Ram School and the cut-off is 55 points (54 for the waiting list), but you are no where on that list?

What do you think they should do now? Does that selection criterion really make any sense to anyone out there?

We are opening a new poll today to help understand this problem, please give him the score that you think he would have scored looking at his profile (consider that he has good academic, extra-curricular record).

January 10, 2008

Delhi Nursery Admissions: Annoying issues! Who is responsible?

I've also noticed so many annoying issues for which i was really looking for a platform to share my views.

My first frustration is WE are made to buy the prospectus worth Rs. 250-800 each but still in that no school has given idea of its fee- structure. We are middle class people and have to do future planning for our investments in which child's monthly school expense will be counted. If I know in advance that a particular school will charge how much amount of fee it will be easy for us to take decision whether to apply in that school or not.

Second thing I think is that for all schools there should be a same date of declaring of lists so as to avoid confusion and submitting non refundable fees in 2-3 schools.

My third worry is the schools asking about the schooling of parents, what if the parents are well educated in post graduation and are in good jobs but hail from Govt. schools, as in our time education was the priority not the school name. I think schools should not ask parents this question in their interaction.

Please share your views on this.

December 12, 2007

Message from Directorate of Education

Sandeep Kumar has joined as Director of DOE on 11th Dec 2007. He has been very impressive with her message as he says:

"I would deffinately like to see the initiatives already taken reach a logical conclusion"

I wish he is thinking of 2008-2009 Nursery Admissions when he said this.

You can read his complete message here.

December 10, 2007

Parents to file PIL against the nursery admissions mess?

As mentioned by one of my fellows Shivangi (see her comments here!), should we all parnts unite and file a PIL against nursery admission mess that has been created by government and stupid leaders? I think we should...

I would like to invite your views and comments on this, let's all unite and share the knowledge with rest of the parents. Please be open to write here and send your suggestions so we can probably meet sometime and discuss this all.

This just cant be one sided game and poor kids should not remember this for rest of their life as ugly political decision which ruined their life and took away one valuable year.

Come on everyone! Keep watching this space for more updates!

November 25, 2007

Order in respect of admission procedure for pre-primary classes in the recognized schools in Delhi


Govt of NCT of Delhi (Education Department) has issued Order in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973) read with rule 43 of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, and on the recommendation of the Delhi School Education Advisory Board, the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, made the following Order in respect of admission procedure for pre-primary classes in the recognized schools in Delhi.

Page 1 of 9
No.F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/ 7002 Dated:24.11.2007
No.F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002. -In exercise of the powers conferred by sub -
section (1) of section 3 of the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973)
read with rule 43 of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, and on the
recommendation of the Delhi Sch ool Education Advisory Board, the Lt.
Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, hereby makes the following
Order in respect of admission procedure for pre -primary classes in the
recognized schools in Delhi, namely: -
1. Short title and commencemen t. – (1) This Order may be called
the Recognized Schools (Admission Procedure for Pre -primary Class)
Order, 2007.
(2) It shall come into force with immediate effect.
2. Definitions. – In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires,
(a) “Act” means the Delhi School Education Act, 1973 (18 of 1973);
(b) “Delhi” means National Capital Territory of Delhi,
(c) “Form” means the form appended to this Order.
(d) “Management” means the Managing Committee of a recognized
school, imparting education in Delhi,
(e) “Rules” means the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973;

Page 2 of 9
3. Within a period of three years from the date of coming into force
of this Order, every school shall introduce a pre -primary class for the
admission of children, who have completed the age of minimum four
years as on the 31st March of the year in which admission is being
Provided that no admission shall be made in standard one unless
the child has completed the age of minimum five years as on the 31st
March of the year in which admission is being sought .
4. With effect from the date of coming into force of this Order, all
admissions in the pre-primary class shall be made in the manner
provided in this Order.
5. Display of information relating to proposed admissions. – Each school
shall display the following infor mation by the 30th November of every
year on its notice board, in its prospectus and website (where available),
(a) Total number of seats available for admission in pre -primary
(b) Total number of seats to be filled from the children of
economically weaker sections of society, if the school has been
allotted land on concessional rates by Government agency;
(c) Date, place, mode of distribution and receipt of registration forms;
(d) Infrastructural facilities available in the school;
(e) Details of Faculty of the school;
(f) Facilities available for children with special needs;
(g) Fee structure;
(h) Past performance of the school in different fields, such as, -
(i) Academics;
(ii) Sports;

