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March 4, 2008

Minutes of Meeting: Delhi Parents First Meet

FUTURE of INDIA Initiative - Delhi Parents First Meet
Minutes of Meeting

Date: Sunday 2nd March, 2008
Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM IST
Venue: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Total Invitees: 56
Accepted: 14
No. of participants: 8
Absent: 6

Minutes of the meeting can be found here. Next meeting will be held on Sunday 16th, Mar 08 or Sunday 23rd, Mar 08

Definitely no system can be improved in one meeting or probably two but a few can really change it for good. There are our initial efforts and we need your views, suggestions and queries on initiative and the discussion that we had in the first meeting. Please send your views, suggestions, queries to me at

Please join us in this mission and we need your support to make it success!

February 23, 2008

Managment quota seats are on sale thru dalals known to mgmt....

No one can deny this fact, the one who is selling such seats are only accepting it through "Education Dalaals" those are very close to the management.

One such person contacted me (not as Spyder of course) today - thru some 3rd party and it got confirmed as another friend of mine told me that he knows one such person who can get you a seat for Rs. 2,00,000 (INR Two Lakh Only) at Amity, Saket under management quota.

Amrita Vidyalayam is another such case, management quota seats are available for money (amount not known - will try to get the exact figure soon).

God damn it! Sahi business hai dost!

I had written a e-mails to various schools, principles, ministers and no replies except one school.

We can diffinately do something if we all come togather and raise voice.

February 7, 2008

Finally! Here is a case for DOE to solve! - Proof is attached NOW!!

UPDATED on 12-Feb-2008 at 9:00pm, we have attached the copy of Fax (see below) that was sent to DOE by parent and DOE has slept over this issue and probably many more such issues that went unreported.....

An issue reported by Mr. Gajendra Kumar:
School (Bluebells School International) have displayed the final list (most recent) on their website and my son's name is not there in the list.
I am also attaching file displayed by Bluebells on 14-01-08. My son Ojas Kumar's name was in this list (see S.No. 89). School just did not consider him in the second list because of age being 4+.

I made the complaints to Directorate of Education, but no response so far.

- Gajendra Kumar

Spyder: Thanks Mr. Gajendra for showing the courage and reporting the matter! You have set an example for all of us and we assure you all support!

Look at the list dated 14-Jan-2008 the front page clearly states that "FOLLOWING IS THE LIST OF THE STUDENTS SELECTED FOR ADMISSION TO PRE-SCHOOL FOR THE SESSION 2008 – 2009" then later after that so called GD/Interaction/Document Verification how school can reject their application?

The worst part of this real problem is that DOE has not responded with any explaination to Mr. Gajendra Kumar.

Dear Mr. Lovely and Education Directors of Delhi State - here is a challenge for you folks! Accept this and show that DOE, Education Ministry can really help and take action against such schools if parents are reporting the matter.

Copy of the fax is attached below that was sent by parent to Mr Sandeep Kumar, Director-Education, DOE on 7Feb 2008 (click on the image to enlarge).

January 11, 2008

A Parent's Agony - Dilli Se...

हम इस कहानी को यहीं खतम नहीं करना चाहते! खास कर जब हमें दुसरे अभिभावकों की सद्भावना और सहायता मिल रही है। ये कहानी एक परिवार, एक बच्चे की नहीं, बल्कि हज़ारों, लाखों परिवारों की है, उनके बच्चों की है। हमें मालूम है कि हमारी तरह बहुत से माता पिता इस परेशानी से गुज़र रहे हैं।

आज (११-जनवरी-2008) एक पिता ने, जो श्री राम वाटिका में 'ग्रुप मीटिंग' कर के आ रह था, बताया कि सच तो ये है के मेने सब स्कूलों में फॉर्म भरें हैं, अब प्रिंसिपल के इस सवाल का ज़वाब क्या हो के मैंने "श्री राम वाटिका क्यों चुना ?"

हमने एक शुरुआत की थी इस एक सच्ची कहानी से, और इस कहानी में आज एक और पन्ना जुडा है। आज हम ये प्रण करते हैं की हर इस कहानी को सब के सामने लाया जाएगा। हर कोशिश नाकाम न जाये ये हम सब कि दुआ है। हर बच्चे को एक अच्छा स्कूल मिले....हर वो सपना सच हो जो उसके लिए माता पिता ने संजोया है।


True Story#1 from parents: "Untitled..."
I thought that I will take this blog to a new level and probably will help change the politics behind admissions but seems like it is not as easy as it seems. I even thought of filing PIL (also suggested by few visitors on this blog) but as we all know even PIL is not an easy way out, high courts are not accepting PILs and has given their own limitations.

Don’t know if my kid would get admission in pre-primary in any of the schools in Delhi, I have forgotten of all my dreams of getting him a good school from day one…
I wonder sometimes, why I have to compromise in life, why my innocent child is forced to compromise for no reason. Why a stupid fault in the system will go down our life which will keep coming as nightmare for rest of the life.

Why can’t we have intelligent politicians that put some brain before they take any decisions? I go to schools and see poor parents standing in the lines to get forms, and other are standing to submit forms. No one is really looking confident, and I am sure none of us can understand why schools are allowed to have different form formats? Why different schools are asking for different supporting documents and that too in their own way (self attested, attested by gazetted officer, just plain photo-copies and so on…).

I am a poor parent like 1000 out there who is earning good my family belongs to general class, has raised a healthy first child, I have spent over 5000 rupees in buying admission forms and still not sure if my kid will get admission in any school this year.

Here I am, the typical Indian parent, now for the future of my 4 year kid I am ready to pay anyone a good amount who can promise me admission in school for my kid…

True Story#2 from parents: "My Poor Child"
As I type this, I hear you playing downstairs, so happily, so cheerfully, so unaware of the hundreds of vicious people in those schools out there who will give negative marks to you and me. Me for not being a Govt servant, not being on transfer, not being a post-graduate. You for not being first-born, not being physically-handicapped, not being a girl.

Play on, my child, play on.

These arrogant people - these Principals and Head-mistresses and Head-masters who will determine your next 14 years of life this month with a flick of their pens or at the flick of a cheque - don't matter. You still are my most wonderful child.