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March 8, 2017

Parent to Parent : Appeal to parents who got admission in more than one school

 Nursery Admissions Delhi 2017-18
-: Appeal from Delhi Parents:-

Fellow Delhi Parents 
who got admission in more than one school

We are getting requests from many parents to request fellow parents to please submit the withdrawal application (follow the applicable withdrawal procedure) at school as soon as possible so that other parents and their kids can get the seat.

Although the "un-confirmed" seats would be released by the cut-off date in coming weeks but an early release would help other parents who did not get a single seat anywhere yet. 

You have nothing to lose but your withdrawal at early stage would be timely help for all other parents.

If you have released, or wish to release any extra seats in any school, please do share the school name if possible (do NOT share child/parent details, or names please), so that others can see some ray of hope!

January 24, 2017

Soon nursery and pre-primary classes will be introduced in close to 450 Delhi government schools- Nursery Admissions 2017-18

Image Source: HT 
Delhi govt schools to start pre-primary classes.Soon nursery and pre-primary classes will be introduced in close to 450 Delhi government schools. The government is planning to introduce these classes in all 447 Sarvodaya schools under the Directorate of Education. The government plans to start these classes in phases with 150 schools from the upcoming academic session in April.
Nursery admissions in the national capital have always been a struggle with the only option for parents being the private schools.
“There are 447 Sarvodaya schools under the Directorate of Education (DOE), out of which KG (pre-primary) class is being run in 404 schools. The department proposes to introduce nursery class in these schools and start KG class in the schools where the same is not at present run,” read a DOE statement.
Officials said that by 2018 academic session, all 447 schools will have nursery and pre-primary classes. “We should be able to introduce nursery and pre-primary classes in all Sarvodaya schools by next year,” it read.
Saumya Gupta, director DOE, has issued directions to the officials to identify schools where these classes can be started and has asked them to give specific reasons for those schools where these classes are not recommended to start.
“After identifying the schools, estimates should be obtained from executing agencies (PWD/DTTDC/DSIIDC) for renovation, restructuring and refurbishing of classrooms for Nursery/KG sections as per requirements prepared in consultation with SCERT,” the document said.
“The Planning Branch to process file for increasing the norms of financial grant given for starting pre-primary classes from the present Rs 1 lakh to a practical amount commensurate with actual requirements.
“Duties and responsibilities of both the teachers of each Nursery and KG class should be clearly prescribed to ensure proper utilisation of the teaching staff,” it added.
DOE has directed that the proper functioning of primary sections should be monitored and an in-charge should be designated with clearly defined duties and responsibilities.


August 10, 2015

HDFC School,Gurgaon - Nursery Admissions 2016-17

Admission Guidelines for Academic Session 2016-2017

Admissions open for Pre-nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten, Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV and Class V

Age Criteria

Entry Age (as on March 31, 2016)
PRE-NURSERY 2 yrs 4 months
NURSERY 3 yrs 4 months
KINDERGARTEN 4 yrs 4 months

Click here for more details.

February 7, 2009

Schools have enough seats!

Yes, Delhi has enough seats to accommodate all nursery kids! I guess this is what our education minister said last year and I am sure they vouch the same even for this year as well, because they always count gverment schools also in their total available seats for te session.
According to the DOE, the problem is with the choice of parents, as eveyone wants their kid to go to one of that top schools only. Unless Govt is going to improving the infrastructure and quality of education in govt schools the problem with admissions will remain as is.

February 5, 2009

No seats? There is still some hope….

