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February 3, 2008

Vivek Summit, Patel Nagar - asking for guarantee?

School's motto on paper: "Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success"

School's motto in reality: "Guarantee, money and business-mind are the three essentials to success"

This school has defined it all wrongly, this school is playing with “Purity” they claim, “Patience” is their last priority; “Perseverance” is left to Parents to work on.

Some of the humiliated parents have reported that this school is asking for original birth certificate issued by MCD, until the child passes XII standard from Manav Sthali School.

What a torture!!! I am asking parents to come forward and let’s report this matter to DOE and concerned person. If anyone has such type of concrete cases, with data and are willing to come forward please let me know I am ready to accompany you, help you and walk that distance that you feel you can’t do it alone. I feel ashamed of this and feel disgusted.

Thanks for reporting the matter, let’s get such people behind bars and teach such business minded people a good lesson of life.

If school authorities, management are reading this, and they think they cave a single valid reason for asking such guarantee, please share with all of us.