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January 17, 2008

The truth behind nursery admissions in Delhi!

The story is known to everyone, parents have cried themselves hoarse over the issue, we have had everything from media to public participation over the Nursery Admission fiasco. The problem began when the DOE flouted vague guidelines regarding nursery admissions on 24th November 2007 (Order No. F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002 later revised in Dec 2007) which led to the rampant rule flouting by schools across Delhi. Since the guidelines were not very clear the schools got a chance to play with the guidelines and started there own modifications (read fiddling around with the rules). A number of them have been exposed here on; but it hasn’t been enough to move anybody to take a step in the interest of the tiny tots (who we all know are the future of the nation). The government’s reaction has been limited to the one off comment (Lovely proudly declaring that every student would get admission) where as the media has pitched in with a few articles here and another news story there (no blaming the media since the future of India is not a TRP or readership booster). The actual problem is that no body cares about the real problem; on a poll conducted here ( we asked the people “How many schools have you applied for?” we got shocking results:

You might ask what’s the relevance of my talking about this poll here; well for one it goes on to show the level of desperation among parents ( to the Delhi government – you are losing serious votes here). Now the question “who is listening to our plea?” the DOE is silent, the media doesn’t see a TRP cow in nursery admissions, the schools have become like Reliance Power IPO (oversubscribed) and the sad truth is nobody cares.

It’s our sincere plea to the government of Delhi and the media to please take note (a little bit of action would also come in handy).

Now the latest in the series of exposes about the schools and there football with DOE guidelines:

“SHRI RAM SCHOOL FARCE – As seen and reported by a harried parent”

Imagine as if this is your profile:
1) You are an Engineer, IIM Graduate with an excellent academic record
2) Your spouse has a profile similar to yours
3) You have represented India abroad on multiple occasions
3) You have won several National Level debates/contests/awards like “Technical Paper Contest, National Quiz, International Scholarship” etc.
4) You have certain 40 points (as per admissions criterion detailed out on admission form and school website)

Now, I think you would agree with me that you both can easily score at least 15 points in the interaction (some fellow parents like to call it GD, 'Cattle' Fair and so on) that was held at Sri Ram Vatika a few days back.

So in total you have good 55 points in Sri Ram School and the cut-off is 55 points (54 for the waiting list), but you are no where on that list?

What do you think they should do now? Does that selection criterion really make any sense to anyone out there?

We are opening a new poll today to help understand this problem, please give him the score that you think he would have scored looking at his profile (consider that he has good academic, extra-curricular record).