Your ward did not get seat anywhere? I know how frustrating this could be as I myself have lived thru it in 2007-2008 session. Many parents who thought that they would get a seat becaue fo their links, status, designation and had applied to top 3-5 schools only, are worst hit as they are now having minimum chances of getting to any school.
I have been suggesting this on many platforms (my blog, my articles in media, my handbook on Nursery Admission in Delhi, and also in interviews with Radio City…as well) that apply to as many school as you can as that would at least increase your chances. Anyways, the battle is not lost……!!
We observed last year that many schools has some HIDDEN-UNDISCLOSED seats and they filled them after the dust got settled, they started calling parents (probably picked randomly from the waitlidted candidates) and offered them seats (for no extra money! and not sure some schools amy have accpet money as well- who knows….. you know how all these things work benind the doors)
So this could be one hope for few parents and more-over, expect that some wards may have got admission in multiple schools and they are going to keep one seat only and will withdraw from other school and that would give way to some other lucky ward there….and by the way……trust me this worked for me and for few parents to whom i sugested this, if you know such lucky parents, offer them to accompany you when they are going to submit the withdrawal application, you can meet the admission officer and request them to enroll your kid for that NOW vacant seat.
Aprart from this, you can try getting in touch with admission officer yourself and seerequest them to call you if there is any vacant seat….

January 3, 2009

Nursery seats are for sale?

Last year many prominent schools “sold” few seats to various parents and names of these schools are well known to all Delhi parents….I guess….and rates were ranging from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000
I was just wondering if anyone of parents have heard any such thing this year as well.
Many have been throwing the names of Amity International, Modern School, Ryan International and also DPS but really no clear evidence have been produced and the reason could be that one who might have paid would not like to expose it as this might put their seat at risk in that school.

June 29, 2008

New stories....on old topic.....

TIMELINE of 2008-2009 Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Nursery Admissions begin in Delhi....... Sep 07
Nursery Admissions Guidelines are out... Oct 07
Parents worries start for admissions.... Nov 07
Confusion over Admissions process....... Dec 07
Parents help parents through internet... Jan 08
Admission lists are out and parents in trouble... Feb 08
First ever nursery admission helpline started for parents by parents...Mar 08
Schools open...few get to school, and other make important decisions...Apr 08
No news, no stories in media and no real work being done by DOE....... Jun 08

Lots of things were planned by parents, some joined hands and came forward but lack of real support made it difficlt to continue with helpline. Parents blamed that media was more interested in "stories" than anything else. They chased parents to get "breaking" stories but I guess we all could certainly do better if we all could have met at least few more times and hold our spirits higher.

The spark is still there, fire will broke out again and helpless parents will start running around but do you think govt. has learned a lesson from this year's faliure? No! because they dont think that it was a faliure....they have made history.

We here are planning to launch this again at a bigger level this time, we are inviting parents (as usual) and for a change, we are involving teachers, principals, and schools (all sort of schools) who think a like on this education, admissions system and are willing to make a difference. Hope the efforts will go in right direction....ameeen!


April 1, 2008

Congratulations on your (n your kid's) 1st day at school

Congratulations on the first day at school and here are some tips, suggestions that you may find useful in preparing yourself and your kid to new school, new friends, and a new milestone if the life.

Whether it's first day at a school nursery, or first day at pre-primary school, it's going to be an emotional time, and hopefully an exciting time is a big day! You might find you're more nervous than they are! But whether your child is laid-back or nervous about starting school this day is a real milestone in both of your lives. Your child may be anxious about what to expect on the first day at school.

If so, one way of helping them is to talk through their fears:
+explain where they'll be going, what they'll be doing, and for how long
+answer questions, and iron out any fears by asking what they think the school might be like
+emphasise the things they may enjoy doing
+Don't dismiss your child's fears - things that seem obvious or silly to an adult can seem like terrible obstacles to a five year old.

ips for starting school...
+For that first day, remember to find the camera the night before and put it out ready!
+Talk to your child about what they will do if they need the toilet or want a drink of water during the day - who they should tell. You will probably be able to go in with them and you can show them where the toilets are and where they will put their coat.
+Trousers with an elasticated waist, and socks rather than tights for girls, might be easier to start with. If they need a belt, the snake elasticated ones with 'S' buckles just pull up and down with the trousers. There's lots more clothing tips on the 'getting ready for school' page.
+Make sure they can undo their lunchbox themselves, and cope with their clothing - check it fits before that first morning! As it gets colder, you will need to help them learn to put on their coat and do it up, or it will take them ages to get out at playtime!
+You might occasionally want to take an apple or raisins to eat on the way home if the journey is a bit of a trek - help boost their energy levels. Some mums do this everyday for the first year or so.
+Expect them to be tired and perhaps a bit grumpy at home as they get used to the new routine!
+If you have a younger child too, they might find it strange that the older one is gone for longer periods now. Plan to make a special fuss of them - give them lots of attention until you all get used to it!
+Try to say hello to a different mum every day as you collect (not easy to do, but just stand nearby and make a friendly comment - see what happens!). Or if you're feeling shy, just smile a lot and people will talk to you. Once you've got to know a few people it gets easier for you and for the children.
Courtsey: WWW

March 16, 2008

Question many parents have been asking...and noone has answer!

