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December 28, 2018

Is EWS/DG admissions delayed? - Delhi Nursery Admission

Sanjay Goel, Director of the DoE, said that they will wait for private schools to release their first list of general category students which is scheduled for February 4, 2019, before releasing the EWS/DG candidates’ list.

Delhi’s directorate of education (DoE) will announce the schedule and guidelines for nursery admission to around 1,700 private unaided and recognised schools under the economically weaker sections and disadvantaged groups (EWS/DG) category in the first week of January.

“The notification for EWS/DG admissions is likely to be announced around January 5. There is no point of releasing the notification earlier because private schools will admit general category and EWS/DG students in 3:1 ratio. If we release the selected list of EWS/DG students before the schools release the general category lists, the students will be put on the waitlist,” he said.

As per the right to education (RTE) Act, 25% seats in entry level classes-- nursery, kindergarten (KG) and Class 1---are reserved for the EWS/DG category candidates in all private schools, excluding the minority institutions. Children whose parents earn lower than Rs 1 lakh a year can apply for admission under the category.
According to officials at the DoE, the department is yet to collect the data on exact number of available EWS/DG seats in private schools across the city.

“The deputy district educations (DDEs) officers are assigned this duty. The directorate of education director had also asked officers of all 13 districts to speed up the process,” said an official.

Last year, the directorate of education had announced admissions on 48,122 seats reserved under the EWS/DG category. However, around 13,000 seats were lying vacant till October. The DoE did not disclose the updated data after that.

The admission on these reserved seats is carry out by the DoE centrally. The parents have to fill the forms online after which the directorate of education conduct a computerized lottery to allot seats to the candidates.

(Source: Fareeha Iftikhar Hindustan Times, New Delhi,

December 22, 2018

Special 1268 Seats Available for DG Category - Nursery Admission 2019-20

DOE has issued a fresh updated declaring that special 1268 seats are open for grab under DG category, as they could not be filled from last session. Here is the copy of the notice issued.

Important dates are as below -
1) Online application form available from 22nd December 2018
2) Last date to submit online application is 24th December 2018
3) Date of draw is 26th December 2018

March 3, 2018

Kendriya Vidyalayas - Class 1, Nursery Admissions Open!

The admission to Class I in Kendriya Vidyalayas is set to begin from Thursday and will continue till March 19, while admissions for Class II and above will be held from April 2 to 9.

While registration for Class II and above will be conducted only if vacancies exist in the respective classes, admission forms for Class XI will be available as soon as the CBSE result is declared, depending on vacancies in the KVs.

As per the guidelines, preference will be given to the wards of current and former servicemen in all KVs. An upper age limit has also been set for applicants of all classes — with 5-7 years set for students of Class I; Class X students applying for admission must be between 14 and 16 years, as per the guidelines. All ages will be counted as on March 31, though an applicant born in April 1 will also be considered.

Meanwhile, an age relaxation of 2 years has been granted to students with disabilities, should the principal deem fit.

The KVs also have reservations for SC/ST candidates in all fresh admissions. Besides this, the 25% reservation for EWS students, as mandatory under the RTE has also been earmarked. For differently-abled students another 3% of total seats has been ear marked.


December 19, 2017

FINAL Admission Schedule/Dates - Nursery Admissions 2018-2019 brings you straight answers to your Nursery Admission related questions for Session 2018-2019
(LAST UPDATED on 19th Dec)

Here we bring you the FINAL Admission Schedule for Session 2018-2019:

The Nursery Admission Schedule is Announced by DOE on 19th Dec, and the dates are as below -
Details Expected Date
School Uploading of admission criteria and points on DOE website
(Click here for exclusive link to expected Points & Criteria)
(but expect delays)
DOE/School Commencement of admission process 27-Dec-2017
School Commencement of availability of admission forms (online or at school) 27-Dec-2017
Parents Last date of submission of filled admission forms (online or at school as applicable for each school) 17-Jan-2018
School Submit marks/points scored by each applicant to DOE 08-Feb-2018
School Publish FIRST list of selected applicants/students 15-Feb-2018
School Publish SECOND list of selected applicants/students 28-Feb-2018
School Publish FINAL list of selected applicants/students 15-Mar-2018
SchoolClosure of admission process31-Mar-2018

Also check our other post "All You Need to Know : Nursery Admissions 2018-19" for a ready summary of what you need to know for Nursery Admissions in Delhi

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December 20, 2016

December 22, 2015

Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj - Delhi , Nursery Admission 2016-17

Total no. of seats 200
Number of seats available under General Category 100 (50%)
                                                                                     (98+2seats for children with special needs)
Number of seats available under Management Category 40 (20%)
Number of seats available under Staff Category 10 (05%)
Number of seats available under E.W.S & Disadvantaged Category 50 (25%)


Commencement of admission process 01st January 2016 (Friday)

Commencement of availability of application form for admission 01st January 2016 (Friday)

Last date of submission of application form in school 22nd January 2016 (Friday) till 5.00 P.M

Uploading details of children who apply for admission under open seats 30th January 2016 (Saturday) 5.00 P.M

Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats 05th February 2016 (Friday) 5.00 P.M

The date for displaying the first list of selected Candidates (including Waiting List) (along with marks allotted under point system) 15th February 2016 (Monday) 5.00 P.M

The date for displaying the second list of selected Candidates (if any) (including Waiting List) (along with marks allotted under point system) 29th February 2016 (Monday) 5.00 P.M

Closure of Admission Process 31/03/2016 (Thursday)

Parameters for Open Seats (other than EWS & Disadvantaged Group) 

Age : 3+ as on 31-03-2016
Date of Birth : 01st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.
(a) Neighbourhood ; 40 points
0-15 Km 40 points
Above 15 Km 00 points
(b) Sibling ; 30 points 30 points will be awarded in case of a real brother / sister currently studying at DPS Vasant Kunj only.
(c) School Alumni ; 20 points For parents who have passed Class X or XII from any DPS (core school) that is owned by the DPS Society.
Father = 10, Mother = 10, both = 20
(d) Gender ; 05 points Girl child / first child
(e) Single Parent ; 05 points Widow / widower / Divorcee

All documents listed below should be produced in original at the time of verification & scrutiny of registration forms. 

Open Seats (other than EWS & Disadvantaged Group)

i) Neighbourhood : 
a) Ration card issued in the name of parents (Mother/Father having name of child).
b) Domicile Certificate of child or of his/her parents.
c) Voter I-Card (EPIC) of any of the parents.
 d) Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill/Water bill//Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
e) Aadhaar card/UID card issued in the name of any of the parents.

ii) Sibling :
 Identity Card / Latest Fee Bill of the sibling issued by the school office for 2015-16.

iii) Alumni : 
In case of Alumni, a copy of the passing certificate of AISSCE (Class X / XII) issued by CBSE.

iv) Gender :
Affidavit with regard to first born child as per the given format.

v) Single Parent : 
Valid legal proof of his / her single status (death certificate and undertaking of single status).

vi) Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation (Original Certificate will be submitted in the school).

source: school website

October 11, 2009

Delhi Update: Admissions Open in Several Schools - UPDATED!

 Here starts the great Nursery Admissions Fair also known as "Nursery Admissions in Delhi"

Several schools have announced the admissions dates for October month for Nursery Admissions for session 2010-2011 and majority of these schools are from would want to get over this early on to avoid rush at later stage, as I had written in my previous article that give a positive angle to the admissions process that what some of the admissions experts have been trying to push in parents minds. Read that article here: "Admissions Starting Early? Do we really have a problem!?"

Some of the leading schools are:

Some more Delhi schools are about to announce their dates and we can hope to get a more comprehensive schedule of dates before Diwali time.

We have been publishing the consolidated admissions events on Nursery Admissions community for Parents, the one stop shop for all admissions related updates, so that you need not to "follow" some groups, posts or need not to go confusing sites to find right admissions information. It's clean and straight forward - just plain nursery admissions information and nothing else.

What more? We have also put all newspaper ads that schools are releasing in major newspapers in Delhi on the site so that you dont even have to scan your trash to find those ads, you can find all those nursery admission ads/advts here.

Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome. Just in case you see I have missed any ad- please let me know so that I can put it in the stack so other can also benefit from it.

September 10, 2009

Nursery Admission Dates for 2010-2011 Session

Confused when which school in Delhi/NCR is going to open admissions? Here we have a calendar of dates from all (well almost all) Delhi and NCR schools. Most of the schools are captured if the ads have appeared in any of the leading Delhi newspapers.

You can access the complete calendar at Nursery Admission Community site or directly at
Nursery Admission Dates for 2010-2011 Session

If you are using BlackBerry or Outlook to access your emails and events you can get live updates with in your Gmail,Outlook or BlackBerry by adding this URL:

Good Luck!

February 5, 2009

No seats? There is still some hope….

Your ward did not get seat anywhere? I know how frustrating this could be as I myself have lived thru it in 2007-2008 session. Many parents who thought that they would get a seat becaue fo their links, status, designation and had applied to top 3-5 schools only, are worst hit as they are now having minimum chances of getting to any school.
I have been suggesting this on many platforms (my blog, my articles in media, my handbook on Nursery Admission in Delhi, and also in interviews with Radio City…as well) that apply to as many school as you can as that would at least increase your chances. Anyways, the battle is not lost……!!
We observed last year that many schools has some HIDDEN-UNDISCLOSED seats and they filled them after the dust got settled, they started calling parents (probably picked randomly from the waitlidted candidates) and offered them seats (for no extra money! and not sure some schools amy have accpet money as well- who knows….. you know how all these things work benind the doors)
So this could be one hope for few parents and more-over, expect that some wards may have got admission in multiple schools and they are going to keep one seat only and will withdraw from other school and that would give way to some other lucky ward there….and by the way……trust me this worked for me and for few parents to whom i sugested this, if you know such lucky parents, offer them to accompany you when they are going to submit the withdrawal application, you can meet the admission officer and request them to enroll your kid for that NOW vacant seat.
Aprart from this, you can try getting in touch with admission officer yourself and seerequest them to call you if there is any vacant seat….