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March 8, 2017

Parent to Parent : Appeal to parents who got admission in more than one school

 Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18
-: Appeal from Delhi Parents:-

Fellow Delhi Parents 
who got admission in more than one school

We are getting requests from many parents to request fellow parents to please submit the withdrawal application (follow the applicable withdrawal procedure) at school as soon as possible so that other parents and their kids can get the seat.

Although the "un-confirmed" seats would be released by the cut-off date in coming weeks but an early release would help other parents who did not get a single seat anywhere yet. 

You have nothing to lose but your withdrawal at early stage would be timely help for all other parents.

If you have released, or wish to release any extra seats in any school, please do share the school name if possible (do NOT share child/parent details, or names please), so that others can see some ray of hope!

January 21, 2017

Delhi parents confused about ‘ever-changing’ nursery admission norms - Nursery Admissions Delhi 2107-18

The Delhi High Court on Friday stayed the government’s nursery admission notification that made it mandatory for private unaided minority schools to admit students in the unreserved category on the basis of neighbourhood criteria.

Private unaided minority schools have welcomed the Delhi High Court’s decision that allows them to omit government’s nursery admission guidelines, but parents say the ever changing norms confuse them.
The Delhi High Court on Friday stayed the government’s nursery admission notification that made it mandatory for private unaided minority schools to admit students in the unreserved category on the basis of neighbourhood criteria.
“We welcome the order. Minority schools have always had autonomy but these facts were overlooked by the government. The government’s criteria on nursery admissions unnecessarily cost us money, time and effort,” said Michael Williams, dean of Mount Caramel schools.
Some parents have filled forms for a few of these schools, and are now wondering if they have to fill new forms.
“I have applied to some minority schools and now I am confused. Will I have to fill forms again if schools decide to form their own guidelines? The government brings changes at the last moment, and then schools go to the courts, causing problems for parents,” said Model Town resident Sakshi Tomar.
Another parent Shantadru Santral said, “There are 5-6 minority schools around my house, and I have applied to them all. But now these schools will decide their own criteria, so I am confused if they will have an upper age limit or not because the government’s notification says there should be no upper age limit.”
Three private unaided minority schools – Mount Carmel School, Ryan International School and Somerville School – had moved the court contending that the circular infringed on their rights to admit students.
Sisodia lashes out
Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia lashed out at private unaided schools, saying schools which “make money by selling seats” should rather sell “jalebis” if they want to make profit.
Private unaided schools and minority schools have approached the courts against government’s nursery guidelines.
“In the nursery admission case, some private schools are giving such reasoning which clearly shows that their business of selling seats is failing. Who doesn’t know that some of the private schools built on DDA sell each nursery seat for Rs 10-15 lakh,” he said in a series of tweets.

July 21, 2009

A cooler before nursery admision heat turns on next season

With no monsoon in sight this year and Delhi is drying up with everlasting heat blow Delhi Government has announced that they are going to increase upto 10 seats in every class from nursery to class 5 in all govt schools from the this academic session.

In a media release dear education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely mentioned that a circular has been issued to the concerned schools and this change would ensure 35,000 more seats in 375 Sarvodaya Vidyalayas for students from nursery to Class 5 grades. Hence 50 students would be admitted in the primary section of each government schools.

I guess this is a good step indeed as government schools were most sought-after by Delhites in view of the"excellent"performance shown by them in recent board results.

Good job minister!

February 18, 2008

Enough of Talking, it's time for Action!

We know you are harried by the whole nursery admission fiasco but what hurts us is that despite so many efforts from your side there has been no solution to this issue. Elections are round the corner and the Government of Delhi does not have time to worry about small things like education and all thanks to the inaction by the Government schools are making most of it.

You might be thinking that it’s over but wait and take note that the nursery admission monster is going to raise its ugly head once again next year. This time it will attack new kids since it is hell bent on crippling the Future of your Child.

If you want to help us in our efforts to slay the monster once and for all, if you are for better admission procedures, if you are for better infrastructure than come -
Join us to help “Shape the Future of India”....

To join, please enter your e-mail id below and click on "Join Us!" button. We shall be broadcasting the details very soon....

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January 11, 2008

A Parent's Agony - Dilli Se...

हम इस कहानी को यहीं खतम नहीं करना चाहते! खास कर जब हमें दुसरे अभिभावकों की सद्भावना और सहायता मिल रही है। ये कहानी एक परिवार, एक बच्चे की नहीं, बल्कि हज़ारों, लाखों परिवारों की है, उनके बच्चों की है। हमें मालूम है कि हमारी तरह बहुत से माता पिता इस परेशानी से गुज़र रहे हैं।

आज (११-जनवरी-2008) एक पिता ने, जो श्री राम वाटिका में 'ग्रुप मीटिंग' कर के आ रह था, बताया कि सच तो ये है के मेने सब स्कूलों में फॉर्म भरें हैं, अब प्रिंसिपल के इस सवाल का ज़वाब क्या हो के मैंने "श्री राम वाटिका क्यों चुना ?"

हमने एक शुरुआत की थी इस एक सच्ची कहानी से, और इस कहानी में आज एक और पन्ना जुडा है। आज हम ये प्रण करते हैं की हर इस कहानी को सब के सामने लाया जाएगा। हर कोशिश नाकाम न जाये ये हम सब कि दुआ है। हर बच्चे को एक अच्छा स्कूल मिले....हर वो सपना सच हो जो उसके लिए माता पिता ने संजोया है।


True Story#1 from parents: "Untitled..."
I thought that I will take this blog to a new level and probably will help change the politics behind admissions but seems like it is not as easy as it seems. I even thought of filing PIL (also suggested by few visitors on this blog) but as we all know even PIL is not an easy way out, high courts are not accepting PILs and has given their own limitations.

Don’t know if my kid would get admission in pre-primary in any of the schools in Delhi, I have forgotten of all my dreams of getting him a good school from day one…
I wonder sometimes, why I have to compromise in life, why my innocent child is forced to compromise for no reason. Why a stupid fault in the system will go down our life which will keep coming as nightmare for rest of the life.

Why can’t we have intelligent politicians that put some brain before they take any decisions? I go to schools and see poor parents standing in the lines to get forms, and other are standing to submit forms. No one is really looking confident, and I am sure none of us can understand why schools are allowed to have different form formats? Why different schools are asking for different supporting documents and that too in their own way (self attested, attested by gazetted officer, just plain photo-copies and so on…).

I am a poor parent like 1000 out there who is earning good my family belongs to general class, has raised a healthy first child, I have spent over 5000 rupees in buying admission forms and still not sure if my kid will get admission in any school this year.

Here I am, the typical Indian parent, now for the future of my 4 year kid I am ready to pay anyone a good amount who can promise me admission in school for my kid…

True Story#2 from parents: "My Poor Child"
As I type this, I hear you playing downstairs, so happily, so cheerfully, so unaware of the hundreds of vicious people in those schools out there who will give negative marks to you and me. Me for not being a Govt servant, not being on transfer, not being a post-graduate. You for not being first-born, not being physically-handicapped, not being a girl.

Play on, my child, play on.

These arrogant people - these Principals and Head-mistresses and Head-masters who will determine your next 14 years of life this month with a flick of their pens or at the flick of a cheque - don't matter. You still are my most wonderful child.