Father of a girl child came with this analysis and I thought it would be useful to share with you all, he writes:

While my daughter has got admission in school of choice I guess I was lucky and I feel for the others who haven’t been so lucky. One particular thing that draws my attention is that while all the schools came out with the first list adhering to the points system, there hasn’t been any such second or third list of any significance.

Without naming the schools if we grade 4 schools as : A , B, C, D

And assume that all these schools are in the same vicinity ( say within a range of 8 -10 kms) it is obvious that a child getting admission in A,B and/or C will surely get admitted in A.

I have done a study of such schools out of sheer curiosity and found that the number of such overlapping seats would be around 15-20 whereas they have admitted only 7-8 from the second list.

Actually second lists were announced after the fee submission dates of A and B was over. Both A&B had fee submissions dates more or less overlapping each other.

So where does those seats go???

March 5, 2008

Pre-School, Pre-Primary seats available at Shemrock International, Dyal Bagh (Delhi Border)

Pre-School and Pre-Primary seats are available at Shemrock International, Faridabad. The details of this school are as below:

Address (close to Delhi Border):

Dyal Bagh, Nr. Charmwood Village,
Faridabad, Haryana
95129-4092600, 601

January 25, 2008

Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, Panchsheel Park - baby's day out!

Apeejay School, (Sheikh Sarai, Saket and Pitam Pura) has come out with their first list, I am sure by now most of us have got used to "not seeing" their lil' ones on the lists.

Congratulations to all those who have made to this list!! :)

The cut-off (score of the kid who is last on the selection list) is 65 marks. Myself being computer nurd, I keep doing experiments with the stuff I come across on net, and to my surprise, the school site of prone to "hacking" which is really a bad bad thing. This is hard-core programming stuff, has nothing to do with Nursery Admissions as such ;)

I am planning to inform the school tomorrow about this vulnerability so that they can secure the site information. Spyder is not that bad either - I am after schools for voilating norms and after DOE and Mr. Lovely so letting them do . Can't help it!

Just FYI, my kid also "failed" to make it to Apeejay (7 down out of 19, 12 more to go...) currently he is not aware of what we are going thru for his admission to a bigger school. He is busy playing "Need for Speed" on my laptop and can easily drive the car thru rough pathces on road....I am still learning on the roads of life though...

Problems/issues reported by parents and data verified from the school site:
It is confirmed that Apeejay (Saket, Sheikh Sarai and Pitam Pura - all three) has done soemething fishy with the list. There are kids with 40, 45, 50 marks who are on the selection list and there are those with 50, 58, 54 who have not made it to the list.

We are sending e-mail to school, lets see what resposne we get, if you have reported the problem to the school and have any info/response from school (any tele conv, mails etc), please share it with us. If we don't hear back from school within next 24 hours, let's see what can be done here!

Media? Interested? We have real data! You know my e-mail id - right?

January 12, 2008

Survey results are shocking...we really need to think about it!

We conducted a survey and we had received almost 32 replies from parents within last 3 days. The results are very shocking and in fact reflect the kind of frustration and confusion every parent is going through. Here are the details:

As you can see, only 4% say that they will try Govt. school, so Mr. Lovely has a reason to smile as he can always come back and say that there are plenty of seats available in Govt. schools but parents are not willing to send their kids/wards to these schools.

Almost 40% parents ready to give bribe (well read ‘donation’) to the school/management in order to get that ‘one’ seat for their kid. Some parents (12%) think that they can plan shifting out of Delhi (to nearby regions) as they can get a seat there.

