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March 5, 2008

Pre-School, Pre-Primary seats available at Shemrock International, Dyal Bagh (Delhi Border)

Pre-School and Pre-Primary seats are available at Shemrock International, Faridabad. The details of this school are as below:

Address (close to Delhi Border):

Dyal Bagh, Nr. Charmwood Village,
Faridabad, Haryana
95129-4092600, 601

December 19, 2007

The facts abouts Shemrock, Kalkaji, New Delhi

I never thought that I would be writing about any play school on my, until one of my very close friend reported this to me. It was really hard to believe his words because whatever he described was no way close to what I (and most of the Delhites) know as Shemrock now days.

Here are some top concerns reported against Shemrock, Kalkaji:

  • School doesn’t take kids out for any outdoor activities. Kids have never been taken to nearby parks even.
  • School usually sends monthly event calendar in the middle of the month and sometimes it reaches to parents after in the 2nd, 3rd week of the month.
  • Recently most of the play schools have been giving parents some clues, information on print (like list of schools in Delhi with their contact information) regarding pre-school, pri-primary admissions but this school has not extended any such help to parents.
    Parents those have tried to approach the owner (franchisee owner) of this Shemrock School with their complaints, the principal has started misbehaving with those parents.
  • School organized one teacher-parent meet in last one calendar year (2007). When parents requested principal that they want to see class teacher, she refused saying that parents can only meet teachers during teacher-parent meets.
  • School has been found locked at 9am and parents/vans along with kids have to wait at school gates until principal comes and opens the lock. As kids enter the school, the maid/sweepers start cleaning the school and kids have to suffer the dust which is a well known health hazard.
  • Vans that are operating for pickup and drops of kids doesn’t have any assistant/teacher and kids are on the sole mercy of drivers that drive rash and kids usually have challenge to balance themselves in the vans journey to school. Matter has been reported to principal many times but all in vain.
These issues were reported to me by one of the parents and his one year experience with this school. If someone has any different or may be similar opinion about this school, please do share the same for the benefit of our fellow parents. Thanks!