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(iii) Cultural activities;
(i) list of supporting documents to be produced by the parent at the
time of admission (This list will be as per the requirement of the
6. i) Every school shall use the Standardized Registration Form as per
Form-I, ensuring that each form has a unique number.
ii) Photocopies of the supporting documents may be submitted with
the Registration form. In no case original documents shall be asked for
at the time of registration. Parent or guardian shall submit all original
documents at the time of admission.
iii) The school shall scrutinize the regis tration forms to verify the
details and other particulars filled up by parents or guardian.
7. The school shall not conduct any interview of, or interaction with the
child for whom admission is being sought. There shall also be no
observation of the child either in formal or informal conditions.
Similarly, the school shall not conduct any interview of or interaction with
the parent(s)/ guardian(s).
However, the school can have informal interactions with
parent(s)/guardian(s) only with the purpose to ascertain the veracity and
correctness of the documents/details , which will be communicated to the
parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing in advance.
8. There shall be no overall lottery system to select/short list a child for
admission. Limited use of lott ery may however be adopted in case there
is a tie amongst applicants.
9. Schedule of dates for admission. - The school shall make the
admission as per the following schedule, namely: -

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(a) Distribution of registration forms for admission shall be done from
15th December to 31st December ;
(b) Filled up forms shall be accepted at the school till 7th January up
to 16:00 hrs;
(c) After scrutiny of forms as per admission criteria adopted by it, the
school shall display the following information, namely: -
(i) lists of selected children (First list) and waiting list (Second
List) on 1st February;
(ii) Third list, if any on 28th of February;
(iii) Fourth list, if any on 15th of March.
10. The school shall, display all the above mentioned four lists on their
web-site (where available) and notice board on the dates above with the
following information:-
(i) Names and registration number of all the children whose
standardized Registration Forms were received by the school;
(ii) Names and registration no. of children selected for admission;
(iii) Draw of lots and date, time and venue of the draw of lots in
case of tie.
11. Fees from the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the selected children in the
First List shall be accepted in the school till 16.00 hrs on 15th February.
Similarly, fees from the parents or guardian of children selected from the
Second list shall be accepted till 16:00 hrs. on 26th February . Fees from
the parent(s) or guardian(s) of children selected from the Third and
Fourth List will be accepted till 16:00 hrs. on 10th March and 25th
March, respectively.
12. In case any fee is collected f rom the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a
child whose admission is cancelled subsequently due to non-submission
of original documents by the due date, or any information or document

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submitted at the time of registration being proved to be wrong or false,
the entire fee except registration fee shall be refunded.
13. If any parent or guardian, after depositing the full fee for admission of
a child, chooses to withdraw the child from the sch ool within one month
from the date of the admission, then the school may retain the
Registration Charges, Admission Fee and the tuition fee for one month
only, and shall refund all other amounts of fee or other charges.
14. The school shall develop and adopt criteria for admission which
shall be clear, well defined, equitable, non - discriminatory and
unambiguous. The school shall adopt th ose parameters which are in the
best interests of children and are in line w ith its own philosophy, and
these shall include the following:-
(i) Neighbourhood - It is in the interest of children that they are
provided admission in a school nearest to their residence. The
schools shall, therefore, give preference to children living in
nearby areas. If the school is satisfi ed that a good and safe
transport is available for a child, then, it may consider giving
admission to such a child even if he/she lives at a place quite far
off from the school. This is also important as distribution of
schools is not uniform in the city.
(ii) Background of the Child - Children from all social and
economic backgrounds shall be equally considered for admission.
The school shall make a conscious effort to admit children with
special needs or from vulnerable backgrounds.
(iii) Sibling - Generally, parent(s) or guardian(s) prefer that their
children study in the same school. Therefore, the school may give
preference to a child who has a sibling studying in that school.
(iv)Transfer Case: - Many parents or guardian are working in
transferable jobs, in the government and other private sectors.