The most worrying part is that larger section of our community (62%) still doesn’t know what to do…if they don’t get a seat in Delhi.

January 11, 2008

The Banyan Tree School (Lodhi Complex) - Parents Interaction

Here are updates from The Banyan Tree School (Nr. Sai Mandir, Lodhi Complex, New Delhi) - Parents Interaction held today:

Overview: Very well organized, the parents who attended interaction at Birla Vidya Mandir would easily get it as it was more or less the same, except that parents had to face two 'interviewers' (sorry read teachers). It was very well organized in terms of time slots, waiting areas, attendents etc. Per reports, it was taking approx. 20-30 mins (school gate entry-exit time) which is pretty much okie. Per reports from parents we came to know that teachers greeted them as they entered and were very friendly. They made it clear that this interaction will not attract any additional points.

Bad things about interaction:
  1. Interviewers (sorry again, please read 'teachers') were asking questions, so in all it can be called interview.
  2. Majority of the parents have reported that they did not check documents in front of them, instead they fired questions to parents.

January 10, 2008

Need help from my peer Parents


We have got tie-up with online media and we are planning to bring violation to attention of other parents and person responsible at DOE and Govt. This online media will publish the details anonymously so complete privacy will be maintained.

We need help from you all, please submit the information, news that you know, or are aware of anyvoilations taking place.

E.g: There are schools are asking for Rs. 20000/- or simillar deposit for registration which is non-refundable, or asking for documents that are vague and so on.

As some parents reported us that St Mary's school is charging Rs 20K at the time of form submission, but we dont know the exact address of school, so if someone can help us find the exact information we can really tap them, expose them for the sake of our community and our kids.

Please send your information to and myself being parent of 3 yr old, I respect and assure the privacy in all communication to this mail id.

Or, you can post the comments here as well under any name you like.

Many thanks to all parents! Our efforts have been paid off!
Our collective efforts have been noticed and we were in Hindustan Times - Delhi Edition (Jan 10, 2008, See Page No. 6). I am getting so many e-mails from parents.

Thanks to everyone for helping us!

Delhi Nursery Admissions: Annoying issues! Who is responsible?

I've also noticed so many annoying issues for which i was really looking for a platform to share my views.

My first frustration is WE are made to buy the prospectus worth Rs. 250-800 each but still in that no school has given idea of its fee- structure. We are middle class people and have to do future planning for our investments in which child's monthly school expense will be counted. If I know in advance that a particular school will charge how much amount of fee it will be easy for us to take decision whether to apply in that school or not.

Second thing I think is that for all schools there should be a same date of declaring of lists so as to avoid confusion and submitting non refundable fees in 2-3 schools.

My third worry is the schools asking about the schooling of parents, what if the parents are well educated in post graduation and are in good jobs but hail from Govt. schools, as in our time education was the priority not the school name. I think schools should not ask parents this question in their interaction.

Please share your views on this.

January 5, 2008

Ryan Internation - thinking out of the box!

When DOE is trying to streamline the admissions procedure across schools, Ryan International has taken it to the next level......

Ryan international is asking for thumb size photo graphs for nursery admissions. Passport size photograph is a norm across all schools except Ryan, so if at all you are planning to apply in Ryan, make sure you have thumb size photograph of your little one.

And bytheway...they are also asking for Family Pic! Oh my God! What the hell is going on all around............

December 14, 2007

New Green Field Schools, Saket and Alaknanda - Admissions Open

New Green Field Schools, Saket and Alaknanda branches have opened admissions for Pre-School and Pre-Primary today. Detail are available at school and in today's HT - Delhi Edition.

Unfortunately the school site (be careful!!!) is full of spam scripts and it's being blocked by anti-virus tools. If you dont have a good anti-virus installed on your machine - DO NOT OPEN THIS SITE!!!

December 13, 2007

December 12, 2007

Message from Directorate of Education

Sandeep Kumar has joined as Director of DOE on 11th Dec 2007. He has been very impressive with her message as he says:

"I would deffinately like to see the initiatives already taken reach a logical conclusion"

I wish he is thinking of 2008-2009 Nursery Admissions when he said this.

You can read his complete message here.