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September 28, 2009

Nursery Admission: farce and parents being mislead

ये एडमिशन भी क्या न कराये...किसी ने इस एडमिशन में अपने हाथ जलाये और किसी ने किसी के हाथ काटे, and few used this as a tool to gain popularity and went on to an extent where they even started cheating and fooling dear parents.

People have been using several free community sites to provide discussion forums to parents community which comes at 0 (Zero) cost unless someone really want to run a business out of it....I read a recent article in one of the leading news papers in that talked about couple of parents spending lakhs on running the nursery admissions site and all.....I almost died laughing when I read such baseless claims - oh my god :D

Here are some basics on how to run a site like those:
1) Go to and create a site in just 2 mins - Cost : Rs: 0/- (yes, Zero rupees!), no programming or design knowledge required! Even your grand ma can do it if she understands browsing and knows how to handle mouse and key board.
2) Go to admin and throw several gadgets as you feel like and you are done!
3) If you want to do a feature like SMS alerts os such you can do it just by paying approx Rs 15k and that will give you roughly 3 lakh SMS. There are several thousands service providers out there.

I ran this blog and community without much hip-hop and have hardly spend a penny in last 3 years except when I had to run call helpline and used to call parents - probably few hundreds - not much.

Admission has become such a topic that now few businessman has started using as tool to get media attention and fooling parents by throwing spams!

I have so many facts and proofs with me that are enough to expose all those cheaters but I will let parents decide themselves as at least they are getting some benefit out of it after all :)

Good luck and Cheers -Spyder