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The school may give preference to the child of such parent (s) or
(v) Single Parent i.e. divorced/widow/widower/unmarried: - The
School may give preference to admit child of such single parent.
(vi) Management Quota – School may have a management quota
which shall not exceed twenty percent of the total seats available
for admission in the class.
Schools can also fix additional parameters but are required to stipulate a
point system for each criteria/parameter
15. The admission criteria adopted by the school shall be made by the
Managing Committee and be finalized with the prior approval of the
Directorate of Education. The final approval/ disapproval shall be
communicated to the concerned school within four weeks from the date
of receipt of request from the school concerned.
16. Every school shall make public the approved admission criteria
adopted by it, on its website (where available), prospectus and Notice
17. The school shall not change, alter or modify its approved admission
criteria during the admission process in an academic session.
18. An Admission Committee under the chair personship of the Principal
of the school shall be constituted with the following, as members:-
(i) Two representatives from the parent(s) or guardian(s) in
the Managing Committee/ PTA;
(ii) Headmaster/Headmistress of the school/In charge of the
primary section.
19. The functions of the Admission Committee shall be as follows: -

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(a) Overall monitoring of the admission process;
(b) Conducting the draw of lots, if required, in a transparent
manner in front of parents or guardian and all members
of the Admission Committee;
(c) Ensuring that the norms and criteria specified by the
school for admission are objectively applied to determine
the admission.
(d) Ensuring that the time schedule and other stipulations in
the admission procedure are fully adhered to;
(e) Attending to the complaints, if any, in an impartial manner
and taking remedial and corrective manners.
20. Special Provision for the session commencing April 2008 :-
i) In case the Management of any school finds that the
school does not have any vacancy for pre - primary class
for academic session starting from April 2008, then, it shall
notify the same on its website, prospectus and notice
board, respectively and shall also inform the Deputy
Director of the District concerned, in writing, by 15th
ii) All children who have been given admission for academic
year 2007-08 in a class lower to pre-primary class shall
move to the pre-primary class for the academic session
starting from April 2008.
21. There shall be one year of pre -primary class in every school. A
class of one year duration preceding this called pre -school may be setup
as a neighboring pre-school and the Education Department shall
frame the guidelines in this regard, in consultation with experts. The
schools which are already running pre -school class may continue to do
so subject to the following conditions:

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(a) Every child admitted to pre-school shall be of minimum
three years by 31st March of the year in which admission
is being sought;
(b) The schools shall frame their own guidelines for admission
to pre-school class and the same criteri a as for admission
to the pre-primary level may be adopted, until such time as
the guidelines for pre-schools are framed;
Explanation: - For the purposes of this clause, the ages stipulated for
entry into standard one, pr e-primary class and pre school class are the
minimum ages and there is no bar to children older than the ages
specified in this clause being given admission to these classes.
22. Monitoring by Education Department:-Every school shall furnish a
soft copy, and hard copy of the information in clause 5 of this Order ,
duly signed by the Principal , to the Deputy Director (Education) of the
District concerned by 30th November, who shall ensure that this is
placed on the web-site of the Education Department
23. A copy of the adopted criteria as approved by Management
Committee shall be submitted in the office of the c oncerned Deputy
Director by 30th November, for approval/disapproval.
24. Every school shall furnish detailed information r egarding admissions
made in the pre-primary class, on the Reporting Form in Form II and
District Deputy Director of Education shall put the same on the website
of Education Department for public viewin g.
25. A Monitoring Cell shall be constituted in each district under the
Chairmanship of the District Deputy Director, who shall look into
complaints regarding admission and shall also conduct regular

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inspections to ensure that the process is hassle free , objective and
26. Any non-compliance of the above Order shall be viewed seriously
and necessary action shall be taken as per the provisions of the Delhi
School Education Act & Rules 1973.
By order and in the name of the Lt. Governor of the
National Capital Territory of Delhi,
Joint Secretary

Original copy of order can be downloaded from Directorate of Education website.